Conflict between Ahmad and Aisha Yesufu about Bobrisky: the Kano government’s ban on cross-dressing films

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Bashir Ahmad, a former presidential assistant, and Aisha Yesufu, a former BBOG campaigner, have had an argument on a well-known transvestite.

Yesufu had previously accused the Kano State Government of hypocrisy for banning movies that featured cross-dressing or thuggery.

While announcing the prohibition on films depicting crossing-dress, the state administration reportedly cautioned against those depicting thuggery, according to NICKNAMES.

This change occurred as a result of public outcry over movies that some felt encouraged antisocial behavior among the state’s children.

While Aisha Yesufu did bring up the name of famous crossdresser Bobrisky in her response, she did point out that crossdressers have long called Kano home.

There were cross dressers in Kano long before Bobrisky came into being, she stated on X.

The original ones in Kano still have a lot to teach Bobrisky about transformation without surgery.
Alright, let’s keep acting hypocritically and make it a priority.

“Even if it has been around for thousands of years, why the anger over Kano State Government’s efforts to address it now?” Ahmad said in response to Yesufu’s remarks, before stating that he fully supported the decision of the Kano State Government.

It goes against our religion and our culture and is terrible regardless of who’s engaged.

“We wholeheartedly support Gov. Abba K. Yusuf’s decision to put his authority to good use and eradicate it.”

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