I never suggested that Kaka’s perfection was the reason for my divorce – Ex-wife

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Caroline Celico has dispelled rumors about why she and Brazilian football legend Ricardo Kaka split up recently.

Celico set the record straight, saying that she and Kaka had mutually agreed to end their relationship, rejecting rumors that she had left him because he was flawless.

The Celico Leite children, Isabella (born April 23, 2011) and Luca (born June 10, 2008), are the products of the couple’s December 2005 marriage.

Celico emphasized that even though they divorced after ten years of marriage, they remained a team in raising their children.

A rumored comment supposedly ascribed to Celico caused their previously undisclosed decision to split to get attention.

Responding to the false information, she clarified that their separation was real.

For individuals who haven’t heard from me in a while… or who have never heard before, the chef and food content developer wrote.

“Unfortunately, we have been hearing some false quotations and news reports. I will keep you informed:

I have two beautiful teenagers from a relationship that lasted fourteen years before I obtained a divorce about ten years ago.

“Almost eight years have passed. My husband Eduardo and I will be welcoming our first kid into the world next month.

I am appreciative of everything that has happened to me in my life thus far, and I hold my life story in high regard. Thanks to my ex-husband and me, we were able to raise our kids in a positive way.

“With much love and respect, I invite you to my social media, where I share my thoughts and feelings on a wide range of topics, including my family, my career, and my spirituality.”

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