“Look After Your Parents While They’re Alive”—Reno Omokri Promotes

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Reno Omokri, a controversial figure in the media, has argued that one should take care of their parents while they are still living.

The former presidential assistant argued that, rather than lavishly paying for funerals, parents should be honored by improving their healthcare during their lifetime. He used the example of the late Saudi king, who had a humble burial despite his wealth, to make his point.

According to him:

Before they descend into the hereafter, while they are still powerful and towering over life, give your parents their flower now. Africa is being slandered by this culture that goes to extreme lengths to pay respects to deceased parents. Allocate funds for the pursuit of life.

“Not your ancestors. Donate to their medical expenses, not their burial. After a proper life, you can envelop them in white linen and bury them in a simple ceremony on the same day. The late Saudi monarch was removed from power in that manner. However, he was a billionaire worth a billion dollars.

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