The assault on Omala is condemned by Kogi lawmaker Yahaya

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In response to the recent massacre in the Agojeju-Odo Community of Omala Local Government Area, Hon. Umar Yahaya, a legislator for the Omala State Constituency in the Kogi State House of Assembly, has denounced the act.

According to Yahaya’s statement given to reporters, the brutality of the attack and subsequent killings exemplifies the worst form of man’s inhumanity toward his fellow man.

He was disappointed that certain troublemakers, who did not care about his constituents, would still assault helpless and innocent individuals even though he had spent a lot of time and money trying to keep the peace.

Our thoughts go out to the families of the victims of the recent massacre in the Agojeju-Odo Community in the Omala Local Government Area of Kogi State.

In spite of interventions and efforts for peace, this attack on the Agojeju-Odo Community in Kogi State’s Omala Local Government Area is too many.

While I vehemently denounce this heinous assault and incident on my people, I will not mince words. The families who have suffered the loss of a loved one in this heinous, senseless, and tragic attack have my sincerest sympathies.

“I want to emphasize that since this unfortunate tragedy, there have been several high-level initiatives to prevent a similar disaster in Omala LGA. Regardless of their disguise, these murderers would face consequences given the level of dedication shown thus far.

On my own initiative, I have convened meetings with relevant parties to discuss the situation in Omala LGA and have provided concrete suggestions and a communique to the state administration for achieving long-term stability.

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“I have been meeting with the state government’s Committee on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, the SA on Security, representatives from each of Omala’s five districts, and other important stakeholders since yesterday in an effort to restore long-term peace to Omala Local Government Area (LGA).”

I’m also meeting with the Deputy Governor and other important constituents to discuss the need of establishing a lasting peace in our district and to reassure them that they will not be targeted again.

The machinery for long-lasting and permanent peace to return to our Local Government has been really triggered, and I would want to use this medium to request calm from citizens.

The law is prepared to pounce on these despicable murderers from the depths of hell, and I can guarantee you that they will not get away with this horrific crime this time.

So, I’m taking this opportunity to urge the federal and state governments to step up their efforts to find and punish those responsible so that this kind of thing never happens again in Omala LGA.

This attack on my people is inhumane, demonic in every way, and completely unjustified; I, Hon. Umar Yahaya, denounce it with the utmost severity. Stop murdering my people already.

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