Northern teenagers confront Kwankwaso over remark about insecurity, stating, “You failed as Minister, Gov.”

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Rabiu Kwankwaso, a presidential candidate for the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), has been cautioned by the Coalition of Northern Youth Movement (CNYM) not to make any derogatory remarks about the security situation in the country.

You may remember that last week, the ex-governor of Kano State spoke to reporters in Abuja, just after the NNPP National Executive Committee meeting, and bemoaned the nation’s security issue.

The “people can no longer go to the farm,” Kwankwaso said, while expressing hope that the Nigerian Army can handle the situation. They, too, are being driven from the cities and villages where they once lived.

Criminals and bandits abduct hundreds of youngsters every day and mistreat them.

In response, Dr. Talba Isah, president of CNYM, released a statement on Wednesday in which he claimed that the national head of the NNPP had ignored security concerns during his tenures as governor of Kano State and minister of defense.

The statement acknowledges that Kwankwaso’s political ideology originated in Kano state and expanded to other northwest states. It goes on to say that when the politicians’ militant followers turned to crime after losing elections, the ideology transformed into banditry.

It is clear that Kwankwaso wants to use NNPP to propagate political extremism across the country; this explains his outburst when he learned that the current government is doing things to stop extremism in its tracks.

“We further urge Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, the former Minister of Defense and Governor of Kano State, to accept his position as a huge failure who has no business giving advice to Tinubu’s government and the Nigerian Armed Forces on how to combat terrorism.”

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