As a “Access Fee” for Farming Permission, Bandits Demand N100,000 from Farmers

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Rumor has it that bandits in different parts of the country’s north have demanded N100,000 from farmers before they’ll let them into their fields.

Researchers at SB Morgan Intelligence found that in March 2024, farmers had to pay to plant and care for their crops, and then there were further expenses to harvest them.

Rumor has it that farmers in some parts of Kaduna have been forced to pay ransoms of N70,000 to N100,000 in order to get a license to cultivate.

Kidnapping, murder, farm damage, and produce seizure are all possible outcomes for those who refuse to comply.

The report mentioned,

“Few communities in Kaduna have been as severely affected as Kidandan, Galadimawa Kerawa, Sabon Layi, Sabon Birni, and Ruma.”

“Many locals have spoken about how they had to pay bandits hefty sums—anything from N70,000 to N100,000—just to get the green light to plant their crops, and then they had to pay even more to actually harvest them.”

Severe repercussions, such as kidnapping, murder, or the seizure of their harvest, await those who oppose these demands.

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