Ten casualties reported in another attack on a Plateau town by suspected Fulani militias

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On Friday, in the villages of Mandung-Mushu and Kopnanle in Plateau State’s Bokkos Local Government Area, suspected Fulani militias attacked and killed around ten people.

“Last night, April 12, our community in the Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau state faced a horrific attack resulting in the senseless slaughter of at least ten of our members,” said Barr Farmasum Fuddang, Chairman of the Bokkos Cultural Development Council (BCDC) Vanguard, speaking to newsmen on Saturday.

He bemoaned the fact that the Fulani terrorists responsible for the atrocities were able to get away with it despite the fact that security personnel such as the DSS, army, and police were there.

More than fifty armed terrorists stormed the villages of Mandung-Mushu and Kopnanle in the dead of night, targeting the defenseless and peaceful inhabitants as they slept, he said. As neighboring soldiers did little to stop the attackers, they viciously opened fire on houses and a place of worship before shooting and killing any citizens who tried to leave.

He went on to say that what seemed like a deliberate attempt to scare people and force them to leave their homes was behind this blatant assault, which mostly hit children.

As part of a larger plan to impose sharia law and take control of their territories, the chairman strongly denounced the terrorist attack.

He went on to say that BCDC Vanguard had petitioned the DSS hours before the incident occurred, disputing a leaked letter that had wrongly accused their members of plotting violence against Fulani citizens.

He elaborated by saying that they had made it clear that the memo’s intelligence was false and libellous.

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His claim is that the security apparatus did little to prevent the dangers he had warned of, even though he had tried to correct the misconceptions. We are outraged that the Fulani people’s lives seem to have been put ahead of our own and are demanding explanations from those in charge.

He blamed the DSS’s false warning of an attack on Fulani villages for setting the stage for the attack, which he claimed begs the question of collaboration or intentional negligence. In the face of this injustice, he called for prompt responsibility and transparency.

The fact that at least one week before the so-called DSS intelligence, advance warnings of an assault in the region were published and shared further adds fuel to the fire. He went on to explain that the DSS had acknowledged in their document that the Fulani were responsible for the six-day massacre that killed more than 300 of their members last Christmas, but they had chosen to blame the victims instead of listening to these warnings.

According to the council, the DSS alert is the same as the Fulani terrorists’ long-standing tactic of triggering false alarms in order to scare locals and/or provide cover for their planned attacks. The council members believe that the DSS is involved and compromised unless the agency clarifies its stance on the matter.

“If the authorities do not respond with satisfactory explanations as soon as possible, we are ready to take legal action. The time has come for us to stand up and refuse to let our people be demonized while individuals tasked with ensuring our safety do nothing,” he pleaded.

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