RCCG: Pastor Adeboye warns mockers: “I may be weak, but my God is strong.”

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Despite his frailty, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has spoken highly of God.

But Pastor Adeboye warned his detractors and mockers to be careful, saying that such people always seem to get what they deserve.

During his monthly Holy Ghost service lecture and anointing at The Redemption City of God, he spoke on the theme “Shielded by Fire.”.

Those who belittle him and the mission should be aware that his God is a devouring fire, Pastor Adeboye added, despite his weakness and nothingness.

If Paul, who authored over half of the New Testament, asserted that he was lower than the least of the saints in Ephesians 3:8, then Pastor Adeboye is nothing, says Adeboye.

But his God is paramount. Pay close attention; I’m going to show you that Adeboye is a complete moron before I end this, yet his God is smarter than anyone you could ever meet.

Because of his weakness, Adeboye goes to the bathroom and consumes pounded yam. On the other hand, his God is unmatched in strength. If Adeboye’s God is the All-Sufficiency God, then he is nothing.

“Therefore, it is not noteworthy. If you want to make fun of Pastor Adeboye, that’s fine. He is deserving of scorn.

The Bible made it quite clear. God will only use the feeble, ignorant, and unimportant so that He can get all the praise. So go ahead and make fun of Adeboye, but don’t do it in front of his God.

“Why? Nothing Adeboye does would hurt you since he is nothing. However, his deity is a consuming flame.

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