Many thanks, Tinubu! Return to Dubai for Nigerian Travelers

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For Nigerian nationals planning a trip to the UAE, visa services have been announced to be back up and running.

This follows the United Arab Emirates (UAE) two-year-old policy of automatically rejecting all Nigerian visa applications that were outstanding.

In a joint statement titled “Resumption of Visa Services for Nigerians Travelling to the UAE,” the UAE and Nigerian governments announced that the visa prohibition was lifted on March 4, 2024.

With the start of visa issuance, the two countries have reached a “milestone,” according to the statement, which highlights “Our shared commitment to strengthening ties, enhancing cultural exchanges and fostering opportunities for economic and social collaborations.” It also reflects the successful outcome of in-depth talks between the two nations.

With the implementation of an improved document verification process, the United Arab Emirates has made it easier and faster to apply for visas.

Saleem Saeed Al-Shamsi, the UAE ambassador to Nigeria, emphasized the significance of this revised process.

Applying for a visa to the United Arab Emirates from Nigeria will necessitate the acquisition of a document verification number beginning March 4, 2024. In accordance with UAE regulations, this mandatory procedure must be fulfilled by going to the official website of the Document Verification Hub (

” he continued,

Our mission is to help Nigerians apply for visas quickly and easily. To strengthen the reliability of our application procedure and guarantee that all applications will be processed quickly, we have implemented the Document Verification Number.

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