While others, including Chinese, loot the forests of Calabar, a conservationist pleads with the Nigerian government to step in

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Protectors in Cross River State, led by Prince Odey Oyama, have demanded immediate action from both the federal and state governments to stop the daily cutting down of natural forests in the state, particularly in the Effi region.

A growing number of undocumented Chinese, he claims, are engaging in illicit timber logging.

One of the twenty-five most biodiverse areas on Earth is located in Cross River, which was once home to one of the biggest forests in sub-Saharan Africa. Yet, the assertions have been disproven by the rampant illegal logging of wood.

During an interview, Oyama expressed his belief that the federal and Cross River State governments should take action to stop the reckless cutting down of trees. In order to deal with and salvage this situation, we require the government’s support immediately. No country in the world can tolerate this level of devastation…

“Our community’s resources and heritage have been completely and utterly destroyed.”

Oyama questioned the delay in apprehending the woodloggers, pointing to Law No. 11, 2011 of the Cross River State Forestry Commission as justification.

Specifically, he claimed that within 48 hours of receiving information, the Nigerian Police can seize timber and any vehicles or rafts used in the unlawful trade, hold them as evidence, and then bring charges against them in court.

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