Get your dollar down to $1,000 by shopping and eating Nigerian items – Reno Omokri

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Reno Omokri, a sociopolitical analyst, listed 26 strategies for the Nigerian people to bring the dollar’s value down to N1000 on Monday.

According to Omokri, Nigerians should stop importing commodities and start buying products created in Nigeria.

He urged Nigerians to substitute various foods, such as beans for imported rice, Dangote spaghetti for Italian pasta, and Custard for Akamu, in a series of posts on X.

If you wish for the dollar to drop below ₦1000 to $1, Omokri claims, all you need to do is substitute goods and services created in Nigeria for the ones you normally buy from abroad. Nigeria is a one-stop shop for all things manufactured:

In place of an imported product, I have provided a list of products spanning the alphabet from A to Z. Join me in proudly donning my Agbada and matching cap, made in Nigeria. The destiny of the Naira is in our hands.

Have akamu for breakfast instead of buying custard from abroad
Beans instead of rice from another country for lunch
Not Kellogg’s cornflakes; Dangote spaghetti; not pasta made in Italy
Fresh eggs from local farmers in Obasanjo, not imported
Yogurt from the fan, not the imported kind
Glo rather than international telecommunication service providers
Instead of honey from Shoprite or Toyota, get honey from Ore.
Chivita juice, not American
No strange fish, just kpomo in your sauce.
Swiss lace, not Kaduba lace
Using Adamawa mangoes instead of imported apples
Dangote noodles, not Indonesian
Benue oranges, not Israeli oranges
Handbags made in Kano, not France
English quail, not those from Kebbi
On Radio France Internationale, you can hear Radio Nigeria
Slippers and shoes made in Kano, Nigeria, rather than Italy or Spain
Mambilla Plateau tea, not Chinese tea
Abakaliki umbrella preferred over Indian ones
Vans in the Pacific Rim instead of Asia
Vino made from palm trees, not in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Non-European X-rays at UCH Ibadan
Yoruba yams instead of potatoes shipped in from out of town
Zobo prefers foreign-flavored beverages

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