UAE Bans Travel Visa: “You’re Not A Good Person”—Shehu Sani Critiques Those Spreading False News

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The person responsible for propagating the bogus report about the UAE easing the visa ban on Nigeria has been blasted by former federal legislator Shehu Sani.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) automatically rejected all Nigerian visa applications that were waiting two years ago.

On Tuesday, rumors started circulating that the United Arab Emirates had stated that visa services for Nigerian citizens would be resumed. The reports, however, were quickly disproven by the Nigerian government.

A member of the 8th Assembly for the Kaduna Central Senatorial district, Shehu Sani, voiced his disgust, saying,

“Whoever spread the false information regarding the United Arab Emirates easing its visa requirements for Nigerians is obviously not a good person.”

That makes three pieces of false information about this. My heart sinks if the person is a vacation agency.

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