My Reasons for Creating the Student Loan Scheme – Tinubu

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After President Bola Tinubu signed the Student Loan Bill into law on Wednesday, he explained its introduction.

The launch of the initiative, he said, has prepared the way for a better future for Nigerian children by lifting them out of poverty.

In a signing ceremony attended by high-ranking officials and prominent lawmakers from the National Assembly, Tinubu enacted changes to the Student Loan Bill.

During an Iftar event at Abuja’s State House hosted by the APC Presidential Campaign Council and the Independent Campaign Council, the president made the point that education is the key to ending poverty.

“I duly authorized the payment for the Student Loan Scheme today,” he declared. Think of the kids from low-income families; how about the folks wading through the muck and fishing in the ponds? What is the best way to assure their children that things will improve in the future? We can only combat poverty by educating people. Our children have a bright future ahead of them.

Speaking on the re-engineering of the economy, Tinubu told Nigerians that it is being guided towards long-term growth and widespread prosperity for families across the nation.

The outlook for the economy is brighter now. The problem of inflation is real, but we will find a solution. He made the observation that the exchange rate was going wild when they were working hard on it, but that it was actually coming down and getting better.

Furthermore, he mentioned that borrowing was more prevalent a year ago, but that they are currently in the process of reengineering the financial landscape, and that their revenue is on the rise. By reclaiming our position as an independent nation, we are regaining the respect of other countries.

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“It is your footwork and footprints that made me the President,” he said, recognizing the contributions of PCC and ICC members to his election. You campaigned for me on a promise of optimism and a positive outcome for Nigerians, just as I ran on the same platform.

“Many people have high hopes. So, I’ll have to put in a lot of effort to get it. We are traveling on a winding route. We must proceed cautiously. Any other way and you’ll wind up in the bush, and that’s where my attention has been.

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