General Killington, Fuji Maestro: I am alive, hale, and hearty

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Kolawole Ayinla, well known as General Killington, a renowned Nigerian Fuji Maestro, denied reports of his demise on Monday.

Those responsible for the rumor should be sent to a mental institution for treatment, according to Ayinla’s reaction to the story that went viral on Monday.

The seasoned performer stated that his health is OK and that there is no reason to be worried.

Killington, who had just finished eating beans and fried plantains, expressed disbelief about the death rumour.

He implied that he had ordered his legal staff to initiate legal proceedings against the rumor mill’s publishers.

My health is excellent, and I can assure you of that. Nothing is amiss with my health that would cause others to speculate about my whereabouts and whether or not I am living.

Someone should take those individuals who are circulating the rumor that I am dead to Aro (Federal Psychiatric Hospital, Abeokuta) because they are insane.

It came as a shock to me to hear that I had passed away and to have a photo of my death given to me through an internet blog. Inquiring about the author’s background in journalism might be a good next step. I thought that was part of the journalistic curriculum.

I will notify the relevant internet blog to give them proper notice of the litigation; my legal team has already been notified. I don’t think this is a smart strategy for becoming famous.

“I am alone in my home. Actually, I’ve just had a meal of fried plantains and baked beans. Why am I, therefore, eating? In order to inform you, I am fully functional and in good health,” Killington stated.

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