Group expresses disapproval of Taraba’s farmer registration procedure

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Concerned with the current registration process for farmers in Taraba State, the National Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria (NCNCSON) has issued a statement of concern.

On Thursday, the group’s state secretary general, Mike Adiel, issued a statement to journalists in Jalingo, the capital of the state, warning that the exercise was becoming too centralized in the state.

According to the statement, worries about farmer safety and welfare have started to arise as a result of the registration exercise, which is being conducted at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in order to gather vital data for the agricultural community.

The statement made notice of the fact that the registration point data indicate that most of the farmers who should be benefiting are having trouble navigating the procedure.

The statement claims that stampedes and unsubstantiated reports of deaths have occurred as a result of congestion at the registration stations.

The data’s reliability was called into question when the statement pointed out that many farmers don’t know crucial details about the registration procedure.

In order to improve accessibility and accuracy, the organization proposed moving registration to ward levels or community headquarters, where local leaders have a better understanding of the farming population. This would alleviate some of the issues.

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