500+ Best Weight Loss Team Names (Funny, Motivational, Cute, etc )

Weight Loss Team Names: Ain’t you tired of taking weight loss coffee and other weight loss supplements? Why not join a weight loss team that can help you work out till your body is in good shape? Or are you probably in a weight loss team already, then why not look for a motivational name for your team, that will inspire them to work till they are back to shape?

The purpose of creating this article is to help you come up with a Weight Loss Team Names ideas, as well as unique names that have already been created to make your journey a lot simplified.

It’s obvious that one of the greatest challenges in Weight Loss competition or challenge is coming up with a great name for your team, and that is the prime aim of manufacturing this unique content that will guide you on your journey of creating the best Weight Loss Name for your team.

In addition to the suggestions AKA ‘Weight Loss Team Names ideas’, we have some already created names that you can find in the appropriate categories below.

It’s been stated that 45% of individuals are capable of losing wait on their own, even without a weight loss team, though trying to lose weight as an individual can be more difficult than with a group. So, if you happen to be among the 55% who can’t do without a group, below are some of the best Weight Loss Team Names you can use.

Motivational Names for Weight Loss Team

If you feel like your team members are made up of people who lack the appropriate zeal to make it through the challenges or activities that will help them achieve the reason for the team creation, then you have to find a name that is a little bit inspirational.

You can find some of the motivational names below for your weight loss team that is capable of keeping them going even when the road is hard.

Chosen To LoseCarbs Crushers
Team Stepping It UpTeam Steady Reductions
Calories ChopperTeam Energized
Team Less-Is-More
Droppin’ Loads
Weight Shedders
Obsessive Workouts
Team Charged UpShed It Off
Team Ready-To-BurstWeight Mates
lTarget DeflateTeam No Carbs
DetoxersYum B Gone
Weight DumpersTeam -1
Shifting LeftThunderous Thighs
Slim & PowerfuOn Becoming
Thin It To Win ItOperation Downsize
Ready RangersThe Wobbly Women
The SlimsWeight Watchmen
SculptedProfits In Losses
Team BangedThe Phatties
Pound It OutUnfit 2 Fit
Teamed-Up 2 Trim-DownPro-Gymers
The Meaty SocietyReady To Burn
Team Sweat-It-OutThe Chunky Bunch
The NudgeWalking Women
Fat-ForfeitersTeam Squeezed
The Fatties ClubThe Push Club
Wages For HealthFaithful Fit
Dutiful DietersThick 2 Thin
Weight WarriorsThe Daily Depreciation Club
Dropping WeightWe’re Not Gunna Bake It
Sugar 3 (Good for 3 members team)No Extra Cheese
Fat To FabBody Goals
The Chubby SquadPizzaShut
Out of my weighFlexing Muscle
BulldozedFiesty Fighters
The GladeatersWaisTED
Lost CauseFitness Calls
Body PositiveCheeni Kum (Less Sugar in Hindi}
Lookin’ 4 LightnessThinning Out Our HerdBoot Camp
Not A Cent MoreBelly Fat Gone
Skinny-SizedLess Bod Baggage
Healthy Hearts
Net Weight
Lesser Than Our YesterdayIt Figures
Alive & FitLost Cause Squad
HolyShootKilo Game
Mindful & FitGoing-Green Gang
Skinny Minnies
Team Future
Guts to Dust
Mindful Eating
March Against FatMuffin Top Stoppers
RoadrunnersLess Of Excess
Quiz-goesWinning Losers
The BreakersRefugees
No ExcessesScale Sensitive

Weight Loss Team Names

Special Names for Weight Loss Teams

If you are looking for a name that is intriguing and makes your weight loss team feels a lot special and unique, then you have to try some of the special weight loss names for your team below.

Cut it OutFlat Balloons
Let it MeltTeamB-Less
Good Bye Lovehandles
No Weigh
Got The RunsThick n Thin
Rump YoursHiIn
Nothing ExtraCereal Killer
Thinner than YouSpin Doctors
Dump-Your-PumpThe Shredders
Re-distributionsBootie Busters
Cast-a-weighsDwindling Expectations
Bulging BanditsWalk the Walk
Droopy DrawersDroopy-Panty
Ex JunkiesWeigh to Go
Unpacking the TrunkChunky Chicks Unite
Blubbery BodiesBeef Down
Twinkies DefenceTour de Fat
Fat & FlabbyChunky Monkey
Lighten UpWeapons of Less Consumption
Bite-SizedSkinny Dippers
Belly FlatBiggie Smalls
50% OffDiminishing Returns
Dump Your RumpFatty Bom-Boms
Back BreakersDie Lard
The TrimtonesBattle Against The Bulge
FattaBoysMinnesota Thins
Run Track MindsFatso Fiesto
Banging BelliesGoing the Distance
New CreationsAs Thin As Gandhi
Belly ShrinkersBetter Naked
Waist BasketFat Assasins
Aunty HippiesNew Dimension
Slim PickensAllergic 2 Fat
Fat ‘n’ FuriousThick n Thin
Skinny MinniesFat Extractors
Fat As-isMinnesota Thins
Sauna Mina DikaFat B-Gone
Fat BottomsFat Busters
Lost My MinePortion Control to Major Tom
Fat MeltersBod Squad
Exiling our oversized bootiesThe Trimtones
Dwindling DivasWaist Management
My So Called LegsSole Trainers
CalorightCan Has Cheezburger?
Re-distributionsLess 4 Food – Food 4 Less in reverse
UnrepentantThe Bit Cheese
LosersWorld Wide Weight
Cell-u-LightDwindling Expectations
Pumba TumbaMind Over Matter
Choose to LoseThe Meltaways
Way & CoThinners

Cool Weight Loss Team Names

If you want a name that is both exciting and holds meaning, then it’s important you go with a team name that is both enlightening and as well as lively. You can find some of the cool names for your weight loss team below.

Less Than YesterdayLean Queens
The SlimsonsJust Results!
Nutin’ To ItBooty Fall
Less 4 FoodTried and Tasted
Wii Left
In Recession
Lean & Mean
Journey to LoseRelay Racers
Pair-A-thighs LostIron Maidens
It FiguresKick Your Ass
Dwindling Divas
Junk Bunkers
Jiggle GiggleHangry Women
I’m Not Fat, I’m BigIn Recession
Thinning the HerdThe Bankrupts
Fat FuryHungry Hungry Hippos
GoGo GirlsSmallsville
BonedSkinny Jeans Team
Take OffHungry there fella?
Fat Bottom Girls
Metabolism ManiacsGangBan
Hungary HannaDrop It Now
Fillet-busterGym Class Heroes
Hot Bod MakersFire Means
Fat to FittestHealthy Is The New Thin
Fitness ManiacsGut Busters
Fit AvatarsFat Shed-iators
Cruisin’ for losin’Guts to Dust
Health WarriorsBod Squad
Muffin AbductorsFillet-buster
Fit PeachesSlowpants
Say No to Ticking Health Time BombsFitness Chasers
Head Over MealsHard Rock Ab Owners
SpongebobDisappearing Dames
Flab BustersFitness Fanatics
Got Fat
Grape Expectations
Flab Fighters
Gym BornsThighsman Trophys
Flab ShrinkersGood Genes Are Hard To Find
Belly BailoutThe Thinner Winners
For Better Naked TomorrowsFriends with Weightlifts
Waisting Away
This Just Thin
GoGo GirlsFlexible Divas
Going the DistanceWorkout Wonders
Belly DumpersGet Fit or Dye Trying
Forever Flab-u-lessCupcakes Anonymous
It’s SlimpossibleZimbo
Slim PickensGods with Hot Bods
No Excess Luggage AllowedSassy by Summer
Scale TippersSaunami
The TrotsChunky Monkeys
Tons of funWe Pity The Scale
Pretty PrettyMouth Wide Shut
Extreme Makeover – Booty EditionPloum Ploum

Funny Weight Loss Team Name

Cute Names for Weight Loss Team

Are you in search of a charming and adorable name that you can use for your weight loss team? If yes, why not try some of the cute weight loss names that are listed below.

Fatloss BadlossThe Slimtastic Journey
Team Drip-DropBeast 2 Beauty
Team Way-LessCalories 2 Cardios
Bizzy BodiesSlimmer Expectations
Lighten UpFat Slayers
Candy-CrushedTeam Half-Off
SlimFittedFit Feet
Smaller GainsOut Of Pounds
Curse B GoneProject Fart-Free
Slim ShotInstaFit
Net LossMetabo-Light
No backing downFit Finishing
Fit-aholicsSized Down
Hard ‘n’ HealthyFruitastic
Gym JammedMass Reduction
Food FightersGluten-Free Gals
Flattened OutFigure 8
Green GangFitness Treats
Thinner ThighsXtreme Bodies
Hot Fit MomsIntensified
The Wheaty TeamFlattened Down
Healthy Living ClubScale-Broken
Getting FixedHeavy Duty
Quiet DietWicked Workouts Squad
Flexible ‘n’ FitHunk Heaven
Thin ‘n’ TrimWomen Who Weigh’Lo
Rebel MatesFruit Fetish
Glorious BodiesThinpossible
Heavy HustlersThe Fit Army
UnbaggedHealthy Wealthy
Unrepentant Thinners
Weighing Less
Shredding MachinesOverBlown
Round & ReadyWaisted
Un-fatteningSix to Pack
Team 100 To 0Small-boned Squad
Recycled BodsTeam Rock Solid
Skinny ThinShedding Skin
Team BodyworkTeam Zero Fat
Pound Drops
Slim, Fit and Able
The FittestShapeful
RecreatedThe H20
The ShrinkersQuick Motion
StarvedThe Good Walk
The GrindersThe Less-Fleshy League
SureFitnessSurvival Of The Fittest
Squats SquadTeam Aerobics
Team Sucked OutThe Slayfit Squad
Team HardCoreTeam Unplug
Strip ItThe A+
The Fitness ClubThe Pristined

Funny Weight Loss Team Name

Before coming up with a funny name for your weight loss team, you have to first find out if there is a sense of familiarity and comfort among your team members in addition to at least a little sense of humor. If the above-listed features are predominant among your team, then you can use any of the funny weight loss team names below that best suits your team.

Fat BlastersDump Your Rump
Dude, Where’s My Gut?A Lot at Steak
Dwindling DivasLost Boys
The Thinner WinnersDownsizing
Drop It NowFlab-u-less
Gut BustersDrunkin Donuts
Shed the Lead
Lean Queens
Droopy DrawersMission Slimpossible
Disappearing DamesDrop it Like It’s Hot
Tootsie RollersDragon Ourselves to the Gym
Mini MeesCut the Caboose
Die LardLean Into It
Withering A-WeighCurls for Cupcakes
Couch Potato
2 Fast 2 Furious
Starvin’ MarvinAt Least
Jiggle GiggleCoast Busters
Choose to LoseMeltaways
Minute MenDerek and the Domino’s Pizza
8 2 MuchBooty Fall
Bad Beach Body BoysChurchill Downs
Waist AwayBelly Acres
A Lot at SteakQuiz-goes
Fitmen For HireAgainst All Odds
Asset AuditLost Because
Choose to LoseAt Least
Blew by YouBad Fat Chuckers
Unrepentant ThinnersSticky Religion
Belly AcresBadunkadunk Busters
Gym RatsPumpkin Party
Baker ShakersSkinny Dippers
Flab attackBelly Bailout
Mind Over MatterGetting Physical
Belly FlatChange Your Weigh
Sweating Sveltes
Body Sculptors
Chafing the DreamTeam Overgrown
Candy CrushCereal Killer
Cellulite AssassinsSwollen ‘n’ Sorry
Grateful GutsCast-a-weighs
Carb BlockersHangry Hippos
Team Ate-Too-MuchBod Squad
Calorie CrunchersFlushing Fat
Sticky & StinkyCaboose Cutters
But Wait! There’s Less!Sticky Decisions
Puffed UpBroad Chesters United
Phat AttackBooty Fall
C.R.E.A.M. (Calories Rule Everything Around Me)Sweaty Fleshs
Lean MeatBringing Sexy Back
Iron ArmsTeam Put-A-Rib-On-It
Hungrier-Than-ThouNo More Jiggling
Mouth-FullTeam Pants-Don’t-Fit
Born to LoseBody Toners

Cute Names for Weight Loss Team

Weight Loss Team Names Ideas

Just as we mentioned above, creating a unique name for your weight loss team can be time-consuming and most of the time, you are going to put lots of things into consideration before you can be able to produce a unique piece. We will be sharing with you some tips on how you can come up with unique names that your team can use.

Tips to Create a Good Weight Loss Team Names

There are lots of things you need to consider before you can be able to come up with a great name for your weight loss team. Below are some of the factors that you need to put into consideration before you can be able to put up a name that is unique and perfectly matches the personality of your team members.

1). The first thing you should put into consideration is the purpose of the team. You need to ask yourself the purpose of creating the team. Was the team for a competition Or for a personal purpose?

2). You have to look at who and who makes up your team. Is your team made up of your family members only? Workmates? Or probably it’s your personal weight loss club?

3). You can also name your team after the predominant personality of your team members. If your team members are made up of mostly funny people, then you could consider going with a funny weight loss team name. If they are made up of people with a weak zeal, then you can consider going with any of the motivational names that have been listed above or anyone that you can create to inspire your team.

4). You can also try something closely related to the purpose of your team. For instance, if the purpose of your team is to burn up 50% of their body fat in two weeks (2weeks), you can use something like “50%  off in two weeks” or something else. You just need to be a little bit creative.

5). You can also decide to use the initial letters of all your team members. This usually works well for teams with few members.

6). There is one thing we usually recommend that you do after coming up with a  name for your team. We suggest you send the name back to the house (Team) for deliberation, in which you could come up with a much better name during the period.

Benefits of Losing Weight

Apart from trying to look more attractive, there are other health benefits of losing weight; and though it may not show outside, but you feel good inside. Below are some of the benefits of losing weight.

  • Improved mobility
  • Decreased joint pain.
  • Decreased risk of stroke.
  • Decreased risk of diabetes.
  • Back pains will be reduced.
  • Reduces high blood pressure.
  • Decreased risk of sleep apnea.
  • Decreased risk of heart disease.
  • Decreased risk of certain cancers
  • Your blood sugar level will be improved.
  • Your cholesterol levels will be improved.
  • Improvement in symptoms of osteoarthritis.

We believe you have been able to come up with a good Weight Loss Team Name. Though the list above may not be able to give you the name just the way it may be in your heart, at least with the Weight Loss Team Names ideas, you can create the perfect Weight Loss Team Names that you have always wanted.