500+ Walking Team Names – Good & Funny Walking Team Names

Just like running, football, golf, and other sports, walking is also another form of exercise and is supposed to have a name for each team or group. So, if walking team names are the reason why you landed on this page, then be rest assured that you are at the right place.

Sports are likely to be enjoyable when you do it with either family, friends, or a group of people. Can you imagine if only one person was to play the football game; it will certainly not be interesting. And just as football groups have team names, running as a form of exercise should also have a name for each group or team.

Thus, if you are still wondering what could be the advantage or benefit of having a walking team name, then you should also remember that a team name creates a solid identity for any group.

In the following paragraphs, you will find a list of good, inspirational, motivational, and funny walking names that you can use for your walking group.

Complete List of Good Walking Team Names

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are lots of things that you need to put in place and one of them is constantly exercising. Fortunately enough, walking happens to be part of the exercise. You will find a list of good names you could use for your walking team. And at the end of the article, you will be suggested how to create a good walking name for your group.

Funny Walking Team Names

If probably your walking team is made up of funny individuals or clowns, then your team should consider going with a team name that is a bit funny. Simply put a comical ring to it by using any of funny walking team names below which will reflect the team’s great sense of humor:

Kill-o-metersThe Walkie Talkies
WalkaholicsCoast Busters
Walk the LineOur Giga Hurts
Honey I Shrunk the GutMiles to go Before we Sleep
Extremely UndertrainedLost in Pace
Tater TrotsWalker Texas Rangers
The Running DeadBeen There, Run That
Too Inspired to be TiredHoly Walkamolies
The Carb LoadersStand Up on Your Feet and Say No to De-Feet
Team Crack Our SolesTeam Burn Those Leg Fat
Legs Aligned For GreatnessRobotic Legs Go
Pack Those LegsYes To The Legs
Don’t Walk AwayBack & Forth We Go
Team Movers & ShakersLegs Plugged In
Stinky Soles
Team Tired For What?Legs Wide Awake
Pespirating Papas
Team Spin Those Legs
Team Sun Burnt LegsNo To Running
Fling Those Legs
Laziness Be GoneBangin’ Legs
The Mighty Stampede
Grumpy Fit FeetLeg Draggers
Team Journeying By FootLegs On Duty
Leaky BodiesWho Runs The World?
Moves Like JaggerTeam Soft Panting
Team Chasing Matching Men
Walk of ShameCars For What?
ShadowsSnooze & Shoes
Agonized FeetStomp The Yard
Blissful Blisters Scrambling Legs
Break The GroundWalkin’ Bunnies
Sweaty FeetThe Strollers
The StalkersA Dozen-A-Divas
Team Old and SlowChoo-Choo Train
Men Of The StreetsLollipop Ladies
Let’s Go AgainFancy Strides
Feet’s on FireFloppy Legs
Steaming LegsPimped-Up Legs
Pounding Feet’sAlarm The Legs
Disorderly LinesBaby Steps 
Long Distance LadiesFallen Steps
Pack Of Perky LegsA Long Walk to Freedom
Walking Talkies Leggo-Legs 
Team Round-We-GoBlisters B-Gone
Heels UpDashing Down
Slamming Feet’sRunaway Mamas
Wonder Women WalkBreezy Legs
Jiggly BusinessWiggly Legs
The Snail RaceTwisted Feet
Sore But SturdyFurious Foots
Team Wheels 4 LegsLeg Flexers
Turtle StrollersTeam Run The World
Happy Laps
Team Miles Apart
If You Ain’t First You’re LastNot Fast or Furious
Shaky SolesThe Fats and the Furious
The Hasty HerdRoad Rage

Walking team names funny creative clever

Creative Walking Team Names

Have you been in search of a walking name a little bit different from the usual? Then we think it’s time you become creative by simply picking out any of the names below that has been creatively produced just for you.

Spark PlugsTeam Spanks
Tenacious TurtlesTraining Wheels
Superheros in trainingSugar high
Thunder ThighsPimp my stride
Pink ribbon racersRetired hooters girl
getting slowerSugar shakers
Strangers in the morningStarting slow
Scrambled legsThe Camel Hoof
Spaghetti legsThis way runs
Sole sistersPretty in pink
Something wicked Spark plugs
Quads of furyRoad kill grill
Soleful struttersRelay racers
Sexy thighsRoad runners
Running rebelsSlow motion
Road trashRun for your life
Sole matesSchool of walk
Sole trainQueen bees
Medals for ParticipationSmells like team spirits
I’ve Got Soles in Different Area CodesSwift justice
Self love walkSweet soles
Slow motion to the oceanSole passion
IcyHotsTake a hike
Walking with the DevilThe fab u less
Team spanksTeam no name
Team badgerThe fit, the fat and the funny
Terror in meatspace Love at First Track
Sore to the FinishCardio Hoes (Or Bros)
Starting Slow, Getting SlowerThe iBlobs
The race packThe pace makers
Thong distance runnersThe walking wenches
Walk don’t runSmooth Snaling
Straight Outta IbprofunThe Stupid 5
Tight buts and sweaty nutsChasing the Ice Cream Truck
We’ve Got Sole, How Bout You?Boom Shaka Laka Laka
Chicks with AttitudeThe quick and the dead
Tramps like usWalk for passion
Too inspired to be tiredToo stupid to stop
Trial blazersTogether we perspire
The young and the breathlessTraining wheels
Rhythmic BeatsFitness Fanatics
Walk In The Name Of CardiacTeam Heart
Walking To VictoryFine Hearts Only
Straight Outta BedHale and Hearty
Superheroes in TrainingThrobbing Hearts
Hearts In ShapeUnfrozen Hearts
Scrambled LegsConscious
Game of SolesIron Hearts
Anti-Clot WalksChasing The Fit Life
Happy HeartsWalks For Wellness

Good Walking Team Names

Do you want a good walking name you can use for your walking team? Below is a list of good walking names that has been specially created for your team. The name contains some of the best, unique and creatively manufactured names that you can freely use for your walking team.

A dozen disco divasBaby got track
Ants in the pantsBlubbery Legs
Team OuttaSneaky Feet
The Pant-ersTough Thighs
BreatheAdmit to be fit
Team Rolling StonesTeam Slow Pants
After shockersTeam Snail-Like
Heels on hillsTeam Run The World
The Lazy GangHappy feets
Bye bye bubble butsChicks with attitude
Go gettersTurtle Strollers
Game of solesGator bait
Healthy walkFor shoe
Chasing fitnessGlucose patrol
Forty and fitChicks with kicks
Chubby no moreHappily walking
Flying feetChitchat walkies
Destination feetCoastbusters
Excess baggageFatloose
DefeatersEvery day walkers
Between a Walk and a Hard PlaceFitness game
Blondes Have More RunJohnny Walker
Dashing divasNot Fast, Just Furious
Mind Over MilesRoad Runners
Nerd HerdFitness junkies
Buns on the RunRunning on Empty
Straight off the CouchIn the Search for Freedom
Rapid Thigh MovementSuperfeet
The Fit, the Fat, and the FunnyOne calorie at a time
The TrottersNot fast, just furious
Sole MatesHope on the move
On your feetJust going to stroll
Last placersNo ubers in sight
Nerd herdIn search of fresh air
Keep on walkingMoving mamas
Next stopWonder Women
Where’s the Finish LineLegs for liberty
Law and odorMotionally challenged
Your Pace or Mine?Legs miserables
Mountain rangersMostly slow old guys
Mixed bag of nutsLove at first track
Matching uniformsLucky runners
We Thought They Said RumWhiskey Business
Little walkersManic mommies
Runaway MomsCirque de Sore Legs
Magnificent milesDrinkers with a Running Problem
Run Like the WindedThe Young and the Breathless
Little steps of hopesStinky Sneakers
Last PlacersKiss My Asphault
H2-OwQuads of Fury

Funny Walking Team Names

Team Names for AIDS

This section of this article contains beautiful names that you can use for your HIV/AIDS campaign or movement. The names have been carefully and thoughtfully created to suit your awareness movement or support for people who have been infected by the virus. Below are some of the great names you can use with your team for this purpose.

Wave Of ImpactEnding The Virus
Project Quiet For What?Walk For The Beloved
Project Stronger Than FearFor A Healthier Tomorrow
Strutting Like EaglesWalk With Pride
Walk For A RevolutionProject Safe $*x
The Daily Wellness MarchWalking Hand-In-Hand
Team Break-The-SilenceWalk In The Name Of Love
Team No-To
Project Unashamed
AIDing VoicesForging Forward Together 
Alive With A SmileTogether As One
Let’s Beat AIDSWalk For Better Living
The Health WalkTeam Not-A-Death-Sentence
AID-ing One AnotherTriumphant Troop
No Shame, No FearBrighter Days Ahead
Ladies Conquering AIDSOvar & Out
Walk Through The ValleyWalk Of Wisdom
Walk Of HopeAIDS-Not-Death-Sentence
Team Moving AheadPushing Past Adversary
Team All For LoveHugz & Happiness
Walking TogetherBloodline Walk
Team Staying AliveTough-Skin League
Braver HeartsThe Beat Don’t Stop
Project Make AIDS HistoryThe Walk For Dignity
Spreading The WordMission Possible
Team No To StigmaThe Good Walk
Fight The VirusTeam Unstoppable
The Young and the Rest of UsStomp The Virus
Walk Of No ShameTeam Tough Legs
Young tarts and old fartsWood to coast
Blondes have more RunWalking buddies
Walkers lifeWill be back
The CabooseWitness the fitness
Walking at a distanceThe Zip-Up Walk
Legs & HeadsWalking heart
Wonder womenThe Sane Walk
Walka walkaWalking fam
Stomping GroundsTeam Head-In-The-Game
Time Heels All WoundsWalking rounded
Walker’s uniteOne Track Wonders
Liar Liar Legs on FireDepressed For What?
Walkers for lifePro Mental Health
Finding CalmMental No More
Walking In RhythmBooze and Shoes
Project Better BehaviorTender Feet
Free SpiritedHealing Walks
Calmed WalkersThis Isn’t the Bar
Spread The MantraMarch To Awaken
Santa’s Little WalkersAll Swedish, No Finnish
Walkin’ OutWalk Of Clarity
Team B-WellWalking Through Blank Spaces
Team No-To-Crazy-TalkMentally Green

Team Names for Cancer Walk

Are you looking forward to starting a Cancer Walk and trying to figure out the perfect name that best suits your team? You could try some of the names below because they don’t just serve as your team’s identity but also inspires and brings hope alive once again to the hopeless. Below are some great breast cancer walk team names:

Cancer Be Slayed The Movement Of Hope
Tits Always MatterThe Pink Movement
The Pink Panthers WalkGirls Without Brea$ts
Troop Of BoobiesBoobs Over Cancer
Titties Walk SocietyHealthy Tatas
Strolling MammalsWalking Away From Chemo
The Committee Against CancerOperation Save-The-Twins
Sistas That Walk Together
The Sisterhood Rises
Friends With BoobiesSaying No To Cancer
Support Against CancerThe Boobies Squad
Women & Chatty WalksCancer Attack
Healthy Bosoms Breasties Take Walks
The Gingered-Up Grammies Tits With Life
Girls Gon’ WalkMa Boobies & I
Fancy In PinkPrancing Away From Cancer
Walking With The TwinsFor The Pink Ribbon
Missies That March
Walking For The Boobies
Pink CultureFifty & Fit
Healthy Girls Fight BetterWalk Towards Health
Jiggling BosomsKicking Cancer’s Butt
Cancer KnockersThe Perky Pack
Women That WanderFor Healthier Jugs
Pink For The RoadTeam What’s Cancer?
Fighting MamasMama Trekkers
Walking On Pink PavementsWalking For A Cure
Walk Of HopefulnessBouncing Cancer Away 
Pink It UpBehaviors For The Bosoms
Ovar-AchieversFierce For The Ovaries
Arming Our OvariesForever We Fight
Doin’ It For UsCancer Be Banished
Stay-Healthy SquadShe-Soldiers
March For Our LivesThe Tumornators
Fit As An OvaryLeaving Cancer Behind
War Against CancerStronger For A Cause
Go Shake Those OvariesHealthy Ovaries
Moving All-DayWalking Army Of Women
Finesse EggsLion Heart
Mama & Her Eggs Sistas Slackin’ No Mo’
Walk Off The CaloriesOvar This Cancer
When Women RiseAffairs Of The Heart
Teal We Find HealthTeam Fit Cervix
Walking & PumpingMending Our Hearts
Female AvengersAngry Ovaries, Angry Legs
Cheers To Healthy HeartsHeartBeats For Us
Bring The Heat, Bring The BeatTeam Think Outside Cancer
Sisters That Heal TogetherFor The Love Of Hearts
Together We CanWomen With Ovaries
HeartWorkOvar & Away
Women Walking To Safety
Strip Away The Tumor
Team Save Our OvariesFiesty Old Men
Supporting WomenSuper Women Walk
Weaponizing LegsWonders For The Ovaries
Anti-Cancer AuntiesOvary Protectors

Cancer and Aids Walking Team names

How to Generate the Best Walking Team Names

We have been able to churn out more than one thousand (1k+) walking names that you can use as your team’s name. Nevertheless, you might not have seen the one that perfectly suits or expresses what you or your team have in mind, and that is the reason we want to show you how you can come up with a good name for your walking team.

Before you will be able to come with that perfect name for that your walking team, there are certain things that you are to put into consideration, and they will be listed below.

Walking Team Names ideas

1). If you have been able to thoroughly go through the list of above and you are sure that none fits your team’s walking purpose, then you can try combining any of the two names above to see if it gives you what you want.

2). By default, the first thing you are to put into consideration before when coming up with a walking team name is the purpose of the team. When you have been able to determine the purpose of the group, then you will be able to easily come with a name closely related to the team’s purpose.

3). Now, that you know the purpose of your team, you can start playing upon words that are related to the purpose of your team; it’s called Pun. This might likely help you come up with a unique name for your team.

4). There are some questions you are supposed to ask yourself in other to get a name relates to both the personality and character of your team members. Questions such as Who they are, where are they from, the aim of the team, etc. This method will get you a name that closely reflects the personality of your team members.

5). Ensure that your walking team name shouldn’t sound vulgar or insulting.

6). Also ensure that after coming with a name that you think is good for your team, you should also throw the name back to team members for a dialogue. You could even get a better suggestion or a well-modified name for your team.

Benefits Of Walking Exercise

Walking as an exercise may not truely look like it has any health benefit due to its simple nature. But it does, though you are expected to walk for at least 30 minutes every day before you will be able to receive any health benefit from this exercise.

You are also expected not to sing while carrying out this exercise, though you can talk while on it. It is always important that you consult the advice of your doctor before starting any new exercise program that has to do with physical activity. Below are some of the health benefits of Walking.


1). Reduces Body Fat.

2). Reduces the risk of having a stroke and other heart diseases.

3). Your bones become stronger and your balance will be improved.

4). Increased pulmonary (heart and lung) and cardiovascular fitness.

5). Increased muscle strength and endurance.

6). It helps regulate conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, joint, and muscular pain or stiffness.