500+ Best Sales Team Names (Funny, Creative, Cool and Motivational)

Coming up with the best sales team names can be very difficult for most people, while others may not necessarily find it difficult to come up with a good sales name for their team. Whether you find it extremely difficult, or not too difficult for you, the fact is that coming up with a good sales name is time-consuming.

You may be wondering why is a sales team name so important? After all the name is not the one making the sales. You may be right, but what you should know is that a great sales name gives all the members of that particular team a sense of belonging, pride, and unity.

A salesperson in a group has a higher chance of making twice as many sales as a single salesperson. This is because there is a sense of belonging associated with being in a member; a sense of belonging is one of the most powerful elements of success.

If you are a salesman who is not in any team, we urge you to locate the best team around you and join them. In the proceeding paragraphs, you will find a list of great sales team names that you can use for any team; whether it’s a funny sales name, cool, creative, good or motivational.

cool sales team names

So, below are the various sales team names that can inspire you and your team members to make and close more sales. Thus, you must choose wisely a sales name that will best suit the personality of your team members and also inspires them for more sales.

Funny Sales Team Names

If you have a group of funny people in a team, then you should think of using any of the funny names that are listed below.

Pompous AssetsCereal Killers
Off Like A Dirty ShirtSir Count-A-Lot
Five O’Clock SomewhereEmpty Coffee Cups
Kicking Assets And Taking NamesThe Spammers
The Water Cooler GangDialed And Dirty
Net SurfersEnigma
You Win Some, You Booze SomeBreak Room Riot
Soup-A-StarsCreepy Callers
Three Balance Sheets To The WindWill Work For Cookies
Pill PushersTax Season
Word InventorsUsed Only Once
Limited VocabularyThe Artful Dodgers
Spending It Faster Than We Earn ItLooking Illegal
The Sell OutsThe Best Sales Team Ever
The Brainy FoolsBrains On Vacation
The Brightest BulbsLunatics
The NeanderthalsThe Greed Pack
Drug DealersSales Giants
Two Thumbs UpSurvivors
Hit For BrainsEntrepreneurs Of Entrepreneurship
Gym Class HeroesPaper Pushers
The Drive-ByersAnalysis Paralysis
CrybabiesThe Cash Cows
Dollars To DoughnutsManic Phone Preachers
Down For The AccountThe Bottom Liners
Death And Taxes
We Lie For Money
We Speak IdiotThe Backbenchers
BellyachersBottom Of The Food Chain
Entrepreneurs of PassionPretend Policy Makers
Juan In A Million2+2=5
Straight Up ComediansSingle Voice
The ForceNacho Average Squad
The ManipulatorsSympathetic Sellers
Little StarlingsVenture Vultures
Bleeping AwesomePurely Original
One Dollar More Than YesterdayLess Work, More Twerk
No Bean Left Behind Added Value
Selling LoveGet Dat Money
Client EnragersClient Coolers
Idea InfectorsPity Us
TalkaholicsThe Walking Dead
The Clowns Of SalesThe Sloths
Team Riches To RagsNo Good Men
Shady DealIt’s All Legal
Slow LearnersConstantly Inconsistent
It’s Accrual WorldSob Stories
Shaven Apes In SuitsOut On Lunch
Not Regulated EnoughPaper Jam
Dicks On PhonesA Few Good Men
Masters Of ConfusionCon Artists

Good Sales Team Names

Just as we mentioned above, you need a good name for your team. And one of the advantages of going with a good sales name is that it brings confidence to your team members, and that’s one component every salesperson needs to excel.

The Wolves of Wall StreetWall Street
StormRight On The Money
Alternative FactsWe Excel
Business As Unusual
Feet On The Street
Ridiculously Good At ClosingPharma-Sell-Icals
Ask To AnswersBroken Puppets, No Strings Attached
Lettuce Talk
Cash Money
The Pursuit of Happyness
Death of A SalesmanImplementers
Be Audit You Can BeThat Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You
TulipSquad ideas
Business As UsualO.U.
Fast moversThe Real McCoys
Can I Borrow Some Money?Glue Salesmen Stick To Their Word
CriticalSecond Newton
Hello, Is It Leads You’re Looking For?We’re Going To Need A Bigger Pipeline
Defenders Of TruthCirculators
RidersCall Of Duty
We’ve Got A Bridge To Sell YouRulers
May The Force Be With YouSales-A-Licious
BaseThe Great Gatsby
The Mighty Morphin’ Stock ExchangersKa-Ching
Money Can Buy HappinessPride And Policies
The MeanderersMoney makers
AnalyticaMo Money, Mo Problems
The Great Call of ChinaMoney Can’t Buy Happiness
DefendersForeign Policy
The Bored SupremacyNo Money, No Honey
InfernoHounds in the Pound
My Sales Targets Are Too Damn High!Gulf Coast Rhinos
Hot ShotsI’ll Make You An Offer You Cannot Refuse
The Virtual Water CoolerHornets
Golden HawksSales R Us
MoneyballMiracle Workers
You Anything… But
The Harambabes
Let’s Get FiscalWheeler Dealers
Leaders of the Hunt_Possible
Natural Born SellersThe Usual Sales
LunaticsYou Got My Money?
Keep Calm & Sell OnMoney Makers
Where’s My Money!?Fearless Leaders
Fast and FuriousVery Stable Geniuses
Sultans of Sales
Mad Men
Fans of the BossGlengarry Glen Ross
I Shouldn’t Have Sold ThatBurj Khalifa
Feet on the StreetNot Here To Sell
Make Sales Great AgainSale on A Sail
Fear ThisI See Sales People
Risky BusinessInsomnia
AnnihilatorsFast Talkers
Insurance MafiaWhiskey Business

funny sales team names

Cool Sales Names for your Team

When you have a team of cool persons; even if all of your team members are not all cool, but with the majority winning the vote, then you can go with any of the cool sales names for your team below.

Alpha QProfessional Pirates
Limited Product Knowledge IncorporatedCubicle Force
Geeks R UsRetailers
Stone Cold RejectsChampions Of Life
EnergySoul Sellers
Debits And CreditsCorporate Pirates
Insurance MafiaCode
Hello, It’s Me
Me Again!
Drugs Are Expensive
Real Estate EliteMadness
Making It RainPersuaders
ChasersLightning Bolts
Going to nailFlux
Real Men Of Genius
B2B Bandits
Business as UsualAsk to Answers
Fast TalkersHustler
Driven badBusiness Bulldogs
 The Theory Of PerfectionEnlarge
A-TeamThe Squad
Territory TyrantsGroup
Crazy SpeedSales Therapists
Profit PartyMarket man
Policy Profiteers Sales Experts
ExpertsHung Up On You
BD BulldozersSons Of Strategy
Product PushersDoor 2 Door Divas
Head Spinning BD Dominators
Captains of CommerceThe Rat Pack
Quota CrushersMoney Hungry
Three Piece SuitsOne Team, One Mission
InvadersSales Gurus
Hounds In The PoundCall Control
Spin SellersEliminators
The Rock StarsMindspace
Spin DoctorsLeaders Of The Hunt
Sales MafiaPower Grabbers
Money MakersThe Mavericks
Top DawgsBusiness Time
Earning EaglesPower Brokers
Company Builders
High Rollers
High FliersDial It Up
The GodfathersMoney Magnets
Ker-PowHot Shots
The GeneralsSales Executors
Pulling The Strings
Caller Bros
Sweat RoomPuppet Masters
Distribution DominatorsProspecting Powerhouses
Caller BallersThe Boiler Room

Motivational Names for your Sales Team

Even the best salesperson some times feels mentally down, ranging from a series of rejection and other setbacks. That is the reason you need a motivational name that you can use in inspiring your team members when they are mentally down. Below is a list of great motivational names that you and your team can freely use.

Aggressive AchieversTigers
LargersNever Give Up
BreakersNever Fail
Sell It AllLions
Fire TeamWorker Bees
ThinkerTeam Sell! Sell! Sell!
We Are DynamiteKeep Calm And Sell On
Priceless BrainsQualifying Leaders
ToughHarder than fire
Not a backstubTeam Brainchild
HarderFast And Furious
Never look backHappy Sellers
2XThis Deal Is Hot! Hot! Hot!
Going big
Dynamite Sellers
Working on selfSelling With A Smile
Liable To SucceedSales Magicians
Going longSpinning Your Wheels
Emotional JourneyBack to goal
Revenue Revelers
No Question Unanswered
Deal Makers
Technical Knockout
Hello CallersMiracle Sellers
Motivation SellersThe Mind Readers
Inspiring AchieversWinners
Miracle MakersDazzle Team
Golden Girls Of SalesLucky Charms
Pumpin’ ClientsLady Luck
Peak PerformersCharlie’s Angels
Over AchieversCheer Up Souls
Magic SquadKings Of Coverage
Woke SellersVision Quest
Yes, We CanFear This
No FearOn A Mission For Commission
Commission PossibleFair Dealers
Team ABC (Always Be Closing)The Optimists
Dream BuildersStar Catchers
Restorers Of Order Trust Your Instincts
Trust EstablishersMiracle Workers
No Is Not A 4-Letter WordThe Fantasti-Cans
Commissioners Of Cold CallingCaptivators
Bright NationThe Blazers
Future BillionairesCaptains Of Cold Calling
Happy Customer MakersThe Convincers
Dream Machine
Busy Bees
Team SynergyWunderkind
Relationship BuildersCommunity Care Team
Mountain MoversGold Miners
Team ProsperityTeam Freedom
The CharmersSales Machines
Super SellersThe People Persons
Beck And CallRising Stars

creative sales team names

Creative Names for Sales Team

Sometimes you need to go away from the usual and do something extraordinary, and this can only be achieved by unleashing your creative muscles. So, for that, your team of brilliant and creative persons, why not find a creative name that you and your team can use?

Don’t worry, because we have got all the job done for you. All you are required to do is simply go through the list below and pick any of the names that you find interesting.

The Best Of The BestBringin’ The Funk
B2B BanditsIf Charisma Could Kill
We’re Not Selling MattressesFinance Fixers
Business BulldogsI Believe You Have My Stapler
Greed Is GoodHungry Hunters
Executive StokersIf Time Is Money, ATMs Are Time Machines
Diamond MenUsed Cars
Calling The ShotsVenture Kings
Let Me Talk To Your ManagerBirds of a Feather
Direct HitBringin’ The Sales
Here’s My Sales Pitch, Buy It Maybe?Executive Authority
They’ll Be Back For MoreOut Of The Box Insights
I Could Set The Building On FireSoftware Out There
Sales ExpressThe Bull Market Bunch
Little Lebowski Urban AchieversTrust Me
The Stock Market DominatorsSolution Sellers
Buy One Get One FreeGame Of Phones
SpartansDelta Force
I’d Buy That for a Dollar!The Premium Brigade
Captains Of CommerceSeize The Day
Money BagsService First, Sales Second
Surgeons Of SalesShow Me The Money
Abstract Selling TechniquesSales Xpress
The TycoonsShut Up And Take My Money
Artisans of SalesThe Capitalist Crew
Mint ConditionDonut Worry, Be Happy
Think Tank ExchangeHard Sell Pros
Jerry MaguireThe Company Men
Sales WizardsCome Sale With Me
ImplementersSuave Convincers
Killer InstinctsFast movers
RulersLong Story Short
Number CrunchersAnalytical
TulipJordan Belfort
Sell Me This PenVulcans
BaseThe Credit Crunchers
The Manhattan ProjectDefenders
Second NewtonEnroll
The SelloutsRiders
PythonThe Stock Market Dominators
The Value PropositionsLord Of War
CirculatorsThey Want To “Think About It”
Sale-TacularThink Tank Exchange
Wheeler DealersS Is For Swagger
CaptureTwo Thumbs Up!
Unfrozen Caveman LawyersMoney makers
Hello, Is It Sales You’re Looking For?The Rat Pack
The TycoonsWacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man
Spec-TacularThe Target Markets
CriticalI Can Answer That, For Money
The MavericksThe People Persons

sales team names

Sales Team Names Ideas

Just as we mentioned above, coming up with good sales names for your team can be a little bit time-consuming. But, with our sales team name ideas that we are about to share with you below, you would save more time.

Before coming up with a name for your sales team, certain elements need to be put into consideration. If you were not able to find the perfect name for your team above, then below are the guidelines that will enable you to produce the kind of team name that you desire for your team; whether funny, cool, motivational, or even creative.

Tips to produce a Good Sales Team Names

It’s time to look at the various things you need to put into consideration to create either a unique, creative, good, funny, motivational or whatever kind of name you want to give to your team.

The team name you will create with this process is a lot more original and will reflect the personality of your team or the majority of the members. When creating a sales team name, you have to first consider:

i). Making a name that tells a lot about your team member’s personalities. If you have a bunch of persons in your team that is funny, then you can consider going with a funny team name that matches their personality.

ii). You should also consider creating a name base on the people who make up your team. If your team is made up of your co-workers or family, then you could probably look for a name that shows family ties.

iii). Make sure the name of the team you want to create should carry a message. For instance, if you go the name “Down For The Account”, common sense will suggest to you that this team is the group that is always willing to risk a whole account to make a big sale.

iv). You can also try using a Pun. This means you should try playing around with words to see if you can come up with something unique.

v). Sometimes you need to go out of the normal and try to be a little bit creative in the name creation process. You could even pick two or more words from the list above and try to form something unique and reasonable with it.

vi). Finally, after coming up with the name, make sure that you send it back to the team for modification, reformation (If necessary), and approval.

Benefits of Having a Sales Team Name

We are going to be listing some of the benefits of creating a name for your sales team. The benefits of creating a name for your sales team is closely related to the same benefits of joining a team. Below are some of the benefits of teamwork and creating a sales name for your team.

1). Fosters Creativity and Learning.

2). Blends Complementary Strengths.

3). Builds Trust.

4). Teaches Conflict Resolution Skills.

5). Promotes a Wider Sense of Ownership.

6). Encourages Healthy Risk-Taking.

We believe that with the guide above, you will be able to create a very good sales name that you and your team can use. Good luck with your new team sales names.