500+ Best Running Team Names – Funny, Cool, Clever and Beautiful

If you have been actually searching for the best running team names, then you have just landed in your only chance for a pot of gold which is this page.

In the succeeding chapters, you will find a host of running names that you can use for your team. As a matter of fact, we have over five hundred (500+) names, and they comprise both cool, beautiful, funny and cleverly created team names for running.

Before we begin to list out the names you can use for your running team, have you ever wonder the reasons people run? As far as we know, there are most people who run because they want to compete in races, improve their health, lose weight, and others. But, whatever be your reasons for running, we have got you covered.

We have been able to provide over five hundred (500+) variety of names that will suit whatever running purpose that has made you come to this page.

Whether you are running to Lose Weight, improve your health overall, Improves Your Energy Levels, meet new people, release stress, or even run in a competition, we promise that you will definitely see that name that perfectly matches your purpose.

List of Unique Running Team Names

Just like the title suggests, below you will find a list of Unique team names for running that have been properly and perfectly categorized into five sections which are the: Best, Funny, Beautiful, Cool, Clever running team names for for groups of women and men.

Funny Running Team Names

Choosing a name for your running team sometimes has to do with the personality of the team members. Names are simply the reflection of the personality of the team.

If your team is made up of funny individuals, then you can just go ahead with a hilarious name that keeps your team as jovial and laid back as possible. Below are some of the amazing funny running team names that we have added to this list.

The Speed DemondsEasier Said Than Run
Where do I go from here?Please, Don't Run Mad!
Temple RunzKiss my Asphalt
A Running JokeThe Agony of Defeet
Wii Not FitScrambled Legs
I Can't Miss My Flight!All Swedish, No Finnish
The Running DeadSlow Motion Ninjas
Heart & SoleLong Distance Relay-tionship
Not Fast, Just FuriousFollow the Run-bow
R.I.O.T. (Running Is Our Therapy)Premature Acceleration
We’re Too Old For ThisS.W.A.T.T. (Sprinters, Walkers And Trash Talkers)
Legs MiserablesRun for Fun
The ChaseWhere’s The Finish Line?
Worthless Without ChocolatePacemakers
Call Me A CabFifty Shades of Awesome
Achilles HealsFifty n’ Fit
Velocity VixensLost In Pace
Faster Than Your InternetRapid Thigh Movement
Keeping Up With the KenyansBlackbirds
Runnin’ After the Ice Cream TruckJust Keeping Runnin’
Cadence CountersSlow runners make fast runners look good
From Start To FinishSore to the Finish
Ostrich WannabesI Thought This Was A 6k
Fit Like SticksI Thought This Was a Pub Crawl
The Religion Of RacingSilly Gooses On The Loose
Can’t Run With UsItchy Feet
Awkward LegsYoung But Breathless
Furious FeetMuddy Run
Busy FeetsRunning In Heels
Fun ‘n’ SoreLegs Like Hammers
Greased FeetBusy Throttling
Fast As The InternetLegs-A-GoGo
Legs On Speed DialCall Us a Cab!
Craze For RunningSwitch It Up
Rat RacersSweaty Nuts & Tight Butts
Run It To Win ItGame On
Hot-BloodedCamel Toes
Breeze in and Breeze outFast feets
Rascal MovementRun Like-A Chicken
Overeaten AgainSweat & Sneakers
Run Like A BabyStinky Behavior
Commotion ArmyLegs Be Aching
Springy LegsFueled By Coffee
Flushed OutFeet Be Killin’
Less Talkin’, More Runnin’ Rods For Legs 
Make It StopSqueaky Feet
Scared To RunDisorderly Tracks
Rattling LegsMove Ya Soles
Running Outta FatWhere’s The Finish Line?
Legs Be SlipperyVan Hailin
Always on The RunDrag To The Finish Line

Cool Running Team Names

In our last article that deals with Golf Team Names, we advised those in search of a good name for their team to always select names that are closely related to the personality of its members.

So, if your teammates or members are made up of individuals with a cool personality, you might just want to use something intriguing that perfectly represents your team’s nature. Below, you will find some interesting cool running team names that you can freely use.

Catch Me if You CanOver Drive
Ain't No Stopping us now50 Shades of Trained
Big Dudes – Scared ShoesFo Shoe
Distance MattersCirque Du Sore Legs
Running on EmptyIt’s Always Runny in Philadelphia
We’re making great stridesShould Have Turned Left
So Fast and so CuriousTime Wounds All Heels
How the West Was RunHere To Win
Intermittent ExercisersFree Men Run
Liar Liar Legs on FireCool Down Specialists
How I Met These RunnersNot So Easy Runners
No Time For WalkersBarefoot Maniacs
Better at Runnin’ Up a TabFaster Than the Speed of Light
BoltFurious Toes
Soon As I Run HomeOverconfident for no good reason
Fit HourSprinter Cell
Holding Out for a HeroRacetrack Missiles
Fast FightersThe Flash Mob
Superhero SprintersMischievous Mermaidens
The VortexiansBrother from a Different Mudder
Quads of FuryGreen Feet Gang
Rest Day RepeatersAchilles Heals
Wheaties Box RejectsTight Butts and Sweaty Nuts
New York State of GrindGuts For Sprints
Record BreakersYour Pace Or Mine?
We’re Sooo CorkScrewed!Treading Triers
Run & BurnOur Shorts Are Longer Than Your Workouts
Baby got TrackCommotion Army
Outracing LazinessTired Toes
Reeky ComradesSlimy Running
Be Like SonicKangaroo-nians
Sand AttackCrack Dem Bones
For Ugly ToenailsShake ‘n’ Go
Sweaty SacrificeShhh, now run!
Super SonicRun For Ya Life
Fit Like SticksCovered In Blisters 
Misfits OnlyFast Walk
Fat Feet ClubCarbo-loading Experts
Not Lost, Just WanderingLike Fun Only Different
Can’t Afford a Bus PassThe Bolts
Runs Like A GirlIce Cream Truck Chasers
Sweet SolesRoad Hogs
Baby Got TrackAre We There Yet?
Dance Team RejectsWhere the Wild Things Run
Move Thy ButtHaul’n Arse
The Passing GradesThe Rolling Hills
Speed Bumps2 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit
Dashing DivasHell on Heels
Kicking AsphaltWe’re Kind of a Big Deal
Lactic Acid FlashbackCheetahs
running team names

Beautiful Running Names for Groups

If you are short of ideas on the best name for your beautiful running team, then below are some of the best we have provided. The names below are actually the greatest of all times; they have meaning and are also able to suit various running events whether long-distance such as 5k road race or short-distance running events, they have got you covered.

5 Fast 5 FuriousTwisted Blister
The Golden RunHell on Heels
The Running-Shoes BrothersJaguars
Get-er-RunSole Mates
Rascally RamblersAerobically Challenged
Cheerleader RejectsI've Been on Coke
Rapid Thigh MovementYes, Another Lap
Dreadmill TrainersThe Joggernauts (Works really well if you have a Jason on your team)
Graceful GunnersAddicted To The Track
The Breakfast Running ClubThe Real McCoy’s
Running from CommitmentWishful Thinkers
Michael Jackson Fan Club (Use your desired name)Born To Run
Team Del SlowNeed for Speed
Happy FeetPushing Limits
Been there, Run ThatMatching T-Shirts
Sprinting SpeedstersThe Jogfathers
Mister MusclesProbably Gonna Walk
Sweaty Betty’sWeekend Runaways
Hot pursueIgnorance is Blisters
Running ScaredGirls, Uninterrupted
Therapy Called RunningWe’d Rather Be Streaking
Fired UpRoad Quest
Florence and the MachinesPavement Pounders
It’s A Runner’s ThingRunning Machine
Cereal KillersRun. Eat. Poop. Repeat
Team SlothGet ‘er Run
Run Like the WindedRun DMC
Not Fast, Just FuriousBlondes Have More Run
Too Much FiberPumped Up Kicks
It Hurts So GoodSweat, Regret and Oxygen Debt
Purple People EatersMarathon Maniacs
Xtreme PhysioToo Stupid to Stop
Miles to MartinisChafing the Dream
Consolation is still a PrizeLucky Runners
Chafed and LubedBlood, Sweat & Beers
IronmenShake, Rattle and Run
Anything for Race Bling!Pavement Princesses
The Quick & the DeadHoly Fit! Not Again!
Last MinutesStress Fracturers
Franks & Beans & KrispyKremes2 Beauties & the Beast
50 Shades of AsphaltBetween Walk & Hard Pace
Agony of De FeetWe Thought They Said Rum
Running Like WolvesRunnin’ From The Law
All For SpeedAcross The City
Consolation is still a PrizeRun For Company
Get ‘er RunIt’s a Small World
Scrambled Legs and AchinAgony of DeFeet
Blister SistersBorder-Blind
Never Get In A Van With StrangersThere’s No App For This

Best Running Names for Your Team

If you want something really special and exceptional, then it’s vital you go through this list of best running names that your team can use. You might just be lucky enough to find that great running team name that perfectly synchronizes with their personality. Check out the best we’ve got:

The Allian dronesJet Pace
The Fats and The FuriousPace Makers
Kickin AsphaltPronation Nation
We've got the RunsBetter Together Team
Not-So-Lucky RunnersFull Throttle
Undertrained and OverconfidentBusy Bustlers
Running Sole SistersThe iPlods
Constantly Mobile MothersRapture
We OversleptFlyin’ Gals — or boys, obviously!
Lightning FSwift feets
First Place PleaseGlory Guys
Faster ThingsChasin’ Down Criminals
The Running JokeAchilles Heels
Fat FightersThe Runnin’ Dead
Road WarriorsKeepin’ Up With The Runners
Because Uber Was BusyRunnin’ On Empty
Toe Nails Are for SissiesRun Amuckers
Marathon MaidensSupersonic Thunder
Chafe Now, Brag LaterDusted Dusts
Smokin’ LacesRunning Away From You
Running Cos' Uber isn’t AvailableVictorious Secret
Moet Marathon RunnersProcrastinators
Quadz of FuryReservoir Jogs
Rockstar NinjasWe Like Pie
No Bathroom in TeamCutting edges
Lost in SpaceBunz on the Run
The ThumpersOttrunning Shadows
Wii Not FitFast Feet On The Street
Sole TrainThe Bea Arthurs
Boom Shaka LakaRace Ventura
The Silly SquidsSouth Shore 3-Some
PokeymomsGirls Gone Wild
Sweaty Girls Rock4 The Long Run
Dead on ArrivalWhere’s the Finish?
Last CallThundering Herd
Run TLCToe Nails Are For Sissies
Nuclear TumbleweedsWhiskey Business
How the West Was RunForty ‘n Fit
The Run AroundsNot Fast But Fabulous
Your Pace or Mine?Blister Sisters
Pace CadetsThe Trippers
Weekend RunawaysKardashsheruns
Running Because We CanBaby Got Track
Coffee ChuggersRace Like Outlaws
How to Lose A Runner in 10 MilesCan’t Be Still
Cirque de Sore LegsAflame
Harry Potter & The Half Blood SprintsAdrenaline Rush
Hot WaveCool Breeze
Hell Let LooseFaster Than Snails
What the Hill?Hasty Feets
Run For LibertyFeets O’ Fury

Clever Names to Use for Running Women Team

Clever names can actually serve so many purposes; either to inspire the team or pass a message to the fans. They are usually creative team names with an interesting ring to it which makes it easy to remember and fun pronounce. Below are some of the available names for your team that we have cleverly created for ladies (Women).

Who Runs the World? Girls!Runz Babe
Ladies Running GangBaby got Track
Blazing GloryHoly Fit
Mermaid's FlightFast Women
Lady & the CrampsFast Tracker
7 Deadly ShinsRunning Like Mothers
Gals Get MovingWet runners
Runaway BridesWine Dine Finish Line
Sole SistersUber For What?
Not Fast, But Kinda FuriousBetween Walk and a Hard Pace
Gathering MomentumTurtle Legs
Mile MissionariesSnappy Shoppers
The Italian JogGlory Gals
Can’t Feel Our LegsGranny Legs
Running From ResponsibilityRunner Dolls
Shaun of the Tread (Mill)Faster Than the Speed of Love
Chasin’ Down CriminalsSeven Deadly Shins
Undertrained and OverconfidentRole Models
Sweaty SprintersRapid Runners
The Great StridesSprainspotters
Little (But Fast) WomenSprinting Soldiers
Charity RunnersQuantum of Shoelace
Slumjog MillionairesKnackered Knockers
Zombie RunnersBuns on the Run!!!
Dead On ArrivalLove at First Run
Training WheelsCoffee Queenz
Pain For GainNon-Walking Warriors
Just Keeping Runnin’Two Broads and a Bum
Fat Kids Chasing an Ice Cream TruckIgnorance is Blisters
We thought the Babe was for EatingSprinting chicks
We’re Only Doing This Because Our Partners Made UsNatural Selection
Ibuprofen and Ben GayIf I’m not back in fifteen minutes…Just wait longer
Hot ChaseGoogle Street View
Never Accused of OvertrainingJugs a Joggin
5 Minutes off an 8 Minute pace SquadWhere have all the toenails gone?
Run Like A GirlWe run things better than the Government
Naked LegsRockstar B!tches
It’s All About the CoffeeRelay Racers
League of SplintersDominators
The Last PacersDusted Bitches
Power thighsWeekend Trips
Tea or Coffee?League of Extraordinary Slackers
Sprint Some Mor’Who Runs This Town?
Twisted BlistersThe Run-Arounds
Wonder WomenMind Over Miles
Captain rumYay For Fast Walkers
Normal People Would DriveLogistical Nightmares
Run From ShameZoom Off!
Get in the van. I’ve got a planAccross The Ocean
The Tired TeamCramps For What?
Time To Run AwayGirls on the Run


How to Create the Best Running Team Names

It’s true that the list of names that we have produced above may not be able to grant you as much satisfaction as you want, but the good news is that you can still produce that perfect running name doing it yourself this time.

First of all, we are grateful to you for taking the time to go through our list of running team names in which we have put in much effort to produce.

Since you weren’t able to see that particle name that matches the exact purpose of visiting this page, we are going to be giving you tips on how to come up with the name you desire.

Team Names for Running Ideas

– If you not completely convinced that you need any of the names that have been listed above, then you can try combining two words from the above to create a single unique name.

– You can also try other means such as PUNs and other play upon words method something to see if you can come up with your own unique name.

Ask Yourself Questions:

To get that perfect running team name for your beloved team, you can begin by asking yourself questions such as where are they from? Who are these people? what is the basic aim of the team? and many other questions that will help you come up with a spectacular element.

Don’t Sound vulgar

In your quest to come up with a special and unique name, ensure that you don’t sound vulgar neither should you use offensive words. The vulgar word doesn’t just apply to your fans only, it also includes your opposition, because it doesn’t tell well of your team. Ensure that you use neutral words and names with meaning.

Throw the Name to the Floor

After coming out with a number of names that you feel is okay, endeavor to write them down on a piece of paper. They should be at least eight (8) good names, then take the name to your team and seek their suggestions and contributions.

The reason we suggest introducing the names to the team for dialogue is because everybody’s contribution and insight matters in the process of creating a running team name.

We strongly believe, that with the suggestions that we have made above, and applying your own Intelligent Quotation (IQ), you will be able to come up with a great name for your running team.

Benefits of Running

Running is not just an art, there are lots of benefits attached to it, and we have listed but a few for all those who think that running is just a waste of time. Below are some of the benefits of running.

  1. Helps You Lose Weight.
  2. Improves Your Health.
  3. Strengthen Your Muscles
  4. Burn Enough kilojoules
  5. It’s a weight-bearing exercise, it will, therefore, help you build stronger bones.

Well, we’d hope that this good and unique teams names for running will definitely set your team on the high. Ensure that you take 5 seconds to share this articles on your social media accounts.