Kpop Girl Group Names Ideas for Your Girls Group

Welcome to your #1 Kpop Girl Group Names Ideas generator page. On this page, we provide you with a list of real and fictional amazing Korean Girls Group names.

Meaning of K-Pop

For those who are wondering what the term K-pop means, the term stands for “Korean pop“; a genre of popular Korean music that started in South Korea. The first version of the K-pop idol culture started in 1996 with the boy band H.O.T.

But as time passed, more groups emerged and K-pop art became a subculture that attracted mostly teenagers and youths. There are currently over 300 Korean Pop groups; with some either made up of all boys or girls. Nevertheless, you can still find a number of other mixed K-pop groups (made up of boys and girls combined).

In this article, we will be covering Kpop Girl Group Names Ideas; providing you with both real South Korean Pop girl groups and fictitious k-pop girl group name ideas.

Real Kpop Girl Group Names Ideas

Every name under this section is from real South Korean pop girl groups. You can use them as a suggestion to form a name for your own K-pop group. So, should in case you want to form your own unique K-pop all-girls group, then the names below can serve as a suggestion for that purpose.

Kpop Girl Groups with 4 Members

Kpop Girl Groups idea
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Below is a list of real-life Korean pop girl groups with only four members. If you are searching for a perfect name for your four-member girls’ group, then you can use the list below as a suggestion to form yours. Also, use the comment section to add any Kpop Girl Groups with 4 Members that we forgot to add to the list.

Big MamaMamamoo
Girl's Dayf(x)
Miss AStellar
Wonder GirlsFin.K.L
Dal ShabetBrown Eyed Girls
4TENBob Girls
BloomySunny Hill
Girls Girls Cherry On Top
D.HolicCrayon Pop
DestinyGP Basic
Hi CutieHigh School
HighteenKitten Girls
MatildaMelody Day
Rose FingerTwo X
UnicornMelody Pink

Kpop Girl Groups with 7 Members

Kpop Girl Groups with 7 members
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Should in case you want a comprehensive list of the Kpop Girl Groups with 7 Members, then go through the list below. If you noticed we omitted any 7-member Korean Pop girls group, please use the comment section to call our attention. Also, let us know your favorite 7-member Korean Pop girls group via the comment section.

ILUVHash Tag
Cherry BulletOH MY GIRL
GWSNBrave Girls

Kpop Girl Groups with 6 Members

Kpop Girl Groups with 6 members
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Just like the list of  Korean Pop girls group 4 and 6 members we listed above, this section contains the list of Kpop Girl Groups with 6 Members. You are free to add to the list or let us know your favorite 6-member Kpop Girl Groups.

A.DERocket Punch
After School(G)I-DLE
Sha ShaDreamnote
Dal ShabetF-ve Dolls
Hello Venuswoo!ah!

Mixed Kpop Girl Group Names Ideas

Every name under this section are all unique and was generated by GroupTeamNames. You can adapt them as your K-pop girl group name or use them as a suggestion to create your own unique name for your K-pop girl group.

Kpop Girl Group Names Ideas 2019

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You and your Kpop Girl Group can actually take over the stage with this brilliant names below. They were created with ideas from most of the famous Korean pop Girl Groups of 2019

Asian DovesSuper Sonic
The MommyCrazy Clown
Sweet SixteenAsian Dolls
DNG (Dynamic New Girls)Seoulsoul
Theatre2Good + 2Amazing (This name is suitable for a four member group)
One UnionMystery Duo
First SnowX-PRESS
Valetta Yellow Bloom
Caramel LatteBuing-Buing
Winter FallSunset
Queen of HeartsShiny Glitters
Girls EvolutionMayhem
Honey BeeVixenne
CastelleRose Heart
VarietyStainless Queens

Kpop Girl Group Names Ideas 2020

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Are you searching for a unique name that you and your K-pop girl group can use in this 2020? Then all you need is a few suggestions from our list below. Feel free to use the names for your group or use it as a suggestion to create the perfect name that you desire.

Queen BeesBubblegum
NightMare DreamKRAZY
G-RebelRoyal Crown
Girl PopRO5EY
Soda Pop!Twilight
Treat-or-TrickSilent Night
Pink LadiesThe Flower Girls
Party GirlsWhite Berries
Krush (Korean Crush)Pretty Teddy Bears
The WISHSparkle White
Glamorous DivasHot Lava
Blue RosesBlue Cherry
EcplictAsian Queen
Girls ParadiseArirang
Pink FlowersPandora Box
Harmless KittensHotberry
Ladies PopDiamond Gang
MeowPop Box
Krazy GirlsGirls Kids
BluefishGenghis Khan
The Big DipperGirl Pop

How To Generate Your Own Kpop Girl Group Names

If you want to create an acceptable K-pop girl group name, there are two things you must be willing to sacrifice; Time and enough mental energy. There are certain factors that should be put into consideration if you want to create a name that tells the story of your group.

Check out all the major factors that you should consider if you want to create a name that has a message and one that your fans can easily relate with.

A). Reason For Group Creation: For every action, there is always a reaction, and for every reaction, there was an action. Thus, there’s a reason why you want to create a group. What is the message your group intends to send to their fans?

You need to figure it out and try to incorporate it into your name. For instance, you can decide to use “Voices Of Hope“, if your songs center more on giving your fans hope.

B). How Many Members Do Your Group Have?: When creating a name for your group, you can use the number of members you have to create the group. If the group is a three-member group, you can decide to use a name like “Tripple Golden Voices” or you can just stick with “The Golden Voices“.

C). Are You Sticking With A Particular Gender?: Is your group going to be gender-based? If it is going to be an all-boys group then you have to look for a masculine kind of name. If it’s going to be an all-girls group, then the name should sound feminine, but if it’s a general group that includes both boys and girls, then it should sound neutral.

D). Public Opinion: After going through the process of creating the perfect name for your group as well as putting up all the vital elements together, it’s time to ask for the opinion of others. By default, you are supposed to seek public opinion. You ask each of your group members to take the name back to their friends and come back with their opinion about the name you guys choose to use.

When you have gathered enough public opinion, then you have to go ahead with the name if a higher number of the public likes the name. But, if not, then you have to make little changes and re-seek their opinion on the new name.


GroupTeamNames has been able to provide you with lots of Korean pop Girl Group Names; (both real and fictitious), and we hope you love them. But if you don’t feel comfortable using any of the names listed above, then feel free to use the guide above to create your own unique group name for your K-pop girls.

We are open to more names and suggestions, so if you have anyone, please use the comment section to send it across to us and we will include in the list above.