Group Names for Friends (Funny & Good Group Chat Names for Friends)

Searching for the best group names for your circle of friends? Or maybe a creative group chat names for your circle of friends on WhatsApp, FB or other messenger apps? If that’s the reason you landed on this page, then don’t search any further because you’ve just arrived at the right place.

This page contains over 400+ unique names for your group of friends. Our wide collection of friend group names has made it possible for us to cover almost every category. Our list of friend group names covers both creative, good, unique, clever and even funny group names. Just take your time to go through the list, and you will surely come to find a name that matches the category of friends you have.

Group Names for Friends

Friendship is one of the most amazing thing that can ever happen to anyone – especially when you have the right company of friends. All the best things seems to happen especially when you guys hang out, meet in a particular venue, or even meet in a group chat. You guys begin to discuss things like, the best message to send to your crush, how to melt a girls heart, and other issues that you all feel worthy of discussing.

There are so many fun activities you can carry out with your group of friends, and even though we may not be able to mention all of them in this article, we have also experienced most of them, ourselves. Now that you have a great group of friends, it’s time you look for a good group name that you can customize on your T-shirts and wear them whenever you guys want to go for hangouts, tourism or even picnics.

List Of Group Names for Friends


Just like we mentioned above, the list of friends group names listed below is very huge and contains a wide category of different group names. Don’t get stuck or confused when trying to pick a name. Just pick any of the names that best describe the characteristics of your friends group.

If your group of friends are filled with hilarious individuals, then you can go to the funny group names section and pick any of the names that further narrows down the characteristics of your group. Check out the list of group names below and pick anyone that you think will be suitable for your group of friends.

Forever & AlwaysThe Happy Hour
Friends ZoneThe Meme Team
Chaostic DuoOur Rules Our Lives
Boys Before FlowersGold Nation
Kylie Is Our MotherUnited Folks
Romeo's & JulietCrazy Engineers
The GossipersThe Morning Stars
The SpartensHot Gossip
Rough RidersCatching Them Young
The Friendship ShipRaging
ElementerThe Inner Caucus
Best Fries ForeverTaylor Swift's Squad
Furious GangAtomic Reactors
The Trouble MakersCrazy Divas
The Three Wise GirlsThe Glowing stars
Dangerous DivasSponge Box.
The Billionaire Next
Brotherhood Of the Century
Silver Birds.Curious Friendz
We Keep MovingThe Xploit Group
The Time MachinesThe Walkie Talkies
XplosionKings Of The Jungle
The Beat Goes OnRaging Darts
Brave HeartsSports lovers
Virgin BoysThe Lion Kings
The Gucci GangSecrete Chambers
Tea Or CoffeeCrazy Drifters
The FoodiesCrazy people
Roaming ForcesThe Greek gods
Electronic MoneyAwesome Wonders
Friends Of FendieThe Posse
The Walkie TalkiesHumming Birds
Fabulous TeamQueen Latifas
The Public SquareFallen Angels
The SinnersSquare Pants
The Weapon Of Mass DestructionAtomic Reactors
Mama G'sAwesome Blossoms
Lavishing It On My TeamOriginal Show Masters
Busy BuddiesCountry’s future weapons
gods Among MenType Till You Ripe
All the single LadiesFull House Wives
Civil DisobedientsWalky Talky
The Queen BeesMen On Duty
The GalfriendsChunky Monkeys
GangnamMutual Friends
The Nerd HerdGlamorous B!tches
HackersCareer Girls
Captain JackRoman Empire
The EmpressThe Gift of Gab
Crazy EngineersThe Rooftop
The EmpireMoney In The Bank

Friends Group Chat Names

Now if your friends happen to be the social media kind of people, you guys can easily create a group exclusively for circles of friends. Meanwhile, if your group already has a group and you feel like you need to use a unique friends group chat name that will synchronize with the dominate personality of your friend group. When you finally get the name that you feel is right for you and team, then just go ahead and make use of the name for free of charge.

Gift of YouToo Much sauce
My Greatest InspirationSimply Besties
The WanderersGreen Light
The Cool DudesHungry for Trouble
My SweetnessAll in the Mind
Super SquadI Got You
Modern FamilyAlways Home
The Devil Wears PradaThe Secret Club
Virtual Reality
So Lucious
Most Interesting MenLava Me Lava You
Bad BrosBachelor Bros
Twin FlameThe Bachelors
Alpha DogsSoul Providers
The OutlawsBrotherly Harmony
Sistas from Different MistasCoolest Kids
Rock & Roll LadiesRide or Die
Baddest BabesGaming Goddesses
24 Hour DramaGirls Weekend
Fun Never StopLa Vida Loca
Get in the GymDirt Bags
The ChameleonsThe Good Fellas
Riders of the StormRush Rush
We Do ItGlam Squad
Game ChangersGet It Gurls
All Around MeLive in Love
Rotten ApplesWomen Rule
Glow Up GirlsParty City
Forever TightPermanent Vacation
Future BridezillasUp to No Good
Dance With the DevilPro Time Wasters
Whole Pay CheckThe Rebels
Too CoolAlways a Shoulder
Just Wasting TimeGood Vibes
For the WeekendMonkey See Monkey Do
Follow the LeaderThe Soul Mates
Just BusinessHome Sweet Home
The Pizza BoysApple of My Eye
Follow Me to the PubBusiness Brews
My Other HalfTwin Flames
Wheres the PartyThe Godfather and His Advisors
Hello SunshineWhaddup Cuz
Jesus Is Coming Look BusyHearts Desire
Kindred SpiritsDon't Be Boring
Love PrevailsSelfie Sisters
The [insert last name] BunchJuicy Fruit
Butter and BreadNip and Tucks
Choir of AngelsMarried With Kids
All in the FamilyPlugin Baby
Sibling SignalsFamily Bush
Main SqueezeSugar Cookies

Good Group Chat Names For Friends

There is no big deal in creating any kind of name. But when you want a good name, then you will have to put in work and activate your creative juice of your brain. There are so many advantages of using a good team or group name and they include:

  1. Makes your group or team unique and stand out from the rest.
  2. A good name also provides a personal touch to your team.
  3. Supports future expansion.
  4. Easy to remember and can quickly stick to the brain.
  5. A good name properly describes a person or team even without the presence of the team or person.

So, if you think you still want a good name for your team, then all you have to do is go through the list and pick one that you think will align well with the nature of your friends WhatsApp, FB, or Twitter group.

Strong BongThe Bloodline
The DispensableSecret Society
Twisted SistersThe Meme Team
The CollectiveSmell the Flowers
The Rowdy BuggersClass 1-A
Dream TeamThe Three Sisters
Taylor Swift's SquadSnake Eyes
The Tomb RaidersThe Real Housewives
The DemoninatorsMaster Minds
Night CrawlersEnd Game
The LuckyWho Am I
We Get DegreesThe Pretty Committee
The Green GoblingAll Stars
Mermaid FriendsBetter Luck Next Time
Your Next MemeThree Musketeers
Quad SquadTech Bunch
Pen PalsThe Schuyler Sisters
The SinglesFamily Men
Amazing FriendsFuture Presidents
Grammar EnthusiastsCore Four
Will Trade As for FoodPeople I Live With
Hot LadiesThe Power Rangers
The IncrediblesThe Creators Collective
Heart CodesLady Bugs
Smells Like Team SpiritModern Family
Fab FivePeas in a Pod
The Family TreeAll of My Bothers
The Three AmigosThe Avengers
Girl GangGold Diggers
The Brain CellsThe Herd
The River VixensThe Schuyler Sisters
Bunkers GangThe Honeymoon Is Over
On The LowXOXO Gossip Girl
The Red CovenLittle Rascals
The insomniacsLife of Pi
The Southside SerpentsTroll Teachers
Snake In The Monkey ShadowFreaky Under Dogs
Colony of WeirdosBirds of a Feather
Different TimezoneThe Under Dogs
The Splinter CellFantastic Four
Tharkis OnlyOur Little Secrete
Quality Screen TimeThe Spice Girls
Like GlueCousins Across the Pond
The Charlie's AngelsThe Back Benchers
Worldwide WolfpackThe Master Piece
Dumbledore’s ArmyBackstreet Boys
The Missing RibsTo Be or Not to Be
Amazone LadiesAcross Borders
Connect the DotsFriends Without Borders
This Group is A+The Donut Call List

Funny Group Chat Names for Friends

There’s no true friendship without a touch of fun in it. Out of every three group of friends, you are likely to find one funny person from the group. If luckily for you, your group of friends happens to be the type with a lot of funny characters (individuals), then it’s advisable to that your group should adopt a funny name to properly suit with their personality.

Funny Team Names

The name will be an addition to the funny memories and experiences that you all will be sharing when you are no longer together. Don’t feel shy to go through the list and chose a name that you can use with your friends group.

Breast FriendsCrazy Clowns
If U Can't Beat Us, Join Us.Everybody Hate Mrs.
Friends With BenefitFast & Foodious
Sons Of RebellionEdible Spam Only
Sibling SignalsStupid and Idiotic
Remove Sad ModeThe Powerpuff Girls
The Crazy EightsMagical Mystery
Smile Your on CameraArea 51
We Share GenesGOAT Lovers
The Team Who Shall Not Be NamedSmooth Criminal
I'll Fly AwayBeware of the Parentals
The HeathersInto The Bad Land
Follow the RainbowFamily Ties
Now You See MeDuck Duck Goose
Full HouseExtraterrestrials
Who Killed KennyEnjoy today, Study Tomorrow
Unique TeamExpress Way
Together ForeverDon't Blame the Player
The Big ManagersCrap Collectors/
Finding MemoThe Benefit Boys
The Swag PartnersWhats My Name
Laugh Over DoseDrama Kings
What's the WiFi?Jay Cute
Not Fast, Just FuriousThe Black Panthers
We Talk A LotFunny Folk
Snap FreaksWhat Goes Up
Game of PhonesThe Mane 6
Rosé All DayLegal Bachelors
Peachy queensHun Of Gold Diggers
Snoring MatesWas Pizza now Poop
The Golden GirlsThe Phantom Thieves
The Real Drama ClubIs This Real Life
Troll SquadHow to Rule the World
Our Hearts for PizzaBed Bath and Beyoncé
Forget Me NotNon-Veg only
9th PlanetHot Line Blings
Insomniac LifeTalk Your Ear Off
We Are FamilyThe Crystal Gems
Organization 13Hear the Music
Lets Rock & RollThe Homo Sapiens
Bubble BuddiesLife Is Beautiful
I've Got a Bad IdeaThe Weekenders
Good TimesWe Stick Together
Life Is GoodThe Supremes
Through Thick and ThinFamily Forever
Non-Stop NotificationsJoyous Life
Forever LoveStand By Me
Blessed QuitenessThe Karats
My PeepsNice But Nuts
Unbreakable BondLet's Taco Bout It

What Is The Meaning Of Group Names for Friends?

The term itself is self-explained, but if you don’t understand it, group names for friends is simply long or short names that fits the activities of a particular group of friends. Like myself, I have a group of four friends and we travel to Dubai to buy golds in large quantity; we usually call ourselves “The Gold Nation”.

If your name is amazing, then it may likely attract more people to want to join your friends group. If you already have a friend group and you are searching for a good name to make it more alluring, then go through the list above and pick any of them for free.

How To Create Or Pick A Good Friends Group Name

If you want to create or pick out a good friend group name, you must ensure that you know a little bit of all your friends. Try to find out what all your friends share in common; if most of your friends in your friend group are funny, then it’s a lot better if you guys should stick with a funny friend names for your group. Also, when trying to create a group name for your friends, try to be flexible and creative.

Final Thoughts

Have you been able to find a name that you like on our huge list? Do you have a penchant for names? please let’s use the comment section. Also, for suggestions or question then send it across to us via the comment section and we will do well to reply you ASAP.