500+ Funny Golf Team Names – Amazing, Fantastic and Unique

Are you finding it difficult coming up with a unique name for your golf team? If that is the problem, just relax because, on this page, you will find a list of over six hundred (500+) amazing Golf team names.

Finding the perfect name for your golf team can be most times difficult. Some times you are required to do lots of surveys and examination of words associated with golf. Most people even go as far as doing some wordplay and pun just to come up with a unique name for their team.

This goes about to show everyone how important team names are to a particular team whether created for a company tournament, local club tournament or Fantasy Golf.

So, when deciding to pick a name for your team, ensure that you put lots of things into consideration, even the league you join should also be put into consideration.

In conclusion, when trying to come up with an amazing name for your golf team ensure that you are creative, witty, clever, and also have fun with the process.

But, Good news!!! Group Team Names has already done the work for you and has come up with lots of fantastic golf team names listed below. All you have to do is pick any of them you like.

Golf Team Names

Special Golf Team Names

It doesn’t matter whether you are actually playing a real golf or fantasy golf, what remains unchanging is that you need just the perfect name for either of them.

To be able to come up with a special name for your Golf Team, you are required to play with words and upon words (PUN) in order to come up with a special name.

But, if you are finding it difficult to produce a special name for your team, below is the list of special names that we have created just for you.

Eagles On The KillTwo balls, one hole
Space HackersShots R Us
Drop DunkSlice and Dice
Hanging the LiarsGrandma’s Old Tee-Box
Couples TherapyFlying Eagles
Cinderella BoysRide upon it
Show MasterMake that move right now
Tee-RexBall Busters
Net BustersEagles shot
Losers May CryTee-On-Me
Don't angry meSmokin’ Tees
Club HoppersEagles Zone
StrokeologistsThe Men-in-tee
The bogey bunchThe Water Wizards
Pin HighHigh Tide
Fore PlayersBalls Deep
ManOnDutyCouples Therapy
Fists of FurykThe Foreironers
Shooting StarsEast Wind
Volcanic BallsCoalition kings
Royal highnessGrip and Sip
The Expende-ballsHome of the Beasts
The Beach BoysThe Dirty ½ Dozen
Putt PiratesComing Home
Angry BirdsThe Fore-Father
Drunken MastersStrokes Of Luck
Hot StrokesBoggy Men
BedrockShooting Stars
The Birdie BanditsThe Fringe Crew
Tiger’s WoodsmenLegends Of Golf Folklore
Sliding throughDuck Hookers
White Tees in White T’sThe Perfect Drivers
Fast ballsDrop Dunk
TeerificThe Strokes
The Wrecking BallsFairway Ninjas
Golf CowboysDroppin' A Deuce
The Four DivotsRyder Cup Pros
The Brick HeadsGreen Days
The Brick HeadsKeep Calm & Shark On
The Fl-ex MenTiagra Woods
Putting PiratesShanks for the Memories
Beer WenchGoing Green!
Long PutzBirdies and Bogey’s
The Kings ClubPutter Face
Crazy ShotzBermuda Knights
Fairway KingsPin Seekers
The Soaring EaglesBeach Bums
Beach BumsUltimate Drive
Working on Our PutzThe Foreirons
The Bunker BlokesBird Songz
My BlockFairway Jets

Funny Golf Team Names

Creating a funny name for your golf team doesn’t just get your fans laughing, they also make your team outstanding from the others.

Just like most people, if you also find it difficult creating a name that is humorous, then feel free to use the ones we have specially created for you.

It’s All In The HipsYour Goal Is Our Hole
The Water WizardsOne hole, two balls
Brandel's HairBring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia
Thunder ballsThe Fore-Father
Who holds the key to the hole?Sand Gropers
Chicks n SticksScrew Balls
Forever with the ballsBirdie Gurus
Bubba's HovercraftThe Couples Therapy
Stroke of hard LuckStraight way to the hole
Packers and HackersThe Perfect Stance
Tee-mendous TeamStrokes of the gods
Grip it n’ Rip ItCink Links
Fringe PlayersMaggic strokes
Dirty BirdiesHorsemen of holes
Sultans of SwingWeapons of Grass Destruction
The Wonder WhackersPerfect Projectiles
Strokes of the legendHas Anyone Seen My Balls?
Gretzky's GrandkidThe Shaft-shank Redemption
Shots of RedemptionFairway To Heaven
Smokin’ TeesGet the Weed Out of My Way
Early BirdsHome of the Brandt
Multiple ForegasmsIron Balls
Who’s Your Caddy Now?John Daly's Pants
The Sultans of SwingWeapons of Grass Destruction
The Holey OnesKids in a Sandbox
Keegan and SaraShot and Long Putters
Tee PartyStraight into the deep
Rough BoysA Stroke From Heaven
Trap SettersTiger's Wood
Bogey BrothersPin Seekers
Birdie GurusWeir Science
Fairway KingsGolf Evangelist
The Hole in Fun GangTee-rific
The Sons of PitchesBrothers In Swing
Tee TimeGang Green
OutlandersTeam Foot Wedge
Sod SailorsThe Gimmes
The Rippers ArmyFore-Brothers
The Close EnoughsHoley Shotz
Barack O'BallersThe Four Hackers of the Apocalypse
Papa, Don’t PreachFlying balls
In Search of The HoleGearUnderPar
Beach BumsJabba The Putt
Grandma’s Old Tee-BoxThe Bogey Boys
Life Of The Par-TeeWood You Pet My Tiger?
Hole BustersThe Green Troopers
Bush WackersDirty Old Golfers (dogs)
The Hook Shot HandymenTurn Down For Putt
The Gold DiggerzPar Then finally Bar
The Fantasy of the GreensThe Knight's Templar of Holy Green.
Shanks-alotWorm Burners
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Cool Golf Team Names for Women

There are lots of cool golf team names that you can use for your women team but it takes only beautiful minds to produce them.

Some times if you are not in the right frame of mind, you may find yourself struggling to produce a cool name. But, whatever it’s, we have been generous enough to help you to create a list of interesting and cool golf team names for women which you can find below.

Put Me Down For A ParSlice and Dice
Fairway MinersShankapotamus
Pitches Ain’t HitWe spend more time in the sand than the Beach Boys
Tee-totalersMany Strokes, but Few Holes
Golf WarriorsThe Deuce of Hazards
X Marks The SpotKnocking on heaven door
Golf CowboysThe Putt Putts
The Mighty MulligansWhere eagles land
Reach for the stars but land in the holeBallistics
Cinderella StoryAces Ventura
Home in the holeThe Shaft-shank Redemptions
Pencil WhippedBall Whackers
Shots of FireTrouble Shooters
Battle of the FairwayJust a Hack
The Never-CouldsOne Club Is All We Need
Smoking ShotsTee Party
Watchers on the GreenThe Walking Divots
Fairway MinersPar Good, Eagles Better
Range SquadTeed Off
Par Tee TimersLone Rangers
Jonas Blixt BrothersUnlimited Range
Balls DeepNo. 1 Balls in Golf
Stiff KnockersThe Eagles Gaze
Eagles Day OutClear Mind, Clean Sheet
Par-Tee OnThe Sweet Spotz
Dirty BirdiesThe Wrecking Balls
House of HoganWe Always Go First
Meet the PuttersSure Swingers
Nothing Holding Us BackWorking on my Putz
The Cupa-HoesGimmies
The Putters AssociationSand Gropers
Well GrippedLong Putters
Bogey BanditsAgainst the Grain
Dimpled BallsThe Beer Lady
The Small GiantsWannabes
The Thunder ChickensComplete Putter Madness
The Hackdaddeez8 Balls
The Pretty BirdiesHole in Ten
Wonder WomanBreaking Badly
Half BalledHighways and Fairways
Putter EaterThe Holey putters
The Ugly DucklingsGreen Acres
The Fairway To HeavenBetter Than Being at Work
Fore NicateThe Walking Divotz
Alabama Fairway19th Hole or Bust
The BallisticsKnicker Knockerz
The Fowl AssassinzVirgin maidens
Hos And HolesVictory Virgins
Mary Queen Of ScotsHoes In One
Flag-tulanceHanging the Liars

Fantasy Golf Team Names

Only the best golf team deserves the best golf team names and we believe you are one of them. Below is a list of some of the best names that we have produced for you.

Who's your caddySwing of victory
The Virgin MenHigh fliers
Golden BallsPin Highballerz
Winning ZonePuff Caddie
Shooting StarsWining Ways
Golden eagletsWe Skipped Work For This
Hazardous HazardBack 9 Bandits
My shots never liePerfect Rollers
Different Strokes19th Holers
Can’t Touch ThisThe Swingers
A Swing to the holeThe Bogey Bunch
Victorious shotRolling Stones
DeLaet GratificationKeep Calm and Shark On
Designated DriversThe Hounds of Stableford
One Club Is All It TakesFast Swing
Hit & RunThe Gimmees
Always on the LowGamez of Stokes
Hunting BearNothing Below Par
Par Tee RidersThe Ball Slayers
Golf is the Least of Our ProblemsWhat Does Handicap Mean?
The Deuce of HazardsFlaming Balls
May the Schwartzel Be With YouThe Sand Baggerz
Pin It In The HoleSmokin’ Tees
Mull It Over AgainLords of the Pin
The Woodsmen WarriorsThe Chosen Ones
The Wet WedgersThe Chili Dippers
House of Holey-GangzExpress Pass
Perfect ScoresWhere's Faldo
On Eagles WingsThe Wrath of Putters
Just Aim for The HoleMulliganoids
Sandy SaversThe Woodsmen
The Power-putt CrewHicks with Sticks
Wood sentSteel Spikes
Par-Tee OnMull It Over Again
The Uneven ParsThe Fore Horsemen'
The Gold DiggersStars Of The East
Granny's StrokesFlag-tulance
The Men-in-teePlaid Pantz and a Dream
Green GangSmooth spin
The Beach GuyzThe Mighty Mulligans
The Long ballsSwinging Through The Brees
Four Some TimeBunch ‘O Hacks
Bush WhackersBush Wackers
The Happy HookerzThe Perfect putt
80 BreakersStroke of Flames
Thumb And ThumberOnly Good Strokes!
StrokeologistsCool Boyz
The Men with Iron ClubsDude, Where’s My Par?
Not Chicks N’ SticksTown Send

Unique Names for your Golf Team

If you are searching for that perfect name that will make you outstanding and give you that sense of uniqueness, then feel free to use the list of Unique names that we have created only for you.

Golden shotThe golden eaglet
Dragon ballsWinning ways
Supper BallsFirst Flight
The Sand TrapsIron Horse Grass Boys
Dirty JanzenAccuracy Shoots
High RollersSultans of Swing
Where Birdies LandAin't No Stopping Us
Flying dragonsGreen Days
The DrawShank RedemptionsDon't Rory Be Happy
Balls of FireSwingers
Glorious ShotsUp in the Sky We Go Down in the hole We StayUp in the Sky We Go Down in the hole We Stay
Fists of the woodGreener On The Other Side
Green WoodOnly Clean Shots
The Winning One ShotsThe Divit Heads
Teen TigersGolf Warriors
Never Say NeverIt's Never Too Late For A Shot
You have Only 1 Shot, Don't Miss the Chance To BlowRicochet
Undisputed ChampionUndistractable
Ghost RiderzKings Of The Range
Killer StrokesRangers
The Smell Of Golf In The MorningReturn to Senden
The Ball WashersThe Wedgies
Chosen by GoosenThe Hole-in-One Gang
The Sand TrapTee Totalers
Playing ThroughThe Putters Team
Gimmie ParBrothers In Arms
The Perfect SwingI’d Tap That
The Sons of PitchesThe Outsiders
MulliganoidsNowhere But in a Hole
Gimmie ParThe Power-putt Boys
Rough on MeFairway Assassins
Ping!The Shankaholics
Foot Wedge CrewRising Stars
Hot ShotzThe Fair Miners
Golfers Inc.The Shaggy Swingers
The Home BasedThe King Of Accuracy
The WaterballsThe Hole in Fun Gang
Small Holes, Big BallsThe Longer, The Better
Back SpinersThe Sand Trapperz
Grooving ClubTwo Putt Shakur
Greener GangDroppin’ a Deuce
The ForeironersNo Place Like the Holes
I'm Coming InClub Rentals
The Old StrokesWonder Whackers
ShankendrinkersPutting for the Dough
Clubbers3 and 1/2 Men
The Mallet MafiaThe Burly Birdies
Angry GilmoreThe Long And The Short Of it
The Fab ForeFore And Half Men

Golf Team Names for Women

How to come up with the best Golf team names

The above names might not provide the ultimate satisfactory contentment you are actually looking for, but it is time you put your IQ into action.

Firstly, we appreciate your presence in our website, remember that we work tirelessly with group of teams to come up with this unique names, we really love you.

However, since the above names wouldn’t be okay for your aspired perfect team, we’d advise you to follow the below steps to finding the rights words and names.

Before that, you should be aware that;

– You can freely use the above names

– You can combine two words from the above list to form a single personal golf team name for yourself.

– You don’t have to be a leader in the golf team to express your view of names.

Who are these people?

Sincerely, this is the best question you should ask yourself. Who are these people? where are they from? what is the basic aim of the team? what is the basic thing everyone likes? and dislikes?

When trying to create your own personal team names, there are series of questions that should popped into your mind, and you must provide answers to them.

It is fun trying to calculate the lifestyle of the top members of your team. Try finding the right names, if they are all funny, look for funny names, but if they are serious, you know what to do.

Don’t be Assaultive

Put it in any words you like, aggressive, or even hot-tempered but my insinuation is to control the words you use in creating your team names.

We sincerely, advise you to NOT use any words that would be offensive or aggressive to your opposition. It doesn’t pass a good message.

We advise you to think of neutral names, words that would be pleasing to the ears of everyone with meaning. All the above names has their own meaning, figure them out and you are good to go.

Bring the names to the table

Don’t just think of the names and leave in your mind. It is advisable to come up with at least 10 good names, this will expose the members of the team to varieties of names to choose from.

After that, you should organize a meeting and bring those names to the table. Remember, this are your opinions and not theirs. At this point, everybody’s insight matters a lot.

You can be the leader, or the most passive voice or member of the team but know that your points and their points must work hand in hand to ensure the prosperity, affluence and success of the team.

Be optimistic, and always remember that the fortune and luxury of your golf team depends on everyone’s mind and heart. Because that’s where action starts from! We wish you all the success!