List Of Girl Band Names And Amazing Girl Band Names Idea

Girl Band Names: Today in this article, we are going to provide you with the complete list of real Girl Band Names all over the world as well as other amazing band names idea. So, if you are here to view the list of all the bands in the world or maybe you just formed or joined a new girls band and you are in search of a good girl band names idea that you and your band can adopt, we have a wide collection of names right here.

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Should in case you don’t know what a band means, it is a group of instrumentalists playing the music of a specialized type (Calypso band; Rock band; Mariachi band). So, when we say girl band names, it simply means the names of various groups of girls around the world that sing and play the instrument themselves at the same time.

We are going to be providing you with a list of real girls band names as well as fictitious girls band names that you can adopt as your band name or as a suggestion to form your own unique girl band names.

This section contains a list of prominent all-female band names featuring real female musicians who performed original materials that were either authored by another musician or authored by themselves. In this section, we didn’t feature all-female cover bands, vocal groups, and tribute acts. We also didn’t include fictional all-female bands, and this includes both those created for scripted television programs.

girls band team names
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The names under this section were not created by GroupTeamNames, but they are actual real all-female bands who performed in live shows. Nevertheless, you can still use them as a suggestion or idea to create your own unique all-girls band name.

So, if you go through the list and notice we omitted any of the girl band names that you think was very popular, let us know via the comment section. Without any further delay, below is a comprehensive list of all the popular girl band names.

21st Century GirlsThe 5,6,7,8's (Japan)7 Year BitchThe Ace of CupsAdickdid
The AcesAudreyAfrirampoAjaqaAly & AJ
AldiousAmerican GirlsAmiina (Iceland)The AmorettesThe All Girl Summer Fun Band
AphasiaAntigone RisingArs NovaThe ApplicatorsThe Aquanettas
Androids of MuArvenAu Revoir SimoneAstarteAutoclave
Azure RayBabes in ToylandBetty BoopBellatrixBella Tromba
BratmobileBig JoanieBleach03The BanglesBond
BoyeBlue RoseBand-MaidBlaxy GirlsBones Apart
BarlowGirlBirthaBetty BlowtorchBig TroubleThe Black Belles
The Belle StarsThe Be Good TanyasBroadzillaBeBe K'RocheThe Bodysnatchers
ChaiChalk CircleCeltic WomanCalamity JaneConquer Divide
CloutCacadou LookChildbirthThe ButchiesChocolate, Menta, Mastik
Chicks on SpeedCandyCake LikeCookie CrewChatmonchy
CivetThe CapricornsCadallacaCimorelliThe Contractions
Cherri BombCibo MattoCobra KillerCare Bears on FireCocoRosie
The CoathangersCypher in the SnowClient (United Kingdom)Cowboy CrushThe Continental Co-ets
Coyote SistersCub (Canada)Crucified BarbaraThe Daisy ChainCub (Canada)
Dream NailsDaddy IssuesDead DiscoThe Deadly NightshadeThe Devotchkas
Doll SkinDicklessDolly MixtureDixie ChicksThe Donnas
Dog PartyDrain STH (Sweden)ElectrelaneDum Dum GirlsErase Errata
The Feminine ComplexFluffyThe FadersEmily's Sassy LimeEx-Hex
eX-GirlFabulous DisasterFannyFemme FataleFire Party
Free KittenFinally PunkEverlifeThe EyelinersFifth Column
Flying LesbiansExist TraceGirlschoolFirst Aid Kit (Sweden)Frau
GirlpoolFrightwigGallhammerGacharic SpinThe Girls
Girl MonstarGo-Bang'sGirl in a ComaGo Betty GoGito Gito Hustler
HaimGore Gore GirlsThe GymslipsThe Go-Go'sHalo Friendlies
HepburnThe Holy Sisters of the Gaga DadaHarry CrewsHijas de ViolenciaInternational Sweethearts of Rhythm
The Heart BeatsHang On The BoxIndicaHeavens to BetsyIndigo Girls
Hinds (Spain)Joseph (United States)Thee HeadcoateesIsisHoneyblood (Scotland)
"Ivy Benson'sThe JadesIvy LiesJack Off JilJunkyard Lipstick
LiLiPUTKitten ForeverKSMKittieKlymaxx
The KutThe LikeKatzenjammerLashKleenex
KostarsLe TigreOreskabandLesbians On EcstasyLa Luz
LunachicksLittle MixThe Lounge KittensLiveOnReleaseLovendor
M2M (Norway)Look Blue Go PurpleLuscious JacksonMadam XLuv'd Ones
Marine GirlsMalaria!MarsheauxMaowMagneta Lane
The MicragirlsMediæval BæbesMambo TaxiMika MikoMary's Blood
Northern StateMT-TVThe MurmursOctavia SperatiMUNA
Mrs. FunNotsThe Mo-dettesNice HorseNisennenmondai
PartylineThe Pack A.D.Otoboke BeaverThe PandorasPony UpPony Up
The OrganPINSOOIOOThe PriscillasPhantom Blue
PlumtreePrincess PrincessPlastiscinesPoison DollysRebecca & Fiona
Red Bacteria VacuumPrecious MetalPeanessThe Pleasure Seekers and CradleRachel Rachel
Pu$$y RiotRed AuntsPoussez PosseRazikaRed Molly
RasputinaSupercute!The PiercesThe RaincoatsThe Prettiots
ScandalRed PoppySavagesRock GoddessScarlet
Salem 66She RockersScissor GirlsSeptember GirlsShampoo
The RunawaysScreamin' SirensShishamoShonen KnifeThe She Trinity
The ShaggsScrawlShe DevilsSahara HotnightsShow-Ya
SkulkerSnatchSmooshSilent SirenSpires That in the Sunset Rise
The SpazzysSidi Bou SaidThe SlitsSome GirlsSkinny Girl Diet
Sick of SarahSlant 6Sleater-KinneySkinned TeenSpitboy
Strawberry SwitchbladeTCRTeam DreschStereoponySuper Heroines
Tegan and SaraThe StavesTattle TaleThunderbugsSuper Junky Monkey
SplendoraVanilla NinjaStealing SheepStonefieldThe Third $ex
ThunderpussyUtThe TrashwomenTwo Nice GirlsTribe 8
Uncle EarlUh Huh HerUpsetThose Dancing DaysUrban Symphony
Tijuana SweetheartThe TutsTwelve Girls Band, TraditionalTiktakThug Murder
Vivian GirlsVulpesWarpaintWhiteberryWe've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It
Wild FlagViuda e hijas de Roque EnrollZeldaVoodoo QueensWild Rose
The Wailin' JennysThe WhoreshoesY PantsVixen/Von IvaThe Warning

The names in this section are directly opposite to the one provided above. While the girl band names above futures real girls bands which were not created by GroupTeamNames, the names on this list are actually created by GroupTeamNames and features a huge collection of names that you may use on with your girl’s band even without editing it.

girls band team names

The names on this section can be used outrightly or edited if you don’t want to use it just as we have presented it. You will definitely find a good brand name that will perfectly match the characteristics of your team. If you have a penchant for girls’ band names, then feel free to use the comment section to share any other girl band name that you created or suggest.

Blue VirginsGold Nation
Sugar GalsThe Gold Girls
Blazing QueenDream Girls
Girls WonderlandGirlsontheThrone
Girls On FireRock Monsters
Dreamers BeamersLasses of Eden
GirlsonFireMojito Cove
BlueBabesCharming Babes
Iron LadiesWonder Women
Space LadiesGirlsoftheCentury
Paradise GirlsAllGirlDen
Lady BugsA Sound In Time
The Fire GirlsCaliforniaBabes
AngelsonRockThe Spice
Your Girl CrushMusic & Us
Band Of The CenturyMiss Rockers
CaptivatedBonjour Babes
The Drummer GirlsBeguile Sistas
Raging ForceEnchanting Mistresses
BabesofParisMicrophone Magicians
Violin BabesEnthralling Gals
HypnotizeGuitar Babes
The RebelsThe Mesmerizing Club
BindingSpellsDazzle Babes
The WitchesThe Smart Girls
Freedom GalsThe Transfix World
Rocker DollsVanity Babes

Features Of A Good Name

When you want to start your own girl band, there are many things you need to put into consideration, and a good name happens to be one of them. A good team with a bad name will not really make a wave, like a good team with a good name will do.

I know you may be wondering “How should a good name be?” or maybe “How do I know a good name?”. Don’t worry, you will find out what a good name should look like below. Below are some of the features that indicate that a name is good.

  1. Short, sweet, and easy to pronounce.
  2. Good alliteration, especially if it is a longer name.
  3. Will not age quickly.
  4. It should be linguistically clean.
  5. It must be unique within its industry.
  6. Legally available and defensible.
  7. Does not lend itself to abbreviations.
  8. The name should be able to fit within the group, team, or company’s brand portfolio.
  9. Expandable and Flexible.
  10. Finally, it should embrace the team or group’s personality.

How To Create A Good Team Name

You don’t just wake up one morning, create a group, and just use any name you feel like using for the group or team. There are certain factors you must put into consideration if you want to create a good name that will stand the test of time.

Sometimes most people as far as contracting professionals will create a name for their team, but with this article, you don’t need to spend much money because we will show you how you can do it yourself. Below we will show you some of the factors that will guide you in choosing or creating a name for your girl band.

And, if you think there’s a need to go through the list, then do it one more time to see if you can get a good girls band name that you can use for free. Below are the factors that can help you choose or create a good all-girls band name:

1). When you want to create or choose a band name, ensure that the name you want to choose sounds feminine and is directly related to the type of music your band will be playing. Whether your band is an all-girls Calypso band; Rock band; or Mariachi band, ensure the name is related and also sounds feminine.

2). Ensure that the name you want to choose or create should sound interesting and attractive enough to be pleasant to your fans and other music lovers. If your name is attractive and interesting, then it can easily stick in the minds of your fans and other music enthusiasts.

3). Your band name shouldn’t sound too serious. Thus, we advise you to go for a funny and entertaining name – After all, the girl’s band still falls under the entertainment industry. While choosing an entertaining band name, also make sure the name remains unparalleled and unique enough to please your fans and other music lovers.

4). Finally, ensure that you create or choose a name that will be simple to pronounce, and easy to remember. Thus, when your music band name is mentioned more than once, it can easily stay in the mind of your fans and other music listeners.