100 Funny Group Chat Names for Friends – Punny group chat names for Girls/boys

In order to provide the funny group chat names for friends, walk up to them and say this “Hey friends, our new group chat name for is the 3-idiot, how do you like the sound of that? ”

Group of friends are meant to be unique, funny and a single aim should be present. For someone to understand the power of friendship, they must feel the undivided uniqueness of being together.

Recall what Shanna Rodriguez said about friends “The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul.” Good friends brings good vibes and energy to you and the other way round is a curse!

On this article, we will list out the best funny group chat names for friends that are cool, cute, awesome and might even be too funnier to the ear.

Relax and enjoy this funny group chat names tour guide. We’ve compiles the best list for you, and remember that you can freely choose the name that sounds too funny for yourself.

funny group chat names for friends

Funny group chat names for friends lists

Before we forge ahead, it is paramount that this article will be useless if you are not involve in any group chatting with your friends on instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Spike, Messenger, and others.

Since, we’re about to provide a comprehensive list of good group chat names friends. There is every tendency that you will feel that your friendship will take another huge turn.

It took us pain to list out the below group chat names, we advise that you take a look at each of them silently, quietly and slowly.

Like already aforementioned above, the name list contains both good, cool, cute, clever, awesome, and best funny group chat names for friends (Girls and Boys).

Are you ready for the simple tour? If yes, that means that you are ready to ride. I’d advise you to take a cup of water or coffee to relax and lets feed/amuse your eyes.

Cute Funny Names for Group Chats

What is the point of getting cool, or cute funny names for your group chats? This is to make that awesome group of friends outstanding to stand the test of time. Having this in mind, lets checkout those cool funny names for group chats:

Snap StreaksKind Of A Big Dill
Kind Of A Big DillYou Me She
Lettuce Be FriendsPawesome Friends
A Pizza My HeartSpicy Republicans
We Are UniqueButter Half
Hap-Bee TogetherMy Beys
Like A Waffle LotExpress Yourself
The Coolest GirlsWe Are Hulks
No Boys AllowedPowerpuff Girls
The Three EggmigosSquad Ghouls
Fantastic FriendsPeachy Queens
The InsomniacsWatts Up
Watts UpFull House
Crap CollectorsSnap Cup
BSB ForeverSo Called Engineers
Souper FriendsLove So Matcha
The Cream TeamGossip Girls
Online HangoverNaughty Professors
My French FriesLittle Rascals
Unstable WomenCerealsly The Best

Funny Girls

Funny group chats name for Girls

Girls are lovely, but a funny group of girls without good funny name for chatting is awkward. Believe me, you won’t dare to browse through girls group chats on Whatsapp, or any other messaging app, you will either feel headache for weeks or pass through intensive trauma.

Ladies are awesome and true to themselves, and a group of girls chatting is even much more funnier than that of guys -can we start quarreling right now?

But since there is no funny name for your girls group chat, you just have to ensure that changes, start from the below names and find one for your group. Remember, that change and time is constant!

The Pinky onesHello Gourdgeous
Bae-GoalsQueen's of White Land
Not sure for this worldWe sue all the boys
Unique talkersGrape Pear
Grapeful For Our FriendshipA Pizza My Heart
I fear for your soulWinter is NOT coming
Shrimply The Best SnapsMermaid To Be Friends Forever
The 4th Night of braverySlaughter house
Love You Berry MuchV.I.P.
FineapplesFree up the space
Don't smile, but laughHap-bee Together
Thanks For Pudding Up With MeLaugh makers
Indigenous SettlersOrange Your Glad We're Friends
Silence Isn’t Golden HereFire talkers
Private PartyBest Fries Forever
The PB To My JOne In A Melon
Friendship Goes Onion OnPeachy Queens
We boredomDon't mess with us
SupernovasBFFs Only
Love So MatchaBirds Of A Feather

Funny group chats name for Boys

And then, there is the guys. When there is a group of funny boys or guys, the people around that surrounding or environment are always laughing their soul out, this is a fact, (Girls can confirmed this).

Remember that, if you are not chatting with friends in a group on either Spike, Whatsapp or messenger, this funny chats names for group of boys is kind of useless.

Having known this, you can then proceed to choose from the wide-spree of name list for your friends. Read diligently and choose carefully!

Best Buddies 4 EverF.R.I.E.N.D.S
Hopeless GroupWe Talk A Lot
Maniac MessengersHappy Good Times
Koalaty FriendsThe Bluffmasters
#$$holesThe Herd
Strictly PrivateArea 51
Souper FriendsSnap Soulmates
The Action JacksonsThe Geek Bank
We Who Shall Not Be NamedThe Wolf Pack
The Nerd HerdFraandship
Swan GoalsUnknown Friends
Boring ClassesPhones Ninjas
The Talent PoolTurtley Awesome
The FoodiesGossip Geese
Power RangersSew Glad We're Friends
FriendchipsChunky Monkeys
College MistakesDrama Club
Cool BoysTeariffic Friends
Facebook DancersNo Girls
My Snap PeopleBrainless Friends

Punny group chat names for friends

Don’t be confused, we are not just combining words to form a rhyming music lyrics, like adding runny, sunny etc to match the word Funny.

But instead, Punny is just another word for funny, but with the use of a pun. Also understand puns are like different possible meanings of a normal word or fact that sounds funny.

To me, I usually see the word “Punny” as the upgraded level of funny. As it sounds much more advanced the average word for funny.

It is now time to check out the best punny group chat names for friends, which includes both masculine (boys) and feminine (girls).

Davis FartsSmile While You Can
Two Birds One PhoneWazzup
Don’t Check OursDream Team
50 Shades Of SlaySpecial interest group
Backstreet GirlsWe Run the World
The Brat PackCreate Your Own Group
Local LosersTaters Gonna Tate
Green GangPho Real Friends
Charlie’s AngelsDonut Know What I'd Do Without
Life is a PoopCharlie.
Helena’s Whores
Ugly faces with good puns24×7 Shows
We can talk whole day without taking breakLet’s Utilize Precious Time
No SmokingWe don't smoke but laugh
Relish These MomentsFree Birds
Beast FriendsCute Irony of life
Please. Just. Don’t.
Mugnificent Crew
Olive My FriendsLaughing Specialists
We've said it allToadally Awesome
Gouda FriendsLaughing Ass
Don’t Join Non-stop puns

Funny Team Names

How to form a funny group of friends

This isn’t about creating good funny names for your friend’s group chats. Instead, it is the other way round. This category will explain the methods on how to create a funny group of friends.

As our norm has always been, we are grateful for your little presence in our website. We appreciate your time, your and careful reading, we are happy for that.

a. You must be funny first

If you are a science student, or physics student, you will recall that popular quote “Likes attract likes” Which explains the magnetic experiment of –, +-, ++, and -+.

That means, if you aren’t funny, you can’t attract those that funny. You must learn how to talk funny words, and acts funny.

To be funny isn’t that add, you can follow this simple tips:
i. Start listening to comedy (Kelvin hart, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and others)
ii. Join funny group friends
iii. Start thinking of awkward words
iv. Be controversial a little bit
v. Start practicing what you’ve learnt

b. Try making your new funny friends

You have successfully learnt how to be funny, you now have to make new good friends that are also funny. Your friends are meant to be funny on their own. Don’t force it, because it won’t work.

Now you just have to start being funny, from your words, actions, walk and other daily activities. Try making new friends that are funny.

Don’t just walk around and start making friends because they laugh to your jokes. If you are funny, people would love to come around you.

When they come, you just have to be a real friend to them and make funny jokes. Remember, you have to wind away any deadly habits away (if you have one) like the anger, stubbornness, dishonesty and the rest. Hope this help you out!