Funny Fantasy Football Names (200+ Rib Cracking Fantasy Names)

Are you in search of a Funny Fantasy Football Names? That name that is funny enough to cause an outroaring brouhaha from spectators?

It’s another new Premier League season and we are here once again with lots of funny fantasy football names for those in search of some inspiration. Our collection of funny fantasy football names is very huge and could either look awkward to you or appeal to your sense of humour. But, it all depends on your individual level of cleverness and wit. Nevertheless, you are surely going to find one perfect funny fantasy football team names for your squad.

Funny Fantasy Football Names

If you want your team to stand out from the other Fantasy football teams this season, ensure you select a good funny fantasy football name for your fantasy team. Below are some tips to guide you in selecting the best and funniest fantasy football names.

Tips To Choose A Fantasy Team Name

Choosing a good team name is a big task. And it’s also important that you live with whatever name you choose for six months. Nevertheless, there are four major things you must avoid while choosing Fantasy football names for your squad(s):

1). Never use your actual birth name (Bryam City).

2). Don’t use names that have already been overused.

3). Try not to use the same name you used the previous season.

4). Don’t use team name generators (Be Unique).

While the above are some of the things you need to avoid, we’ve also been able to provide you with a huge list of funny fantasy football names. And even though not all the names worth the laugh our loud kind of funny names, we are damn sure you’ll find that funny fantasy football name that will crack your spectator’s ribs.

So, without more ado, here is an ultimate list of over 500 Funny Fantasy Football Names for this season!

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Crown Prince of Helaire

Davante’s Inferno

The Multiple Scorgasms

We’ve Got To Aaron This Out

The Titanic


Country Road, Take Mahomes

Lady Got Dak

Her Barkley is Louder Than Her Bite

We’re Getting Late, Murray Up

Zeke & Destroy

Here’s Her Number, So Call Her Brady

Breesy Like Sunday Morning

Tee Or Coffee

Hot Tee

Aaron My Cloth

Mr. Rodgers’ Car.

Aaron Jones

Tonic and McGinn

Timo and Pumba

Wind, Earth and Maguire.

It’s a Dwayne’s World

Sterling’s Prank.

Stafford’s Infection

Thanks For Haskins.

Robbin Haskins

I’m Good Sanu?

The Zarate Kid

Knowing me, knowing you, Zaha

Boom Xhakalaka

Nice to Michu

The Cesc Pistols

Tua Legit Tua Quit

Tear Your Fant Apart

You Mother Tucker

Tucker Thieve

Sonia Girls

When shall I see Mahomes

I Want to Russell it

Earth is nearest Thomas

My Stepdad and Stephon

I love my Lamar

I want to swing on the Chandler

Air On Rodgers

Who Drew Brees?

The River Of Jordan

Julio and The Catch

Watt is the problem

Ezekiel Has Sets Elliott

Put and Kittle

Tom & Jerry

Von has been convicted as the Miller

Jarrett Off Here

Is Bosa your Nickname?

Danielle’s a Hunter

Ronnie Stanley

Go On And Cry Me a Rivers

Inappropriate Fantasy Football Names

Inappropriate Fantasy Football Names

Twatt Brothers

Flexur Cocks

Mack Your Butt

Mack’s Return

I want to get calaised

Tre DeFlowers Children

Peppers Spray Hurts

Adrian BeatYerSon

Aaron Hernandez’ Home

Myles Often Jack Off

Chunging Cock

Mathieused Rubber

Adrian Didn’t Kill Himself

Fred Smoot’s Rental Services

Suck My Ditka

T.J. Watt is the problem with you

Ezekiel Has Elliott Of Pitches

George Kittle

Travis tried Kelce in me

Jarrett Off Here

Bosa’s Nick Is Huge

Danielle the Pussi Hunter

Marino Means No

Shannon Shart

Faulk You

Favre Got Dick Picked Off

Joey Wants My Dick

Making America Gronk Again

Can You Diggs It?

Le’Veon a Paycheck

I’m Knockin’ on Evans Door

Bhad JuJu

Inside a Van Down by the Rivers

Ladies & Edelman

Saving Matt For Ryan

Lamar’s Duck

Witten My Pants

Hard Gore Pun

I’m the Ronnie Stone

Sharoon Jonesing

Jonesing’s A lot

Baker is a calm boy he doesn’t Budda me at all

2 Gurleys and a Kupp

Silver Taint

Hyde has been throwing Salami around

Fournettecation is a Sin

She Cam on Your TD’s

Hissing Cousins

I Got It From My Lamar

Your Future Is Dak

Funny Premier League Fantasy Football Names

Funny Premier League Fantasy Football Names

Teary Henry

Leave Me Alonso I Can Read

Give to Cesar What Belongs to Cesar

FernAndInho Ain’t Siblings

The Room Is Joe Cole

Robbie Pays Keane Attention to details

Chris Sutton That Chair

Sami Has Hyypia Ten Son

She’s My Nani

Emmanuel’s Petit Daughter

Gary’s Car Speeds A Lot

Wizard Of The Ozil

She Will Gilberto a baby boy called Silva

Keep It On The Carragher

Eat less Les Ferdinand Carlories

It Was Declared Null and Boyd

This Room Is Very Dak

Dalvin and the Chipmunks

Justin Is A Tucker Thieve

Hot Lockett

Wentz The Match Starting?

You’re Always Up to Noah Good!

Going to the Hospital – I’m Belichick

Watt can you Offer?

I Had Multiple Goregasms

He’s been Sterling all my Money

Diego Is also In The Costa Bus

Torres Trading

David is also a Seaman

Tevez Is So Carlos

Andy Loves Carol

Vincent Owns The Kompany

The Forbidden Fruit In Eden Brought Hazard To The World

In Life You Didier Drogba or Move Forward

John’s Eyes Has Been Terry

Team Without Name

All Balls No Dick

Alvin & The Ship-Munks

He’s Just A Mother Tucker

The Big Poppa Pump

The Beefeaters

She Was Caught Red Hernandez

Christmas Miracle

Politically Incorrect Fantasy Football Names

Politically Incorrect Fantasy Football Names

Were’s My Trump’s Steaks

Trumpster Fire

Making Football Great Again!

President Trump

Voting Shaun Hill-ary For President

The Hillarookies

The Hall Is Trumpty

Trump For Your Life!

Making Amendola Great Again

The Wall Builders

Trump and The Lady

Meeting James Is Joe 4Bidean In My Family

The Trumpkin Master

Two Regiments Of Field Hillary

I’m Blowing My Trump-et

The Hillary’s Lie Detector

The First Lady Occupies The First Place

The Trump Pass

You’re So Hillary-us

Obama Killed Osama

Stew & Rice Went for the Condoleezza Visit

She Promised To Barry Goldwater

The Bill Is On Clinton

The Light In Richard’s Room Nixon

John Kerry On

Kerry On My Wayward John

George Lives In A Bush

You’ll Beau 4Biden to Say That

Even Jimmy Can’t Carter For His Family

Mike Pence Down His Thoughts

John Failed Kennedy

Rude Fantasy Football Team Names

Rude Fantasy Football Team Names

I Wilfork You

Bundchen’s Pitch

99 problems but a peach ain’t one

Austin Pooper

Robert Gives Me Woods

Scored Just For the Nuk

Fournette Play B4 Sets

Taking Steeler’s Virginity

TimeToSee The Tit Tans

Cleaning Foreskins


The Draguars

Sets DALs

Dak Head

Jack In Off

Tucking AssFoles

Hot Brees

Realistic Sets Dalton

JacksOn Usually Jacks Off

Double The Kupps

Russell’s Nutz

Chris, Godamn You!

Drugs Weighing Up 60 Ingram

Chris Carson Ofa to help

Stephon Gilmore Often JackOffs

Kamara Is a Peach

She gave him a BJ & he Chark off

Virginity Steeler

I Love Having Rex

Cleveland Brown Noise

Chubby, Suck My Nick

Baker Mayfield me

Brown Has Been Bagging Her

Carr-dee B is My Favorite Musician

She’s In My Carr

Knocking On Evans Door

Wishing You Amari Christmas

Le’Veon la Vida Loca

Lamar Ain’t Serious

I’m Tired Of This Hide and Zeke Game

Highway to Bell

Game of Jones

How Did Brown Do It?

He is a Gronk Star.

Spending these Golladays with my family

Mahomes A Loner

Lots Of Barkley, No Bite

The Baker Baked The Cake

The Baker Is An Amazing Boy

Watson Your Mind?

This how much we can take on this topic and we hope you were able to find lots of funny fantasy football team names above that was able to crack your ribs. If you found the one you could use with your team, then I’m glad to be of help.

Should in case you have funnier fantasy football name you wish to share with other users, share it on the comment section and we will add it to the list.

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