Funny Contact Names (100+ Name for Mom, Dad, Best Friend, BF or GF)

Funny Contact Names creation can be fun if you actually have a high sense of humour. But if you don’t, then you may experience a little difficulty coming up with one.

While most people prefer conventional-sounding names for their friends and family, just a few of us may like to stand out with unique names for loved ones.

Most funny names usually take the bearer by surprise and have a way of making them always remembered wherever they go in life. Funny names make the bearers standout from the rest of the people. In this article, there are so many options for you to choose from, and with our list, you won’t have a shortage of the funniest baby names.

100+ Funny Contact Names

Our collection of funny contact names are for those who want humorous contact names for their brother, best friend, mom dad, sister, boyfriend, or girlfriend. They are fun, humorous, unique, and some of them are completely crazy, but that’s how we roll!

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Below is a list of funny contact names with basic meaning attached to it. Go through it and find anyone that best suits your loved ones:

Contact Name for Mom

  • The Chorister: For that special mum who likes to sing while doing her chores.
  • Drama Queen: For that mom who not hard to start up a drama whenever you get on her nerves or don’t follow her orders.
  • Cookie Factory: For that special woman (mom) who is always preparing meals for the family and always ensuring no one goes hungry.
  • Angry Bird: This name is best for that mother who easily starts up drama and occasionally gets angry when things are not done the way she ordered.
  • Alarm Clock: For that caring mum who is always acting like a timekeeper and always remind you how late you are going for an appointment.
  • Chores Distributor: This name is great for that mum who always loves to share chores among everyone under her roof.
  • Early Bird: Almost every mother is good at waking up early to ensure that she put her household in order. This is another good name for her.
  • Snoopy Mom: For that mother who likes to snoop around the house and may pry into people’s private affairs.
  • The Supreme Court: If your mom is the one who judges and settles all misunderstanding between your siblings or family member, then this name will be great for her.
  • Cuddle Muffin: For that mum who has the habit of always cuddling her children especially when they are not feeling too well.
  • The Philosopher: For that mum who is able to dictate all your every move.
  • The Detect Thieve: For that mom who acts like a police officer both in questioning and finding of evidence.

Contact Name for Dad

  • Paparazzi: For that dad who still acts like he is still young.
  • Santa Claus: Suitable for that father who wouldn’t stop buying a gift for his kids.
  • Funzie: For that dad who has a great sense of humour.
  • Zeus: For a strong and courageous dad.
  • Remote Control: If your dad is like mine, then he’s the one always in charge of the remote whenever he’s around.
  • The Godfather: This name is suitable for that dad who has a great influence on the way you live your life.
  • Made Of Steel: For that tough dad who wouldn’t stop working to make sure his family is okay.
  • Daddy Yo: Suitable for that gangster dad.
  • BrainBox: For that dad who is so intelligent and smart.
  • WatchDog: For the dad who monitors all your every move.
  • Boss Man: For that dad who is so strict and always acting like a boss.
  • P-man: Another great name to call your father.

Funny Contact Name for Best Friend

Fake is becoming common these days. As a matter of fact, good friends care for each other, close friends understand each other, but best friends stay forever beyond words, beyond distance, and beyond time. Below are funny best friend contact names.

  • Pun Star: For that friend who is always using puns to convey messages. He or she likes to play upon words.
  • Timon: For that clever friend who all he or she enjoys is to eat and sleep.
  • Secrete Chamber: This for that buddy of yours who you entrust all your secrets with
  • Foodie: Best for your friend who enjoys nothing more in this world other than food.
  • Bestie: For that special person whom you are willing to spend all your time with.
  • Pumba: This is for the fun-loving buddy of yours who is always quick to panic when things go wrong and also loves to eat a lot.
  • Jack Of All: This is best for that friend who is talented in many things and often does not specialize in any.
  • Idea Guy: This name is for that friend who is always the master planner of various actions taken by your circle of friends.
  • Best Friend Forever (BFF): This is name is best for that friend of yours who has always been there for you through good and the bad times from time immemorial.
  • I’ll Fix It: A special name for that special friend who is good at fixing things right. He can be a mechanic, etc.
  • Best Servile: That buddy who is ready to do anything for you.
  • Doubting Thomas: For that best friend of yours who wouldn’t believe anything until he or she sees the evidence.

Contact Name for Boyfriend

  • Breast Friend: For that boyfriend who always salivates at the sight of a ladies breast.
  • Virgin Boy: For that boyfriend who loves to have 5ex too much. The name is opposite in meaning.
  • Shy Guy: A name for the guy who is always nervous in the company of others.
  • Trust Box: For that boyfriend, you can trust with almost anything in life.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: For that spoilt boyfriend of yours.
  • Honey Bunny: For that boyfriend who is always honey at all time.
  • Cutie Pie: Name for your boyfriend if you think she looks so cute.
  • Dottie Love: Name for that special man in your life.
  • Spong Box: This is if he is always acting like Mr Patrick.
  • Sound Prince: Nickname for your charming boyfriend who looks like a prince.
  • Doctor Martins: For that boyfriend who always has a solution to every sickness even though he’s not a doctor by profession.
  • Promking: Cute name for your boyfriend who enjoys going to prom.

Contact Name for Girlfriend

  • Rapunzel: This is if your girlfriend has long hair.
  • Snack Attack: For anyone who loves to eat snacks all the time instead of eating main course meals.
  • Cereal Killer: If your girlfriend likes to eat cereals then this name is great for her.
  • Magic Fingers: For that smooth criminal who can easily take things without being caught.
  • Game Of Phones: For that girlfriend who is always operating a smartphone usually because she’s on social media or playing games with her phone.
  • Snoop Dogg: For that girlfriend who is always going through your phone.
  • Chicken Republic: Best contact name for that girlfriend who may likely leave you for another man because of chicken.
  • Chatting Bot: For your friend who likes chatting all the time.
  • Space Invader: For that friend who always wants to be close to you even when you need some privacy.
  • Oliver Twist: For that girlfriend who is never satisfied with whatever you give to her.
  • Party Starter: For that friend who enjoys going to party.
  • Big Fry: You can use this name to tease your girlfriend.

Funny Contact Names for Brother

  • Modern Man: This is for your lovely brother who keeps up with trends.
  • Half Brother: This can be used for your adopted brother or cousin brother.
  • Adopted Brother: This a nickname you can use to tease your brother, even though he’s your real brother.
  • Golden Boy: For your neat brother.
  • Bad Apple: For that your brother you perceive to be spoilt. It can also be used to tease him.
  • Drama King: For that your brother who isn’t hard to start up a drama.
  • Birthright Bestie: If you have a brother who also happens to be your best friend.
  • Ginger Bread: For that brother who is good at putting tension in the family when things don’t go his way.
  • Soul Sisters: For your sister who is also your bestie.
  • The Genetics: There is something about genetics.
  • Dad’s Mistake: This is a name suitable for your trouble-making brother.
  • Brocus: Cleaver name for your brother.

Funny Contact Names for sister

  • Sole Sister: For your lovely sister.
  • Powerpuff Girl: Nickname or contact name for that your sister who is both mentally and physically strong.
  • Charlie’s Angel: For your tough sister.
  • The Most Wanted: Name for your beautiful sister who has lots of guys crushing on her.
  • Talkative: For that sister who loves to talk too much.
  • Show Mom: For that sister who is always acting like a mother whenever mom is not around.
  • Show Master: For that special sister who always likes to show off in public.
  • Shortie: This is great for that your sister who isn’t tall.
  • Smarty Pant: Name for your smart sister.
  • Senorita: Best contact names idea for your sister.
  • Homegirl: Great contact name idea for a sister.
  • Plan Buster: Perfect for that sister who always burst up all your plans.

Funny Contact Name for Relatives

  • Sibling Dynasty: Suitable for your relatives like cousin brother or sister.
  • Pun Addict: For your relative who likes to make use of so much pun in conversations.
  • Chipmunk: This name is suitable for your mischievous relative.
  • The Avengers: Name for any of your relative who doesn’t easily forgive.
  • Drug Lord: Name for any of your relative who gets sick all the time and consumes lots of pills for such reason.
  • One of Us: For a member of your extended family.
  • Funky Bro: Name for your funky cousin brother.
  • Little Pigeon: Best suited for you dirty cousin brother or sister.
  • Uncle Alice: most suitable for your uncle who talks and makes trouble like a woman.
  • How Can I Refuse: For that cousin who doesn’t say to anything that comes his or her way.
  • Family Ties: Anther great name for your younger or elder cousin brother or sister.