300+ Funny Basketball Team Names For Your Hoops Team

With a Funny Basketball Team Names, you can cause great amusement for both your opponents and spectators in the courtyard. Most teams with a funny name are usually teams formed by a group of friends and you will usually find corporation among such team.

A strong team name will instil pride on your team even though it may not necessarily win your team championship. But a very good funny team name will cheer everyone up and will also relieve physical stress and tension, leaving your muscles relaxed.

funny basketball team names
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Laughter increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies and decreases stress hormones, thus improving your resistance to disease. Also, research has shown that people are naturally attracted to people who tickle their funny bone. Thus, there’s a greater possibility that spectators may likely be attracted to a team with a funny name than teams with either strong or clever names.

List Of Funny Basketball Team Names

Just imagine you had a basketball team made up of Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and Jerry Seinfeld, what do you think will be the name of that team? Crazy Clown Hoppers? Just imagine a team and league with such people, it’s going to be excitement and fun all through.

Below is a list of 400 marvellous funny basketball team names that you can freely use with your team. The list of funny basketball team names includes names appropriate for both an all-guys basketball team, all-girls basketball team and a combined basketball team.

funny basketball team names
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Our list of funny names contains suitable for competition, casual basketball team, and fantasy basketball teams. So, if you have been searching for a funny basketball team names, then you don’t need to look any further – You’ve just arrived at the right place. All you have to do is go through the list and find any of the hilarious team names that tickle your fancy.

James of ThronesThe Big Lebronski
Kyrie On BaggageAdam’s Family
RidirkulousOdom Luck
Dragic JackBeverley Hillbillies
FreeMasonsDon't Do Me No Favors
The Bros Before HawesWe're Gonna Need a Bigger Bol
Iron Like a Lion in ZionBetter Call Gasol
Big Girls Don’t KawhiPlumdog Millionaire
I can’t believe it’s not ButlerBack Home Again
BestbrookYou Can Act Like a Manu
Couldn't Caris LessThe Mayo Clinic
Personal FavorsDurant Durant
Tacko TuesdayJae Walker
KATmanduGoran With Yourself
Jump N' RollSeraphin Addict
Steph InfectionCalderon Cartel
Bol MovementThe King and I
Go Harden the paintStorm Serge
KingslayerDropping the F-Biyombo
Metta PhysicsBarea Reef
DeAndre DeGiantMt. Zion United
The Dream ShakersDuncan's Donuts
Breaking BatumFoye the watch
Ah-Capela ChoirJust Udoh It
Lawson’s CreekWorld B. Faried
Dedmon Don't TalkGreivis Angel
Battiers Not IncludedGasol Train
Luck of the DiawAccess Denied
Collison CourseDeMars Rover
The ProcessWorthless Without Coffee
Too Good To Be JrueWake & Blake
Nash It and Dash ItCall Of Duty
Innovation SensationRaging Bol
Who Runs The WorldYou Da Bosh
Symptoms of LinsanitySmells Like Team Spirit
Must Have CaffeineAin't Noah Stoppin' This
Ass-SaversOn A Mission For Commission
Kidd GlovesAcid Rajon
Ass WipesThe Penguin Parade
Cubicle ComicsWe Run the Knight
Get Your Zaza's Out!Court Trolls
The DetectivesHinrich Maneuver
Vocal FryeOvernight Sensations
The SoundtrackFine and Melo
With All My DwightPompous Assets
Barely ManagingRonnie Loves Mamba
Shock & DiawThe Mighty Okafors
Sniffing TurkogluThe Hangovers
The Mirza VirusHead on Collison
Mixed Bag of NutsThe Old Artestament

Funny Male Basketball Team Names

funny basketball team names
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If you have an all-guys team of basketball players, you may want to try using some of this hilarious basketball team names. Should in case you are also wondering if the list of names below will be suitable for a fantasy basketball team, then you have no worries because the names below are also perfectly fine for a fantasy basketball team.

Monkey BrainsBEER Pressure
9 Inch MalesThe Virgin Boys
Cheesy FeetThe Trash Sh**t
Anti-FeministsThe Asshats
Public ScratchersMaster Batters
Murder She WroteBraun Over Brain
The Sink Is CloserInsecure Men
Sarcasm ProvidersBlurps
Smelly PantsManly Men
Looney WardBro-Workers
Bromance CentralMansplainers
Donkey Choking FartsThe Furniture
ChauvinistsThat’s What She Said
Pull My FingerThe Excused
The Dude ClubThe Big Show
Desktop BanditsOur Couch Pulls Out, But We Don’t
Short Of A Few BrainwavesNokia 3310
Man LoveMoutains Of Meat
Nothing But DicksWe Leave The Lid Up
The Nose PickersNickleback Street Boys
The QuagmiresDeodorant Will Do
Name TagsStraight Trash Homies
Proud FartersYour Girlfriend Chased Us Too
The Clueless OnesBody Odor
Pregnant MenThe Ladies Men
Plate LickersStink Bomb
I’ll Shower TomorrowGreen Phlegm
The Lumpy OnesSelective Listeners
Whatever’s CleanThe Chosen Ones
Pick N’ FlickThe Game Over
A Bigot or TwoThe Excused
Comedy CentralInto You All Night Long
Furious PalmPolite Misogynists
Fragrance AppreciatorsComfortable Bollocks
The Missing LinksPestilence
The DouchebagsThe Neighborhood
The Missing LinksI’ll Shave Tomorrow
Dirty BeardsOpen Zippers
Pick It and Eat ItDrawing Blanks
Grunts Over WordsSticky Poo
The Gluttonous OnesFragrance Appreciators
What Is ‘Laundry’?Yellow Toilet Seats
A Bunch Of DirksThe Slobs
Looney WardThe Hermits
Gravy StainsProud Farters
Yo’ MommaManspread
Two And A Half MenKnow Nothing
The Most WantedThere Bros
Male-FicenceCrotch Grabbers
Intolerant MenPeacocks

Funny Female Basketball Team Names

Supposing you had an all-girls team made up of Margaret Cho, Ellen DeGeneres, Iliza Shlesinger, Wanda Sykes, Sarah Silverman, and Whoopi Goldberg, can you imagine what such a team will look like? They don’t mind using a name such as “The Lunachicks“. Nevertheless, the funny imaginary team listed above may have a funny personality, but that doesn’t mean you are not qualified to use any of the funny names listed below because not all of your team members are funny.

The main purpose of using a funny team name is simply to put smiles on spectators faces and make it easy for them to naturally fall in love with your team. For your all-girls team, you can consider using any of the funny female basketball team names listed below.

Vicious And DeliciousLazy Hoppers
No LimpsThe Real Housewives Of ISIS
Drama QueensBitchy And Bossy
The Game OverPu$$y Galore
Fire Breathing KittensA Man Will Fix It
Breaking BallsShe-unit
Drinking To DivorcePolite Misogynists
How Do We Look?Buns N’ Posers
Fat FellowsMan Haters
Ladies In LaborDoes This Skirt Make My Butt Look Fast?
Drop It NowThe Green Rippers
Unpaid MaidsIndecent Dressers
God Fearing NunsBabes With Books
Power To The GalTangent
FemBotsButt Nuggets
Unpleasant WomenThe Tomboys
The He-she’sExpert Shoppers
The Nail SalonDolls With Balls
Estrogen ExpressAlcoholichicks
Can Talk All Day Without A BreakHell Hath No Fury
Non-stop Small TalkThe Amazonians
The Pin-UpsHermanas
2 Girls, 10 CupsToo Many Hos
The LunachicksHardcore Sissies
We Have No BallsThe Better Halves
Team BoobliciousMannequins
The Rack AttackDepartment of Nagriculture
We’re CopingPokeyMoms
LadettesChicks With Kicks
The Sole SistersThe Gals
Chicks With SticksPMS United
Bottoms UpThe Blondes Have More Run
MilkshakesMilkshakesBuns of Steel
Madams Of MayhemBone Crushing Ballerinas
The IncredibellesJunkyard Divas
The Chug-ettesPissed Off Dishwashers
Chicks With Big BallsBrass Ovaries
Accept Payments In Chocolate & FlowersJailbirds
Thick N’ ThinCupcakes Anonymous
Cunning StuntsMatriarchy
Hell On HeelsYoung Tarts and Old Farts
Drunk Wives MatterThe Sloths
Bouncing Baby GirlsDrunk Damsels
Babes And Beers50 Shades of Great Shots
CloppersNot Working, Just Shoe Shopping
Farmer’s DaughtersLogistical Nightmare
Sets In The CityBetter Late Than Pregnant
The Panic MonstersUnlimited Chatters
Drunken ClamsMakeup Factory

Funny Team Names for Basketball Competition

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According to Matshona Dhliwayo, “To be a champion, you must compete; to be a great champion, you have to compete with the best, but to be the greatest champion, then you have to compete with yourself.” So, whether you want a basketball team name for competing with other teams or competing among your own team, then below is a great list of funny team names for your basketball competition.

The Coca ScolaThe Slobs
At Least We TriedThat Was Quick
Undertrained And OverconfidentMultiple Scorgasms
The Fresh Princes Of Ball AirCoffee Zombies
Goal DiggersWith All My Dwight
Temporary LinsanityOut of My Teague
Acid RajonNothing But Net
Saved By The BallCurry Restaurant
Seed of StuckeyThe Dribblers
Sweaty PalmsBounce Bounce Baby
Steph Boy ArdeeThe Role Models
Charge To CourtThe Phil Jackson 5
Clear and Present Granger/CP3-0./The Mighty Okafors/Kawhi of the Tiger/Howard’s End/Long Mayo You Run/Collison Course/Imagine DraganThe Butler Did It
Unreal MadridOne Hit Wonders
Fifty Shades of KlayAmar’e Jane
No Fear For Beer19th Hole or BustThe Grand Slammers
Frozen GobertPurely Unoriginal
The GrumpersAre you Joakim Me?
You’re Noah GoodBlake Superior
Sweaty And $exyThe Headaches
A Hoop JokeDengnam Style
Drinkers With A Hooping ProblemAccidental Volunteers
No Game ScheduledIblockalypse Brow
Double LebrontondreForgot To Warm Up
Monster SquadMatt Barnes Owl
Jabari FoodJae Walker
Bound 2 WinClear and Present Granger
The Mighty OkaforsRondo Rousey
Curry Up and ShootBy George!
Lin On MeYao know what I Ming
Wiggins OutShake and Blake
Tit for GortatFoye Ever Man
Just Udoh ItBlatche Ops 2
Ibaka Flocka FlameThe Granger Zone
Apocalypse NoahEverybody Loves Draymond
Nowitzki or NeverBig Bosh Man
Don’t Bogut That JointWatermalone
Gobert or Go HomeGasol Train
Curry in a HurrySham Yao
Collison CourseKawhi of the Tiger
Midnight KawhiboysStorm Serge
Head on CollisonAminu Acids
Howard’s End/Long Mayo You RunNoahwhere Man
Curry the Team on my BackZach it Up
The Jordan Rules2fast2Curryous
KAT in the HatBangers and Nash
Welcome Back KorverIrritable Bol Syndrome
Ish or Ish NotWestbrook Baptist Church
Jrues for JesusBrow Chicka Wow Wow
When We Was FabWhen Dunleavy Breaks

How To Create Or Choose A Funny Team Name

There’s no doubt that the NBA might be the most MEME-able league, arriving with so many hilarious pop culture crossover and everything in between. One of the first requirements for every successful basketball team is adopting a good team name whether clever, witty, or funny team name, even though sometimes it’s difficult to think of one that best fits your team’s style. But don’t worry about that because you have arrived at the right place.

If you have gone through the list and wasn’t able to choose or use the list of names as a suggestion to create your own, then don’t worry. On this section we are going to show you how to choose a funny team name or create one for your team. Below are some of the tips that will guide you on how to choose or create your funny team name for your basketball team.

*. Find A Funny Name That Fits With Your Team Style: For instance, if your team is made up of members who are constantly acting like assholes, then you can consider using a name like “A Bunch Of Dirks” – A bunch of D!cks just trying to make a difference.

*. Name It After The Most Famous: It’s not a bad thing if you decide to name a team after the most famous player. But, it doesn’t mean you should name the team outrightly with the name of the most famous; you need to be creative with the process. For instance, “Kyrie” is the most famous player or even the manager of the team, you can decide to come up with something like “Kyrie On My Wayward Son“, instead of the famous song titled “Carry On My Wayward Son” song by Kansas.

*. Brainstorm Session: It will be best if you hold a brainstorming session with your team members, so everyone has the chance to make their various suggestion and together you guys can come up with something great and extremely hilarious.

Final Thought

Even though you are not happy or don’t feel like smiling, at least you should be the reason someone else is smiling. The world has recently been going through a lot of pains and even though you may not be a stand-up comedian, but at least with the funny basketball team names above, your team will be able to cause laughter outburst in the court and end up brightening someone’s soul.

We hope you love the list of funny basketball team names that we have provided above? If you have any question or suggestion that you want us to add to the list, don’t hesitate to use the comment section for such purpose. We hope to hear from you soon.