600+ Quality CrossFit Team Names for Funny, Female, and Badass Teams

A good CrossFit team name is one that is capable of connecting and motivating its team members all at once. Nevertheless, coming up with that unique team name that is capable of carrying out all this function can be very difficult and that is something every CrossFit team leader can attest to.

On this page, you will find some of the best team names that you can use on your next team WOD. Should in case you are not familiar with the phrase “WOD” it is simply an acronym for “Workout of the Day.” It’s a CrossFit workout plan of the day that is very taxing and testing your endurance, speed, and as well as strength.

Below is a list of unique CrossFit workouts exercising team names that comprise of both the Best, Funny, Female, and Badass, Cute, and good names for your Team. All you have to do is to go through the list and carefully select anyone that perfectly matches the personality of your team members or the team in general.

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Crossfit Names for Girls Teams

Don’t you think it’s also important we bring in the actual power of the girls in the box and show everyone that even women can jerk like the rest? I think you need to see the list of the girls CrossFit Team Names that you can use below.

Get Ovary ItThe Cougars
Girl BossesNeander-Gals
Two Girls, One World CupHERd
Training To Be BadassShort And Stout
WODslutsLike My Rack? You Should See My Snatch
Bringing Up The RearGirls Just Want To Have Run
Lady’s Gun ClubShooting Star Syndicate
The Ho Ho Hoes Girls, Manterrupted
Fairly Attractive Running TeamVictorious Secret
Black MambasSmall But Mighty
The MedusasForget Skinny, Be Strong
Chick CliqueThe Sexbombs
Waist ManagementWOD Now, Wine Later
Wild KittensThe HBICs
Raw Nips And Chapped LipsMaking HERstory
Sweaty CoconutsLady Killers
Fat Bottom GirlsSlimpossible
The She-HulksGirls On Fire
Estrogen > TestosteronePretty Tough
Multiple ScorgasmsGallop Gang
Hustlin’ HoneysThe Amazons
Buns On The RunFeisty Females
Buns And GunsQueen Bees
Dangerous DivasAll About That Pace
Barbell BarbiesThin It To Win It
Show Me Your SnatchGirl Gang
Slick ChicksBeast Mode Babes
Cunning StuntsGRL PWR
Babe BunchBreaking Balls
Concrete VaginasLean On Me
The Muddy VirginsSisters Before Misters
Crushing BallsWonder Women
Female ForceThe Cowgirls
Sister TribeThe Unicorns
Sole SistersDashing Divas
Crouching Girl, Hidden CucumberGirl Power
Lifting LadiesPassion Pavers
Miracle WorkersMeaty Divas
Tried and Tasted
Baby Got Track
Fierce Vaginas Salute The Glutes
Weights Before DatesShe Devils
She UnitThe Mudderellas
La Femme
Pretty Pack
Super FemThe Team that Shall Not Be Named
On The GrindThe Fem Fitales
The MatriarchyThe Femme Fatales
Stunner RunnersGurly Girls
PeacocksDirt Up My Skirt
Chalk Blockers
Run Like A GirlThe Dottirs
Keeping Up With The WODashiansThe Blossoms

Funny Crossfit Team Names

Laughter is man’s true effective weapon according to the singer Mark Twain. So, if you are privileged to find yourself amid funny CrossFit Members, why not use any of the Funny CrossFit Team Names below.

Agony of De FeetiLoveMe
HeavyweightsLess Talk, More Squat
Only RegretsBroseph Stalin
Not Fast, Just FuriousThe Winning Team
Out Of ShapeRun, Run, Go Away
It Never Gets EasierAll Pain, No Gain
The Losing TeamThe Scream Team
Bad Fat ChuckersBelly Dumpers
GamecocksWaist Basket
Mission SlimpossibleNo Mo Junk in da Trunk
FragileYour Local Rejects
Where’s The Finish?Voldemort
The Flimsy WormsClean And Jerk
Withering A-WeighRump Yours
Burpees And BeersFueled By Hops
Team Don’t Put the Weights BackSeeking Abs
Waist RecyclingGut Busters
Booty BustersCupcakes Anonymous
RedundantThe Cheaters
Worst Game Of Tag EverBorn to Lose
Mini MeesMetabolism Maniacs
GangBagInsomniacs with Running Problems
Designated DrinkersOlder Than You
Do You Even Lift, Bro?Lighten Up
Weigh LessThe Dreadmills
Mouth Wide ShutWhere’s The Bacon?
We’re Not Gunna Bake ItHot Bod Makers
Revenge of the NerdsChubby No More’s
The Thinner WinnersFats All Folks
TeamOneMinnesota Thins
The Butt ClenchesPimp My Stride
Skinny Jeans TeamHead Over Meals
Slow BurnThe Trimtones
Toe JammersChronic Injuries
Hard Rock Ab OwnersLike Fun, Only Different
Onion BootyBacon Love
Look Ma, No sleepTarget Weigh-less
The CrossShitsUnrepentant Thinners
A Lot at Steak25% Down
Made in CanadaTeamB-Less
Dirty Mudder FunkersHangry Birds
Top heavyStocking Stuffers
Droopy DrawersRun Track Minds
The Dag NabbitsScale Tippers
Blew by YouDonut Droppers
The Sweet Couch PotatoesSnatchue Of Liberty
Pair-A-thighs LostMuffin Abductors
Waist RemovalKeyboard Warriors
The SlimfitsFatties No More
Heart MonitorsRe-distributions

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Unique Names for your Crossfit Team

If you find yourself around a group of cool CrossFit individuals who happens to be among your team members and you want to find that perfect name that makes them more unique, then try any of the Unique Names for your Crossfit Team below.

High FlyersThe Crossfit Collective
Jacked In The BoxLegs Miserable
Trail BlazersFrench Toast Mafia
Probably Gonna WalkNo Rest Days
Mud FlapsThe Losemore Fam
Skinny-SizedThe Intermediates
Run 4 FunSome Assembly Required
It only hurts the first timeTill We Faint
Gunshow2 FIT 2 QUIT
WaisTEDSprint Squad
The A-TeamFitmen For Hire
In WOD we trust.The Best Team
Legends Of The RepPace Cadets.
Is It Five O’Clock Yet?The Slim Pack
SmashCrossfit Team
Rowing Pains.The Bolts
Isometric DudesSlow Burn
Ready to Lose
Dude, where’s my gut?
Suns Out, Guns Out
Kim Jongs Young BoysThe Couch Sweet Potatoes
Viking SquadBench Buddies
ino DisrespectStarvin Six
Once you started, it doesn’t get any easier.Just Results
Seven Jerks And A SquirtBadunkadunk Busters
Flying Space MonkeysThe Scream Team
Just The TipBringing Sexy Back
We Hate The RunsLost Almost Everything
Say No to Ticking Health Time BombsThrust Her? I Barely Know Her!
SlowpantsSlimsons Theory
Booty Fall
Running Better Than The Government
Better NakedRun like the Winded
The Fighting CocksSave Our Soles
Speed BumpsGot The Runs
What’s That In Miles?Team Hardwood
It’s SlimpossibleThe Lunks
Starvin’ MarvinNerd Herd
Raging HormonesNot Larch by March
No Excess Luggage AllowedHere For The Free Shirt
Cardio SucksBlood, Sweat, And Beers
Racks And SacksThe Bankrupts
Let it MeltThe Squatting Dead
No Weigh No WaySpongebob
Still Oblivious To The DistanceWOD did we get into?
DorksSore Loins
Bring that BootyJust two more
The Weight List.My So-Called Legs
Clean JerksWeights before Dates
Ass RidersSweaty Medballs
Burpees OutbreakThe WOD Squad
Twister BlistersBroseph Stalin
Weapons of Mass ReductionNo Regrets

Badass CrossFit Team Names

One of the rules of the game for me when choosing a team name is to either look for that nice and funny name that bring laughter to your audience or better still go with the badass CrossFit team name that scares the hell out of the audience, as well as scare the sh**t out or your competing teams. Below is a good number of badass CrossFit team names that you and your team can use.

Steel BeamsWorst Pace Scenario
The MeltawaysDemolition Team
The WMDsThe Fighting Bishops
Everlasting WOD StoppersThe Fast And Delirious
OverkillHurricane Sandy
Until Death Do Us Part
Impact Velocity
Thick And ThinPulsating Veins
Mass Destruction
Determined to do this!
Excuse My Friend, He’s A Little SlowThe Brutes
SteroidsButch And Sundance
Puss And BootsGladiators
Meat CarversFaster Than The Speed Of Love
ExterminatorsDeath Doctors
Protein AddictsRomeo And Juliet
The VanguardsBarbells And Bros
Friend ZonedTemper Temper
ObliterateThelma And Louise
Fred And WilmaDiabolical
Jerk And SnatchThe Bulls
Rough BoyzGuns And Looks
The BehemothsThe Intimidators
Dharma And GregGolem
The Double UndersWe Swiped Right
How I Met This RunnerThe Hammerheads
Fit Of FuryGuns And Roses
My MotivationRelentless
StallionsThe Young And The Breathless
Together, StrongerMetal Crushers
Body AbusersAdam And Eve
Opposites AttractBar Breakers
Dirty DeadliftersPartners In Crime
Yin And YangThe Schwarzeneggers
Batman And BatgirlCheech And Chong
Siegfried And RoyThe Terminators
Bad And BootyTap Out, Tap In
Temporary PainThing 1 And Thing 2
Hustle And MuscleBad Attitude
Tom And JerryBeavis And Butthead
Tag TeamCouples Therapy
RampageFriends With Crossbenefits
Penn And TellerFrom Men To Monsters
The Butcher ShopBonnie And Clyde
Laurel And HardyHim And Her
Married To CrossfitThe Twins
Two Pairs Of ThighsSmokey And The Bandit

Badass crossfit team names

Creative Names for Your Crossfit Teams

According to a popular quote, you must be odd to be number one #1. So, if you want to be a little bit creative and unique as a team, why not try a something a little bit different from the usual by using any of the names on this section below,  or better still using the guide below to create a much special and different name for your team.

Booty and the BeastWODspeed
Stud MuffinsBetween A Walk And A Slow Pace
The Flip ForceTribe
Second to LastSalute the Glutes
Workout WarriorsLet All Prevail
In StyleTop Shelf
FlexCrossfit Untamed
Team HulkThe Personal Trainers
Flexual HealingYour Pace or Mine?
Elite Crossfit TeamWOD Warriors
FirestartersFlab Busters
Another Night At The BarGolden Tickets
Mountain MenFarmasi
Trouble UndersMinutemen
DynamiteMom Jeans and Power Cleans
Be Low UsTwo Peas in a WOD
IgnitersTake Off
First Rule of Crossfit: Always talk about CrossfitStronger Than Yesterday
Thinning The HerdDynamo
Rock SolidWOD Culture
Bad Santas And Naughty Elves
Body Beasts
The Captivators
Spark Plugs
Big Barbell ClubAll Must Go
Weight ZeroMuscle Mania
Can’t Stop, Won’t StopThe Money Shots
Tough MudderSons Of Guns
Sha Donk!Junk Bunkers
Fat SquadThe 6 Packs
Iron ThroneFatra
30 Hour Team Sobriety Challenge
Turbo Fit
Mind Over MatterPaleo Hunters
The Gymnastics Four
Why Not?
Cut It OutCafe In
Perfect PostureOne More Rep
HustlersDemand Crossfit
Buff And StuffThe Over Achievers
Record BreakersPeak Performance
Sole Train
Born Winners
WOD SquadThe Reps
No Speed Limit
OverdriveFitness Rules
Marathon ManiacsReal Survivors
Record SmashersWill WOD For Donuts
Lucky CharmsOverachievers
Lovehandle LosersNo Pain, No Gain
The MetabolicsTears For Beers
The Senior CitizensPositive Vibes
Muscle > FatGuts To Dust
Gains All Around
All Gain, No Pain

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Good Names For CrossFit Teams

According to the bible, a good name is better than riches. So, you and your team should go with any of the good names that have been listed below:

Twinkies DefenceThe Popular Kids
Serial HikersWorld’s Okayest Runners
Martha Stewart’s Power CleanersButts And Beer Bellies
Gainz For JesusCaboose Cutters
SandbaggersBubble Butts
Chalk Dirty To MeDumbbells And Donuts
Mom JeansBorn Losers
Test EaglesDo Not Doughnut
TeamZeroOut of My Whey
Tick DicklersAmish Assasins
150 Burpees A Day Keeps The Doctor AwayVicious and Delicious
Buff and StuffDeleteous
Exiling our oversized bootiesLet’s Lose the Caboose
Mudder Of All Hangovers
ween A Walk and A Hard Place
Bod SquadAggressively Average
Operation Narrow WaistTemporary Pain
Buns and GunsTeam Bill Brasky
Ready Or Not, Beer We ComeTeam Spanks
Teacher’s PetBand of Mudders
Beast Mode BabesHardly Athletic
Just Here for the BaconThe Sandbaggers
Dashing DivasStop, Drop, And Squat
The Cool
Lunging Ninja
Dirty Deadlifters
Rock SolidBringing Up The Rear.
The MudstachesSole Train
Buns On The RunHustle and Muscle
Fem FitalesVictorious Secret
Fitness Rules
Suns Out, Guns Out
Flex Appeal
Got FatMudder of All
Gym Class GypsiesArms and Hammered
Small butt MightyCrossfit Collective
Nerd HerdD!cks In Boxes
Calvary Air BounceMy So Called Legs
Drop It Like A SquatNo Extra Cheese
WOD Save The QueenSlim Pickens
Zombie Apocalypse PreparationThrusters
Pace Cadets
WODs In Our FavorShake And Bake
Sore To The Finish
Cirque Du Sore Legs
Going To Need New ClothesBelly Bailout
HolyShootWOD U!
Running On EmptySnatchin’ And Dispatchin
Quiz-goesLost Because
RefugeesWOD Did We Get Into?
Amish I Wasn’t RunningAldous
Little Steps of HopeZimbo
Weigh To GoWOD Do U Mean?
Team FutureHoly Fit
Fat Shed-iatorsLess Than U
Hungary HannaThrashing
AC/DCAll The Whey

crossfit team names

CrossFit Team Names Ideas

Generally, coming up with a name for your team can be so difficult, and most times it doesn’t just end at producing names for your team. What matters is creating a unique name that is both accepted by the group, as well as have the potentials to make people laugh that’s if you go with the funny names, or capable of making people scared, if you go with the badass team name.

In the proceeding paragraph, you will find a suggestion that will guide you on how to create that unique and perfect team name that everyone loves. Below are some of the CrossFit Team Names ideas that you can use to create that good name that is acceptable by all.

Tips to Manufacture a Good CrossFit Team Names

Just like every endeavor of life, coming up with a good CrossFit Team name requires that you put a host of things into consideration. The process is usually time-consuming as compared to simply picking an already created name, nevertheless, the process and time are worth it.

One of the advantages of coming up with your team name is that it directly reflects your team’s personality and directly passes the message you want to pass with the name. Below are some of the facts that you have to put into consideration when creating a good CrossFit team name.

1). Knowing the purpose of your team is the first thing to put into consideration before you can come up with a name that everyone may likely love. So, what’s the purpose of your team? What do they specialize in; building broader shoulders or getting well-printed abs?

2). Another thing to consider is the people that make up your team; your family, co-workers or you are probably the owners of the CrossFit Club.

3). You can name the team with something that reflects the predominant personality of the team members. For instance, if your team is made up of funny people, then you can go with a funny name for your CrossFit Team.

4). Ensure that your name is passing a message to either the audience or your team members. For instance, you can decide to go with a name that inspires and motivates your team members such as ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ and other names that are motivational.

5). You can also try a pun. This simply means playing around with words such as “Weights before Dates”.

6). Finally, we would suggest that you become a little bit creative when coming up with a name for your team. Also, ensure that when you come up with that perfect name of yours that you should send it back to your team for debate and some modification or change if necessary.

Benefits of CrossFit

CrossFit happens to be another form of HIPT (High-Intensity Power Fitness). Some of the CrossFit workouts may include some dynamic exercises such as plyometric jumping, kettlebells, explosive bodyweight movements, Olympic weightlifting and more. Below are some of the benefits of CrossFit:

1). Burn calories and manage weight.

2). Improve agility, balance, and flexibility.

3). May help you improve aerobic fitness.

4). May improve physical strength.

With the help of our guide on how to create a good CrossFit name for your team that is both nice and acceptable by all. So, just use the guide to create any name that perfectly suits your team.