Cricket Team Names Ideas (Good Fantasy & Real Cricket Team Names)

Cricket Team Names: If you live in England, then cricket games shouldn’t be a strange thing to you. As a matter of fact, visiting this page means that you are in search of something related to cricket or maybe a good cricket team name. If that’s the case, then you are surely on the right page. Our collection of team names for cricket were uniquely created by our team of creative personalities. So, if you what you want is a name for your cricket team, then you are just in the right place. All you have to do is go through the list and pick a name that you want to use with your team.

Good Cricket Team Names Idea

Cricket is one of the most interesting and popular games recognized and played worldwide. It’s England’s national summer sport, although it’s currently played throughout the world. In Australia, Pakistan, India, on the field, by the roadside, and on every available space, Cricket is played on every hook and corner by cricket enthusiast around the hood.

cricket team names idea

If you stay in a country where lots of people participate in a cricket sport, then you will be able to know that such countries organize lots of cricket tournaments. However, the tournaments are organized for a diverse group of individuals of different age groups who compete for a price which is usually in cash form. These tournaments are becoming very popular recently and include both international tournaments as well as street tournaments.

If you find yourself in a cricket enthusiastic environment, chances are that you too would want to keep up with the trend. Nevertheless, to participate in any tournament or regular cricket sports games, there are two very essential things you need; a good team and a good team name. These two things are as important as winning the tournament or competition itself.

So, if you are a cricket fan, lover or a cricket enthusiast in search of unique and funny cricket team names that can actually intimidate your competitors, then you’re welcome to the right place. The names provided on this page are huge and suitable for all your tournament and regular cricket purposes. The names are free of charge. The only thing you are required to do is go through the list and pick any of the cricket names that suits your team.

Don’t forget that the first impression really matters a lot, therefore, you have to ensure you pick any of the powerful cricket team names below that will be able to create that impression you desire. Feel free to use them outrightly or as a suggestion to create your own unique cricket team name.

Cricket Team Names

Wicket Men.1 Man 2 Balls.
We Love Pitches.The Bush Crickets.
Ball Smashers.Your Cork Is Mine.
The BatMen.Bails Condition.
Stumps The Yard.Batter Your Face.
Undisputed Champions.Greatest Hit Men.
Smelly Balls.Furious Balls.
Victorious Runners.Chosen Ones.
Bold Swings.Shots On Target
Master Batters.Soul Takerz.
Ball Beaters.Up Beat.
Pitches Assulted.Beater Lemons.
Soaring Men.No Boundaries.
Game Of Runs.Runs Boys.
The Uniform Men.Wife Beaters.
Tastes Batter.Ball Alimers.
Vampire Bats. Trending 11.
The Avengers.Bullies Always Beat.
Air Strikers.Crick-Ate.
Pace Masters.I Love My Pitches.
Scoring Machines.The Street Bowlers.
1 Cork, No Balls.Chief Strikers.
The Ballers.Scoring Units.
Winning Machines.The Six Runners.
Wide Cork.Fast & Furious.
The Monarchs.The Supernovas.
Six Corks and a Ball.Last Blast.
Swinging On The Chandelier.Extra Cork.
Beating Phantoms.Jerry One Leg.
Crazy 11.Bat Assault.
The Contenders. Day Of Judgement.
Boom Boom Bashers.Guardians.
Green Galaxy.Mission Impossible.
Fireballs.Bat Breakers.
Batting Divas.The Dominators.
Goal Getters.Mamba.
Screw BallsSeawolves.
Superlatives.Scorpion Kings.
The Sixters. BlackTrophy Fighters.
Soul Takers.Game Changers.

List Of Cricket Team Names

Running On Empty.Point Snatchers.
Tireless Runners.Pacesetters.
Flash Score.Nut Crackers.
Fresh Stars.Shooting Stars.
A-Team.The Shield.
Trophy Mongers.Brokebat Mountain.
Good Shots Only.Guardians Of The Galaxy.
Striking Machines.Six Offenders.
Burner Boys.Vandals.
Spartan Strikers.Timeless Runners.
The Dragon Slayers.Ferocious Fasties.
15 Is Just Warm-up.Ravishing Willows.
Authorized Strikers.Tough Men.
The Top Class.Judgement Day.
No Mercy.High Class.
ThunderWolves.The Butt Breaths.
Mission Is Possible.Murder Corkers.
Fart Sniffers.The Offenders.
Statesmen.The Cheaters.
Corks Out.Goal Addicts.
Untouchaballs.Sticky Wickets.
The Godfathers.The Tyrants.
Winning Ways.Power Rangers.
Stormy Petrels.Scarlet Raptors.
The Dispendiballs.Vivacious Scorers.
Game Over Men.Empowered.
Score Gurus.Waverider Legends.
Stampede.Monster Cork.
The Explorers.Kingdom of Crick.
G4 General.The Big Egos.
Sassy Swingers.Snatching Points.
Had Six With The Pitch.Goal Attraction.
Big Balls.Cassio.
Royal Strikers.The Speed Demons.
Giant Slayers.Kings Of Batter.
Floaters.Trade By Batter.
Bald Eagles.Sole Survivors.
Golden Boys.High Tendency.

Unique Names For Cricket Teams

Flutter Waves.First Runner Up.
Your Worst Nightmare.Annihilators.
The Gunners.Came, Saw & Conquered.
Stone Crushers.Single Shot Killers.
Record Breakers.Ocean Drive.
Kingpins.Mean Machine.
The Demented Ones.Conquerors.
Brute Force.Deathwish.
Goal Diggers.No Shame.
No Rules.Blazing Balls.
Outlaws.The Tribe.
No Fear.Great Intimidators.
Shooting Squad.Zero Sympathy.
The Goal Seeker.Elite Scorers.
Trojans.The Achievers.
The Squadrons.Silvershots.
Python Dance.We'll Fix This!
Socceroos.Wild Kittens.
Wild Heart.Titans.
Victory Is Sure.Breaking Bats.
Cricketing Magicians.Bat Gladiators.
Daredevil Londoners.Vicious & Delicious.
Warhawks.Manchester Titans.
Bat Magicians.Brokebat Mountain.
Wicked Wicket-Takers.Centurion Superwomen.
Jolly Cricketers.Record Setters.
Volcanoes.Amazing shots Only.
Play By Our Rules.Breaking Grounds.
Red Wings.RecordBreakers.
Game Of Runs.Cricketing Divas.
Aimers Of The Boundary.Westerners.
Thunderballs.Victorious Runners.
Boudary Queens.Scottish Champions.
Slip Matic.Swinging Maniacs.
Golden Bulls.Terrific Hitters.
Firebats.Crazed Wombats.
Sons Of Pitches.Flying Squirrels.
Legs Out.Golden Bears.
Guts Nā€™ Glory.Boomers.

Creative Cricket Tournament Team Names

If you and your cricket team is participating in any local or international tournament, then giving your team a unique name that makes them stand out is essential. I personally know that finding a good cricket team name that describes as well as matches the personality of your team is not really easy, but it’s worth having. Fortunately enough for you and your team, we’ve been able to provide you with tones of cricket team names ideas above. The names have been uniquely created by a group of name specialist from our team. They ensured that the names were widely covered so it will be almost impossible for you not to find a name that matches your team’s persona. Don’t forget that the first impression matters a lot, therefore, you have to rock the best name that creates that creative and powerful team impression.

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Don’t always be the only one to decide the name for your cricket team. It always wise and important that you try to get the whole of your teammates involved in the name creation or selection process if possible. They will all be in the best position to select or create a name that they can easily relate with. But if you understand your team very well, and know the type of things they might like, then it wouldn’t be much of a problem doing the name selection alone. But for the sake of peace and proper representation, it’s usually advisable you get your team’s suggestion of the kind of name they would like to use. If the names above weren’t able to inspire you, then below are real-life cricket team names that you can draw inspiration from. We believe the list below will serve a better idea for your team to be able to create that unique tournament team names for cricket.

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Top 10 Real-Life Cricket Team Name

If our collection of cricket team names above are not to your liking, we believe the list of real-life cricket team names may do. The truth is that choosing the right cricket team name that every team member will love is very difficult; but not impossible. That’s the reason we further went of our way just to ensure you find the right cricket team name on our page. We believe the real names of cricket teams around the world may serve as further inspiration to your team’s name creation.

Real Best Cricket Team Names and Logos





New Zealand Cricket


Sri Lanka Cricket

South Africa Cricket


West Indies

Final Thought

Hey guys, I hope you love our list of Cricket Team Names that we have provided above. I and my team were able to ensure that we get you the most creative, unique, cool, sweet and powerful cricket team names. You and your team can either use it as it’s provided on this page or use it as a suggestion to create that unique cricket name for your team. Cheers! to finding your desired cricket team name.

Don’t forget to bookmark this website for further name suggestion of all kind. Also, if you are able to come up with a good team name that you think will be good for those in search a cricket team name, then feel free to share it using the comment section. Lastly. I just want to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ for stoping by. Cheers!