Top 100 Funny Creative Group Names for Friends

Are you searching for creative group names for friends? Or maybe you want a funny group chat names for friends; for all your social media gossips and talks? Whatever type of friend group name you are searching for, I urge you to look no further. Our collection of group names for friends are unique and can’t be found anywhere on the internet except here. From funny to creative names, we provide you with loads of assorted types of creative WhatsApp group chat names for friends; all you have to do is explore them for free.

Creative Group Names for Friends

Creative Group Names for Friends

  1. Birds of a Feather.
  2. Fat & Foodious.
  3. People I Tolerate.
  4. The Family I Choose.
  5. The Three Wise Men.
  6. Spice Girls.
  7. Fantastic Four.
  8. Presidential Candidates.
  9. The Demoninators.
  10. Are We There Yet?
  11. Friend Zone.
  12. The Kids Next Door.
  13. A Pizza For My Heart.
  14. One Bad Idea.
  15. Quad Squad.
  16. The Pun Addicts.
  17. Whore Lords.
  18. Friend Sheep.
  19. Friend Ship.
  20. Fresh Divas.
  21. The Goal Diggers.
  22. City Rebels.
  23. Peak Performers.
  24. Movers & Shakers.
  25. Fridge Invaders.
  26. Pot Raiders.
  27. Snack Attack.
  28. Adopted Sisters.
  29. Queenie Bees.
  30. High Voltage.
  31. Lethal Weapons.
  32. The Samurais.
  33. Trouble In Paradise.
  34. Mediocrity At Its Best.
  35. The Terminators.
  36. Trouble Makers.
  37. The Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  38. No Sympathy.
  39. The City Of Fresh Princes.
  40. Your Worst Nightmare.
  41. Wasted Potential.
  42. Coffee Addicts.
  43. Pun Stars.
  44. Always Hungry.
  45. No Slice Left Behind.
  46. 8th Wonders of The World.
  47. The Ambassadors.
  48. The Alpha Friends.
  49. The Virgin Boys.
  50. Honey Girls.

Funny Whatsapp Group Names for Friends

  1. Breast Friends Forever.
  2. Rotten Tomatoes.
  3. Area 51.
  4. Cereal Killers.
  5. We Hate Small Talk.
  6. Don’t Blame the Player.
  7. The Bad Apples.
  8. Meme Team.
  9. The Trolls.
  10. The Holey Ones.
  11. Hells On Hills.
  12. We Talk Off Your Ear.
  13. The Homo Sapiens.
  14. Game of Phones.
  15. The Holey Trinity.
  16. Troll Squad.
  17. Hotline Bling.
  18. Mad Cows.
  19. Chambers Of Secrete.
  20. Sweet In The Middle.
  21. Tom, Dick, and Harry.
  22. The Sausage Tribe.
  23. Bad Eggs.
  24. Only If We Had Niki (Niki Minaj).
  25. The Brain Box.
  26. Chicken Repulic.
  27. The Ladybugs.
  28. Golden Pot.
  29. The Pandora Box.
  30. Frosted Flakes.
  31. ShortTeas.
  32. Lazy Asses.
  33. Snoop Dogs.
  34. My Nose In Your Matters.
  35. Edible Spam Only.
  36. Crazy Clowns.
  37. The Idea Guys.
  38. All the Single Ladies.
  39. Daughters Of Niki.
  40. Kylie’s Daughters.
  41. Best Fries Forever.
  42. Chamber of Secrets.
  43. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
  44. Peas in a Pod.
  45. Raging Sisters.
  46. Sisters & Misters.
  47. Powerpuff Girls.
  48. Gossip Hub.
  49. XOXO Gossip Girl.
  50. The Coven.

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If you are sincere, you will admit that lots of fun things happen in the Whatsapp group. It’s a place where you and your partners in crime (Best friends) plan the next place for hangout, or discuss your crush, and many more. In fact, if you and your friends don’t have an exclusive area or platform where you guys do all the fun stuff, then what is the fun in the friendship? We have only one life to live, and I think you got to start enjoying it.

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Final Thought

Hey guys, hope you love our collection of creative group names for friends that we have provided above for you. Feel free to use them with your special squad (friends), or use them as an inspiration to create your own unique group name for your friends.