Cool Team Names For Basketball 2020/2021

A cool basketball team names may not necessarily drive fear into the minds of your opponents, but it will drive them into a confused state and leave them wondering what stuff you are made up of.

A cool team name buys you respect and leaves the opponents bewildered. There are many reasons why you need to adopt a cool basketball team name and the advantages of using a good team name can not be overemphasized, but creating one can be very difficult and time-consuming.

The truth is that basketball has evolved and has currently become one of the world’s most popular and widely viewed sports, so there’s every tendency that you are either formally or informally participating in the game of hoops (another name for basketball). And, that is the major reason we have decided to provide you with ample of cool basketball team names.

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So whether you want a cool basketball team names upfront or you want a basketball team names idea that can help you create your own unique name, we’ve got you covered. And here’s my little secrete… Whenever you want to create a good name for any kind of type or for any type of purpose, don’t always start from the scratch, better still browse through team names idea or a few already made team names and they will serve as an idea. This process will make creating your own unique team name a billion times easier and faster.

Below is a huge list of basketball team names that you can outrightly use with your new or old basketball team or you can use as an idea to create your own unique team name.

Cool Basketball Team Names Idea

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Our collection of cool basketball team names idea is wide and features a great variety of diverse basketball team names ranging from creative names for your basketball team down to funny basketball team names. So, whether you want an all-guys name for your basketball team or an all-girls basketball team, you will definitely find them in abundance.

Pussycat PassersSasha the Slasher
Dribble My NizzleCougars
RockettesRunnin N Gunnin
Rebound Your Mouth ShutDub Shots
Orlando TragicMinx
Dream TeamFrank N Balls
NY Knicks N KicksZoners
Fatty McFatty CrackersHouston
Lady MustangsAir Those Balls
Fade and WinSpirit
4 Score and 7 Years AgoPoint Guard Play Hard
Fightin' HensAir Walker Slam Dunker
Wingin It ForwardLady Divas
CobrasPanties and Penalties
AngelsMilwaukee Doe
Yer Face is McNastyHuskies
JaguarsDribbling Soul
Utah Jazz MeStags
Detroit Piston My CheeriosHawks
BricklayersFive Finger Ball Slingers
One Shot WondersTigers
FalconsZero Violations
Number 1 FanNo Tie for This Guy
Balls To The WallsDribbles and Drools
Dribble Driving the GameTip Offs With Tops Off
Court RulerBuzzer Beaters
From Streets to da CourtsD-Fence
On Da ReboundChicago No Bull Shyt
Balls UpDa Ball Hog
Boston Cell TicksNo Time Out
Three Point Shizzle Muh DizzleBaller Shot Caller
Basket Baller Shot CallerBooga Pick N Roll
O?Doyle RulesUpcourt Funk Me Up
Whoosh ScooooooreCrossover Pwners
Ball BustersCherry Picker Finger Licker
Hacky ShaqersSteal 4 Real
Neck BreakerzThe Ghetto Ghost Baller
Backboard BreakerzAlley Oop Me
Nellie Ball NanciesAmazeBalls
Alley OopsiesMiami Light My FIre
Backdoor BallersThe Benchwarmers
The Judge of the CourtsBackyard Ballers
In the ZoneLayup or Down
Backboard Shattering DreamsImpossible Shots
Mikan Drill YouNo Small Balls Allowed
Netty ShotsThird String Strangers
Luv Me Some NuggetsMister Swisher
Jump Shot JackThe Ball Boy
Houston Rox My WorldLove Triangle Offense
Courts Of The KingNo Stealing

List Of Cool Basketball Team Name

baseketbal team names

Having a cool team name doesn’t always translate to the teams performance, and even though everyone on the court chant and adores that team with a cool name, that doesn’t guarantee your team will win if it doesn’t play well. Below is a list of some amazingly cool team names for your basketball team.

Sexy Slam DunkersDon’t Bogut That Joint
Your Zipser’s UndoneNet Assets
Everybody Loves DraymondShasty McNasty
Whose Shot, JR?Zero Violations, So Far
Curry Up And ShootAnd1More For Me
Free Throw FanciesDirty Wroten Scoundrels
Gritty And GrindGym Rat Pack
Hang it UpLords of The Rims
What’s Dunn Is DunnSexy Shutout
Lords of The RingsYao What I Ming?
Half Court HottiesHook Shot Slim
Yo MammaManu A Manu
Don’t Bogut That JointHot Shot HaImagine Dragicrry
Slam Dunk DrunkFrom The Streets To The Court
Mexico Will Pay For John WallSlam Dunk Sallies
Shattered ScoreboardShatter Dreams Like Jordan
Going, Going, LeBronThe Insurmountable
Grand Theft OttoSixth Man Standing
Slam DrunkersPsyching You Out
Multiple ScorgasmsKyrie On My Wayward Son
Shut Up And DribbleEven Pigs Can Fly
Joker, Smoker, Mile High TokerSpin City B-Ballers
Nash PotatoesRagin’ Cajuns
Serge I-Block-YaRated PG-13
LaVine La Vida LocaLinsane In The Membrane
Little GiantsThe Ball Don’t Lie
Classic Net BurstersRim Shatterers
Parking Lot PimpsRussian Interference
Papa ThonsWinning So Much Can Get Tiring
Monster DunkLob City
Cuban Miss Out CrisisPower Grangers
Rim JobsPower Slings
Shaqtin’ A FoolBasket Ballers
Awaiting A Real ChallengeWalker, Texas Granger
Young ShelvinTalkin’ About Practice?
Ball In The FamilyAlley-Oops
Apocalypse NoahBoing!
3-1 LeadStraight Up Rimmers
ShortlingsTrust The Process
Built Just For BasketballBest Of The Ballers
Swish KebabsYou Can’t Randle The Truth
Caddy ShaqTickle Me And Rub My Belinelli
Basket BrawlersIt’s Like BOOM
Sham YaoAll About that Pass, No Dribble
The MatadorsBall Lives Matter
Screw BallsThe Shortest NBA Players
Karate Kidd Two Hands, One Dunk
The PerfectosBasketeers
AfrostarsAir Jordans
BombstersWet Dream Team

Funny But Cool Basketball Team Names

Even though you are old or still growing up I think you should never stop having fun and that’s the reason Will Thomas always says “There’s no fear when you’re having fun.” If you want to be good at whatever thing you do, do it with fun and stop taking life too serious because no one is coming out of it alive. So, feel free to pick any of the team names that are bold enough to put a smile on your face.

Ankle BreakerzBall Breakers
Hoops I Did It Again!Soup-a-Stars
Basket JunkiesSlam Dunk Slammed Drunk
Gang GreenLeBron’s Tutors
BasketBrawlersSmall Ball Stealer
Drilling Me SoftlyThe Caucasian Invasion
Basket HoundsSpare Me Net
Slammed DrunkGang Green
Flying SquirrelsGeeks and Sneaks
Team Cyclops (Tall, but a bad shooting eye)Alley-Oops
Big BallersGoose Ballers
Human Size PlayersJailblazers
BricklayersHigh-Top Hoopsters
Jump BallsNothing but Net
Geeks N SneaksIngles All The Way
Bigly BallersAverage Joes
99 Problems (But A Swish Ain't One)Kareem Cheese
James Gives Me A HardenAnd One
Balls To The WallThree the Hard Way
The Dirty CheetahsI Wish I Was A Baller
I Can’t Believe It’s Not ButlerCereal Killers
Harden The InterruptionBulldogz
Blurred LinsBlow Me In The Ear
Three The Hard WayBling Pings
Gasolar EclipsePippen Ain't Easy
The AtlanticKareem Of The Crop
Kobe Wan KenobiBed, Bath and Biyombo
KAT In The HatFreak Squad
The Defending ChampsBaseline Leaners
WildcatsThe Flying Carp
Sham-YaoGame of Throws
Fighting KoalasAlley-Oops
RimshotsGeeks In Sneaks
Flat Earth SocietyWonder Boys
The DefendersCurry in a Hurry/Double Dribblers
Dribblers And DroolersThe Fighting Bears
Blue SharksClippers
And One More For UsGetting Wiggy With It
Adopt A KATChargers
Cookies And KareemTritons
Wolf PackAverage Joes
Flat Earth BelieversThe Pacers
The BravesDribbling Souls
Flat Earth All-StarsSilverswords
The FalconsAlley-Oopsies
Crying JordansPhenoms
BillikensComic Sans Cavaliers
Better Call GasolBackbenchers
Church Of KobestanCrack Smoking Monkeys
50 Shades Of Klay99 Problems But LeBron Ain’t One

Cool Fantasy Basketball Team Names

funny basketball team names

After the advent of the internet, Fantasy basketball became very popularized during the 1990s. It allowed players to take the role of a general manager of a particular fantasy team they created simply by drafting actual NBA (National Basketball Association) players primarily based on their basketball statistics. So, if you are addicted or just casually playing fantasy basketball computer games and don’t know what to call your team, below are cool fantasy basketball team names:

Badass ButterfliesCorporate Angels
Big Bosh MenAtomic Fireballs
Bosom BuddiesAfflalo You Anywhere
Harkless BastardsGentlemen Share Their Balls
MatadorsBig Ballers
Backdoor MenI Kaman My Pants
Swing MenAir Those Balls
Big Girls Don’t KawhiGreivis Angel
Wilmington Sea DawgsHigh Impulse
The King’s MenEvery Man Needs A Wade
Goldstein GirlsGreat Balls Of Fire
Masculine BunchA Teague Of Their Own
Hook Shot SlimsBall Boys
Ball MagiciansCompass Divas
Ankle BreakersBerries And Kareem
Big Man And The Sizzle BoysCherry Bombers
High ImpulseAll The Ingle Ladies
The ZebrasPink Ballers
Basket BeesGroovy Ladies
Catching Net And SkirtAthenas
Court QueensFemme Fatales
Furious BallsThe Bosh Spice
No Small Balls AllowedBaby Got Ibaka
Foye Ever MenDobermen
Dame Of ThronesGirls On Fire
Game Of CocksDick Nuts
Indiana PacersEvery Kiss Begins With Klay
No Hairy Balls HereOn The Rebound
Bros Before HawesDaring Divas
Crimson StormDobermen
The AmazoniansQueen Gunners
Fighting HensDame You Fine
The Sugar BeesFlying Ladies
Chris Kaman His PantsGentlemen Ballers
Dribbling SeamanPanties And Penalties
Razzle DazzleCourt Wrecking Crew
Courtside FugitivesKiller Barbies
Wild KittensGrabbing Assets
TangerinesCowbell Fever
Lady DivasPrimeTime Players
Purple CobrasLara Croft Batum Raider
Palmetto FlightSooners
Golden FlashesNaked Weapon
Hoosier Daddy?Game, Blouses
ArgonautsKittens With Claws
Triangle Run and GunGround Breakers
The BrigadeLady Mustangs
Savannah CavaliersBeal Good Inc.
Hall of DameMother of Dragics
Queen City ExpressIce Cold Girls

Tips To Create A Cool Team Name

If you want to create a cool team name that will be loved and appreciated both by your teammates as well as spectators, then there are various things you should take into consideration. Below is a guide on how to come up with a cool team name that will be loved by all and despised by none (I hope you know I’m kidding… Because not everyone loves even Los Angeles Lakers, then who are you). Below are tips to create a cool name that will be admired by a great number of spectators as well as other teams – Not all, though.

1). Idea Of The Name: You are now on the driver’s seat and you are basically the coach at this junction. You’re expected to spell out the idea of your team – What message do you want to send with your team name? If you are creating a formal basketball team name, then you may want to put fear in the heart of your opponents, use a name like “About To Embarrass You”. If you are creating a fantasy basketball team name, then you can consider using your name, you are the boss after all.

2). The Gender: Whether your basketball team league is centred around WNBA or NBA, it only makes sense that your team name reflects the gender of your team. If it’s an all-girls team, it will be odd using a name such as “Frank N Balls“, it’s obvious that this name will best suit an all-boys basketball team.

3). Puns Can Still Work: you can play upon words. You can either play around with the names that have been listed above or draw inspiration from some real basketball team names.

4). Engage Your Team In A BrainStorm Session: If you want to create a formal or real basketball team, then it’s important that you carry out a brainstorm with your team in order to come up with the best team name. Research has shown that most of the well-known names were a result of a brainstorm session.

I believe the tips above should be able to help you come up with your own unique team name for your basketball team.

Final Thoughts

Is it safe to say that you love our collection of cool basketball team names that we have provided above? If yes, then we are happy, but if you say no, then there’s also a suggestion on how to create your own unique basketball team names.

But, whatever basketball team name you finally pick, please don’t be under any pressure to back it up because I don’t think you owe anyone victory – just your team. For suggestions, questions and other inquiries as pertain to this topic, then use the comment section.