600 Contact Names Ideas for those you Care About

Are you searching for a place where you can get a huge collection of contact names ideas? Or are you the kind of person who doesn’t save the numbers of those you care about with a fun contact name? This article is for you if you are such a person. We listed 600 unique contact names idea for your mom, dad, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, crush or best friend. The names are cool and easy to relate with.

funny contact names

Most fun contact names are a product of nicknames and nicknames are humorous or familiar names given to a thing or person instead of their real name. It’s usually suitable for those whom you share camaraderie with as well as close ties.

It’s, therefore, advisable to always choose or create a nickname based on the appearance, attitude, hobbies, persona, etc of the person the name is intended for. Now that we are both on the same side and understand the subject better, I think it’s about time you preview our hug list of contact names ideas.

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List of Contact Names Ideas

contact names ideas

If you want a huge collection of good contact names ideas for friends, mother, father, brother, sister or maybe a fun kind of name to save the numbers of your friends and relatives on your contact list, then you are on the right place. Our collection of contact names ideas are unique and one that the receiver can easily relate with.

All you have to do is locate the proper section of this article and pick a name that you like. For instance, you want a contact name for your father, all you have to do is go to the ‘Contact Names for Dad’ and pick any of the names that you think you dad will easily relate with and save his contact (phone number) with it. Don’t forget that the names can also double as their nicknames.

Pot Raider.Fresh Prince.Oliver Twist.
Big G.Dr. Romantic.Teddy Bam.
Dr. MartinsRichie.Snoop Dog.
Pandora BoxBaby Face.Husspuppi.
Fridge Raider.Big Boss.Fine Face.
Forever Young.Hulk.Golden Boy.
PumkingRefridgerator.Pun Addict.
Always Sixteen.Pun Star.Spartan King.
EverGreen.Precious Mom.Mr Chef.
Compass.Young Boss.Over Doze.
Busy Signal.Secret.Guns N' Rose
Lucky Gems.Handsome Dude.Brown Eyes.
Babylonia.Above The Law.Below Lover.
Hot Dog.Munchkin.Mate.
Military Cake.Bookworm.Nothing More Than Friend.
Cutest.Giggles.Flirty One.
Poco loco.Love Coach.Timon.
Doubting Thomas.Happy Beaver.Buddy.
The Mechanic.Home Boy.Chicken Republic.
Crying FreeMan.Alarm Clock.Angry Bird.
Jacky.Cookie Factory.Fashionista.
Sugar.Sponge Box.The Chosen One.
Drama Queen.Food Specialist.Early Bird.
The Trader.Heart Code.Tech Guru.
Pathfinder.Royal Majesty.Trumpet Voice.
Workaholic.Event Manager.Germophobe.
Minister Of Affair.Home Maker.Her Majesty.
Laughing Machine.Watch Dog.Home Keeper.
Punctuality Prefect.Hawk-eyed.Panda.
Grocery Reminder.Shooting Star.Cash Mama.

Contact Names for Mother

Mothers are the best teachers and role models for their children. And even though it takes some time to realize that all they wanted all along is for us to be the best we can be, it’s important you make your mum feel special.

And one of the ways you can make your mum look and feel special is by giving her a sweet nickname that can also double as her contact name on your phone.

So, if you are in search of a beautiful contact name for your loving and supportive mum, below is a distinctive special contact name for your mother. I’m sure she will be proud of you!

Dear Mama.Grocery Mom.Chef Chi.
Momsta.Momzilla.Pot Holder.
Google Eye.The Invader.Mama Yo.
Busy Fingers. Virgin Girl.Momster.
Your Royal Highness.Mamacetamol.Snoopy Mom.
Sweet Mom.The Cuddlier.Snoopy.
Don't Do This & Don’t Do That.Sergent.Protector.
Momette.Momma.Life Coach.
Superwoman.Sleeping Pill.Splinter Cell.
MomentumNightingale.Moon Pie.
MammyHome Queener.Moonlight.
Secret Keeper.Manners.Brummy Mummy.
Commander In Chief.MayMay.Mumsy.
Supermom.My Queen.Mrs. Lullaby.
Meema.Moon Pie.Sparkly White.
Momzie.Muffy.Busy Bee.
Momager.Executive Chef.Boss Lady.
The Instructor.Dr. Fix-ItCandy Floss.
Law Maker.Titan.Home Officer.
Joy Giver.Firefly.Easy Breezy.
The Law.Sweet Mama.Commander.
Heartbeat.Detect Thief.Mommykins.
Super Detective.Mumon.Super Human.
Life Sustainer.Golden Mom.Household CEO.
Tough Skin.The Mind Reader.Mummy Me.
Secret Library.Mumpy.Momager.
Snuggles.Old Lady. Taffy.
Cuttie.Hearty.My Queen.
Best of all.Hot Sauce.Prettiest.
Mombasa.Mommykins.Momey. Minny.
Double Trouble.Sunny.Cutino.
The Crush.The Holocaust.Brown Skin.
Lovely.Big Banger.The Reactor.

Contact Names for Father

Apart from mothers, the father also plays an active role in parenting. They do not only assume the role of a breadwinner who only provides just shelter and clothing for his household, but they also protect their family and most of them also go as far as carrying out certain house chores such as cooking, cleaning, etc.

Don’t forget that fathers are the number superheroes of the family. I know you are touched… And right now all you want to do is give your father a hug and call him sweet names. But that’s not far fetched because below lies a unique collection of great contact names for your industrious dad.

Paparazi.Zaddy.Man of Steel.
The Godfather.Big Daddy.Jolly Daddy.
Burden Bearer.Daddy Yo.Papi.
Night Crawler.Big Boss.Daddi.
No Drama.Solution Store.Baldy.
Softgun.Forever Chef.The Wolf.
Dada.Beany.Santa Claus.
Caring Bear.Big Papa.Snoozie Bear.
Papa Johnson.Papa Bear.Remote Control.
Pop Pop.007.Man Presido.
Commander In Chief.Boom Boom.Mummy's Boyfriend.
Cookie Monster.Sweet Potato.Workaholic.
Dude.Your Royal Highness.The Philosopher.
Greek God.My Superhero.A Few Good Men.
Bourbon.Watch Tower.CEO.
Smurfy Dad.My Model.Magic Man.
Don Daddy.Pabeque.The Wise Owl.
Modern Man.Diamond.Golden Man.
Armstrong.Fine Magician.Lava Rock.
Cool Breeze.Super Man.Amore.
Cute Champ.Gentle Soul.Big Man.
Money Man.Mr Gorgeous.Flaming Cuttie.
International Dad.My Poult.Truth.
Cute Captain.My Paddy.Everest.
Mr Handsome.Game Over Man.Genius.
Tarzan.Sparkle.North Cracker.
Near & Dear.My Helper.Lion Daddy.
Brave Heart.The Supporter.Finance Minister.
Jelly Man.Life Changer.The PM.
Scorpion King.My Knight.Einstein.
Gentle Bear.Lion Heart.Admiral.
Magic King.Perfect Dad.Fred Flinstone.
Big Show.Soldier Boy.Boss Man.

Contact Names for Girlfriend

Finding a girlfriend that truly loves you for who you are and not what you have is very rear, especially in this dispensation. Girls are always attracted to flashy and wealthy men who are capable of spoiling them with gifts.

Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough to find that good girl that can manage you even though you don’t have much to offer, then ensure you make her feel special. How do you this?

There are many ways to make your girlfriend feel special, and lucky enough one of them doesn’t involve spending money; calling her sweet names does the trick. I’m sure you can’t be bad in all aspect; so below are special nicknames for your girlfriend. It can also double as her contact name.

Cock Raider Baby.Shiny Eyes.
Pretty Lil Thing.Hot Mama.My Bae.
Doll Face.Cherry pie.My Heart.
Honey.Donut.Chocolate Queen.
Perfect Queen.Rose.Happiness.
Lemon.My Fairy.Cherish.
Pumpkin.Pretty Face.Heart Life.
Love Bug.Hop.Honey Lips.
All Mine.Cuddles.Daisy.
Pretty Lady.Mamarazzi.My Dove.
Snuggly.Care Bear.Joy.
Wife Material. Hot Stuff.Cinderella.
Gorgeous.My Lucky Charm.Pooh.
Angel Baby.Sweet Angel.Kitten.
Darling Pie.Peach.My Doll.
Painted Lady.Baby Girl.Brown Sugar.
Gummie Dove.Doodle Bug.Sweet Tea.
Canoodle.Fruit Juice.Too Cute.
Hot Chick.Firely.Angelito.
Sparkly White.My Melody.Sugar Lips.
One In A Million.Soft Cake.Queen.
Dream Queen.Lover Girl.Bear Boo.
Pretty Face.My Doll.Goober.
Little Muppet.Baby Dove.My Lollipop.
My Babe.Spring.Juliet.
Summer Sun.Baby Face.Harsh Love.
My Eternal.Cupid.Soft Lips.
Buttercup.Hottie.Pretty Head.
Lady B.Burble Butt.Black Coffee.
Inspector General.Funny Honey.Darling.
Cool Kid. Soulful.Colourful Bubbles.
Mrs World.Beautiful Soul.Sugar Bunny.
Heart Stealer.My Missing Ribs.Better Half.

Contact Names for Boyfriend

Most boys are scumbags, but if you are lucky enough to find that perfect knight in shining armour (I don’t mean an idiot wrapped in tin foil), then I think he deserves a sweet name that reflects his personality.

I know there are times when you guys don’t go along really well, but I want you to know there’s no perfect human on earth. If you think he genuinely loves you and you can put up with some of his flaws, then I think you guys are good to go.

So, spice up the relationship and don’t be like other girls who don’t call their boyfriends’ sweet names instead they go right straight and call their boyfriend or hubby by their first name – That’s kinda boring for me!

Below are game-changing contact names that you can also use as your hubby or boyfriend’s nickname or pet name.

Candy Crush.Booboo Bear. Thigh Invader.
Lover Boy.Heart Code.Pal.
Honey Bun.Boo.Macho Man.
Honey Pie.Baby Face.Dude.
Tinder Babe.McDreamy.Babes.
Honey Pie.Honey Pot. Booby.
Baby Boy.Sparrow.Sweetheart.
Bubba.Cutie Pie.Baby Cakes.
Baby Love.Butter Cake.Sugarplum.
Angel Boy.Big Guy.IceBurg.
Love Bug.Sweetie.Doll Face.
Boo Boo.Baby Boo.Boo Thang.
Hot Cakes.Dash.Playboy.
King Of Heart.Spicy.Sunshine.
Love Dove.Mister.Moonlight.
Romeo.Big Daddy.Curious George.
Mr Universe.Charly.Pant Shifter.
Rude Boy.My Fate.My Hero.
Forever You.Fat Love.My King.
Prince Charming.Forever & Always.My Cookie.
Spartacus.Choco Berry.Iron Man.
Cinnamon girl.My Prince.Fatty.
Honeyy.Brown eyes.My Kind.
Daddy Freeze.Mr. BeanSingle bond.
Trouble Shooter.Freaky Boo.My Lover Boy.
Cat eyes.Peanut.Bambi.
Angelic Voice.Chimpu.My Universe.
Cowboy.My Sunshine.Baby boy.
Lion.Always Mine.Apple Of My Eye.
Jack.Control Room.True Love.
My World.Sugarcane.Beloved.
Sweet HeartHot Shot. My Pastries.

Best Friend Contact Names Idea With Emojis

With strong support, you can easily meet with any challenge life throws at you. Lucky enough, good friends are capable of providing you with such support in times of need. It doesn’t have to be in material form, but that little emotional support can go a long way.

The truth is that Friendship is undeniably essential for your emotional and mental well-being. If you are so lucky to have a friend or those set of friends who mutually provides you with such support, then it’s only important you let them know how special they are to you.

One of the ways of doing that is by christening them with a beautiful name that reflects how much they mean to you. Below are loads of nicknames and contact names for your best friend.

Cutest. ?

Hawk Eye. ?

Big Joe. ?‍⚖️

Mr Handsome. ?

Hearty. ?

Smiley. ?

Sweet Potatoe. ?

Super Human.?‍♀️

Treasure Pack. ?

Pleasure Pack. ?

Contact Names for Loved ones

If you want a good contact name for your loved ones such as your brother, sister, crush, etc, then welcome to the right section. One this section you will find cool names for your loved ones such as your brother who may not tell you that they love you, but deep down, they’re the ones who loves you the most.

Or maybe you want a nickname for that your worrisome sister who always picks up a fight with but at the same time cares a lot for you. Or maybe you probably got the number of your crush and you really don’t know their name and you’re wondering what to save their numbers with. Whatever kind of contact names for loved ones you’re looking for, we’ve got it right here…

Secrete Lover.Sweetie Pie.Bangaram.
2nd Mother.Great Woman.Dimple Queen.
Three Times A Lady.Rabbit Lover.Man On Duty.
Crazy Queen.My Girl.My Wifi.
Baby Girl.Cuddlie.Rosy Lips.
Angelic Heart.Angry Bird.Loveliest Man.
Sweet Apple.Pooh.Picklehead.
Sugar Baby.My Dearest One.My Pearl.
Captain.Milk & Honey.Babyface.
Anchor.Sugar Mama.Bear.
Honey Muffin.Snoopy.Cute Toy.
Angel Mama.Lilly.Opal.
Love Of My Life.Strong Attraction.Kiddie.
Monalisa.Breaking BahdKiddo. Chips.
Baby Maa.Honey Butt.Hot Magnet.
Treasure. Mrs Gorgeous.My Best Girl.
Barbie Doll.Big Bum.Flaming Beauty.
Unforgettable.Butterscotch.I'm In Love.
My Everything.Kitty Cat.Heartie.
My Romeo.Infinite Love.Weirdo.
Captain Of My Soul.My Super Woman.My King.
Hot Shot.Bestie.First Love.
Sweet Sixteen.Magic Prince.My Magic.
Potato Chips.Perfect Match.Twinkle.
Honey Bear.Sunshine.Beautiful Devil.
All Rounder.Local Man.Tough Guy.
Dewdrop.Daddy Poppins.Solution Master.
Cute Demon.Lifeline.Sweetoo.
Ghost Buster.Heart Taker.My Breath.
Cuddle Bunny.Cookie.Sweet Pumpkin.
Blue Eyes.Buntie.Perfectionist.
Cupid Angel.Bunny Bear.Apollo.

Final Thought

While we have been able to provide you with lots of unique contact names, don’t also forget that the names are not only for saving their numbers on your phone. You can also use the names as a nickname, pet names for them.

I hope you were able to find one that best suits your mum, dad, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or relatives. Also, remember your opinion and contributions are highly respected. Thanks for stopping by.