Contact Names For Your Brother [Cool & Funny Brother Contact Names]

Looking for the best brother contact names? Then check out our latest collection of funny & cool contact names for your direct or cousin brother.

Just like your lover, your brother also happens to be a special person in your life, therefore, he too deserves a special name. It’s still okay if you want to keep calling him by his real name, but what then makes him special?

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff and let everyone know how special your brother is to you. And even though you’ve had a few misunderstanding in the past or present, he’s still the best brother because I’m sure you wouldn’t want to trade yours for mine (Mine is worst!).

So, if you are searching for the best name for your brother’s contact or maybe all you want is a nickname that properly reflects the relationship you share with him, then you’re on the right place.

On this page, you will definitely find the right name for your brother whether it’s a unique alternative name, cool, cute, or funny. Cheers to finding the best contact names for brother.




  • Fridge Raider.
  • Big Brother.
  • Baby Face.
  • Fine Face.
  • Always Sixteen.
  • Forever Young.
  • Young Boss.
  • Fresh Prince.
  • Baby Bro.
  • Teddy Bam.
  • Babylonia.
  • Big G.
  • Dr. Romantic
  • Dr. Martins
  • Jumbo Brother.
  • Rugged Man.
  • Charley Boy.
  • Hulk. Richie.
  • Money Man.
  • MMM.
  • Boogie Man.
  • Husspuppi.
  • BooBoo.
  • Kid Bro.
  • Pot Raider.

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  • The Refridgerator.
  • Spartan King.
  • Mr Chef.
  • Braddah man.
  • Bobby.
  • Bobby Cat.
  • Best Man.
  • Angel Boy.
  • Virgin Boy.
  • Paddy Man.
  • Dominion.
  • Lover Boy.
  • Space Ship.
  • Armstrong.
  • Amigo.
  • Adopted.
  • Cool.
  • Brad Pit.
  • Bat Man.
  • Batska.
  • Biggie.
  • Black Sheep.
  • Sharp Sharp.
  • Booger.
  • Bash.



Double Chief.Double Trouble.King Ragna.
Twinkie Toes.Lame Back.Brotato Chip.
Mufasa.Soldier Boy.Sky Man.
Double King Alpha Male.Face Poker.
Muscle Man.Mustapha.Mini Me.
Little Lamb.Black Sheep.The Smugler.
Kiddo.Youngpin.Square Pant.
Babby.Andrenaline.Wide Mouth.
Smurf.Alpha MarineMieMie.
Mad Dog.Young Bra.Karmaza.
Noble Man.Mad Man.Smoochie.
Nibblets. Brojack.Broda Maccus.
Brometheus.Evil Man.Mark Angel.
Short Stuff.Traditional Ruler.The Weirdo.
Pink Lips.Big Mouth.Black Vulture.
Sturbon Boy.Marine Spirit.Harsh King.
Arrow Rank.Little Soldier.Angel Boy.


Broda The Clown.BroBQ.Bronought.
Frosty The Brown.Bromosexual.Barack Brobama.
Dick Water.Brolicious.BroMotion.
Sponge Bob.Old Soul.Bratushka.
Dracula.Tedy Broosevelt.Bambi Boy.
Broad Head.Broduction.Brown Man.
Brostitute.Brotein.The Brofessor.
Brossiah.Edgar Allen Bro. Bromeggedon.
Slow Poison.Chubster.Butterfingers.
Heart Breaker.Tiny Man.Grumby One.
Copycat.Beloved Brethren.Olivia Twist.
Harder Man.Lucifer.Chipmunk.
Squirrel.Toy Soldier.Squints. Merman.
Green Gumbling.Macho Man.The Stinker.
Undercover Dog.Wefty Hefty.Copyrat.
Woman Wrapper.Snoop Dogg.Hermano.

It’s not about creating the best rib-cracking kind of name that matters; the most important thing is for it to contain your personal touch. And even though we might have created tones of funny contact names for your brother which can also double as his nick, it’s also important you pick one that he can easily relate with.


So without any further ados, above lies a trailer load of hilarious nicknames for your beloved brother. Don’t forget to pick just one because the names are so good that you might just want to use all of them on your brother – Control yourself! Cheers in finding the wittiest contact name of all time!


Cereal Killer.Kill Bill.Soup A Star.
Congress Man.Snack Attack.The Believer.
Scooby Doo.Dragon Boy.Uncle Alice.
Bruddah.Colossus.Couse Bro.
Mustard.Sky Scrapper.Orman.
Broski.Buck Man.Bruv.
The Loner.Short Funk.Buster Rhyme.
Sport Lover.Big Fry.Waldo.
Young Pal.Rudeboy.The Main Man.
The Gladiator.Twin Warrior.Crown Prince.
Small Fry.Captain Sparrow.Protector.
King Of Rebellion.Funky Bro.Always With Us.
Stewie.Lil’ Bro.The Main Guy.
Senior Bro.Nacho.Sound Prince.
One of Us. Little Pigeon.My Nemesis.



Are you searching for a cool contact name for your brother? don’t worry our collection of good contact names are so huge and they’ll surely offer you a couple of names that you can’t resist. Don’t forget the names can also double as your brother’s nickname but first, you must ensure that you pick a name that you think your brother can easily relate with.

Ensure that you don’t forget to notify us when you find that perfect nickname that will perfectly suit your brother. You can use the comment section for that purpose.

Pun Star.Chatterbox.Pun Addict.
Natural Roomie.DoughMan.The Comrade.
Family Man.The Little Man.Honey Bunny.
Cutie Kins.Gringo.Ginger Bread.
Half Man.Pretty Pie.Hambone.
Boychik.Drug Lord.Halfling.
Animal Fam. Super Mario.Together Together.
Prince Charming.The Commodo.Combo.
Chucky.Foo Foo.Malon.
Lil’ Boss.Single Prince.Neo.
Handsome. Judas Is Carrot.Baby Deer.
Crying Freeman.Hugger Brother.Angel Face.
The King Maker.Bobby Sky.Dumpling.
Bumble Bee.Fluffy.Floky.
Cupid Man.Bam Bam.Bobby Brown.
Chocolate Monster.Pretty Face.Cosmo.


How to Create Nicknames or Contact Names for Brother

If you want to create a unique nickname or contact name that has a personal touch with your brother, then below are some things to put into consideration while creating a nickname or contact name; as well as ideas on how to come up with one.

I. Temperament

One of the ways to create or find a unique nickname or contact name for your brother is to know his temperament. This will help to give him a name that describes his personality. Let’s assume your brother is an introvert, then maybe you can nickname him ‘The Shy Guy’, etc.

II. His Look

You can also create a coin out a nickname for your brother from his appearance. Let’s assume he’s got a set of blue eyes, then you can call him something like ‘The Blue Ivy’. You just have to be creative with the whole process. Also, if he’s not too tall (short per se), then you can go with something like ‘The Brief One’, ‘The Summary’, or ‘Shortcake’.

III. His Behaviour

Another factor for deciding what nickname or name to use for your brother’s contact is his way of behaviour. If he has some kind of weird character, then you can capitalize on it. If he loves to drink a lot, then maybe you can call him the ‘Beer Bee’, or ‘The Drunken Master’.

IV. Subject

If you want to cut all the stress, then you can just pick a particular subject or theme and just coin a nickname or contact name, or pet name for your brother. For instance, you can decide to go with something like ‘Fat & Foodious’ this is if your brother is fat and likes to eat too much. If you’re wondering, the theme for the name we created in the example was gotten from the popular TV series titled “Fast & Furious”.

v. Use Private Jokes

There are certain jokes that only those close to you like your brother can understand; including those embarrassing moments. Maybe those moments your brother keeps searching for his phone while holding it in his hand (maybe you can call him ‘4get Me Not!’). You can also gather other similar moments and make a nickname out of it, even if he’s the only one that understands the whole game. Other moments could be when your brother change changed his grade from ‘E’ to ‘B’.

VI. Try Paired Names

Paired nicknames are arguably the most amazing sibling nicknames. For instance, Tom and Jerry, Romeo and Juliet, etc. You can also try a similar method in creating a contact name for your brother, but this method seems to work best with two siblings; maybe your brother and your sister.

More Examples of Nick Names That Can Double As Brother Contact Name

More Examples of Nick Names That Can Double As Brother Contact Name

Sea Mangod Of War. Stella Plus.
Scarface.Old Guard.Slim Case.
Rich Kid.Slim Shaddy.Local Man.
Night Crawler.The Thriller.Made Of Steel.
King Of The South.Peaky Blinder.Big Banger.
Sugar Raider.Town Send.Teen Wolf.
The Terminator.Merlin.Armored Tank.
The Equalizer. Flyboy.Blue and Black.Swagger Master.
London Boy.Lazy Punk.Gun N' Roses.
Wolverine.Imperial Leather.Thor.
Money Man.Town Cryer.King Of Heart.
Zorro.The Chosen.Modern Man
Zeus.Spooky.The Smooth Criminal.
King Of Lamber King Don.Sherlock Holmes.
Bobby RiskyThe Lieutenant.Biggest Gangsters.
Iron Man. Logan. Young Hoodlum
Lucky Luchiano.Poo.Black Friday.

Our collection of contact names for brother above is so huge and will definitely contain that perfect nickname for your brother. There’re lots of names suggestions that can serve as an idea for you to create your own unique nickname for your beloved brother. Cheers to quickly finding the best contact name or nickname for your special brother.