800+ Good Basketball Team Names (Best, Funny, Cool, Fantasy Names)

One of the things required for you and your team to stand out is a unique Basketball team name. As a matter of fact, having a good basketball name has many advantages which include fostering unity among teammates, driving the message of fear in the minds of your opponents, this and many more are the advantages of a good kickass basketball team names.

Basketball happens to be among the most exciting sports with large support and the majority of the fans hailing from the United States. To excel in the basketball business, you are required to have a good name which adds more value to your teams’ portfolio.

baseketball team names

There is no doubt that the importance of a good basketball name for your team can not be overestimated. Nevertheless, it’s often easier said than done. The fact still remains that good team names are good, but coming up with one can seem almost impossible but at the same time it’s achievable.

Basketball Team Names List

Most times when it seems that you have finally arrived with that perfect basketball name for your team, it finally gets rejected by your team members; even though not all, but a majority of them.

If you have ever experienced such rejection before, then it’s time to make up for the last failure. Below you will find a list of already created Basketball team names that you can use. You can also decide to create your own unique name by following the team names ideas outlined below.

Best Names for Basketball Teams

The fact is that having the best team name can be very profitable, the limitation is the ability to create one. Sincerely, there are lots of advantages associated with having a very good basketball team names, but the process of creating one can be very hectic. Nevertheless, below are the list of the best basketball team names, while at the end of this post, you will be able to find out how to create one for your team.

Matadors.The Crusaders.
Defenders.Wizards District Gaming.
76ers GC.The Heat.
Shooting Stars.Magic Gaming.
Shockers.The Perfecto’s.
Blazer5 Gaming.Raptors Uprising GC.
The Crush.Savage Storm.
Jazz Gaming.Knicks Gaming.
Jayhawks.The Hot Shots.
Kings Guard Gaming.Net Rippers.
Basket Junkies.Aztecs.
Bucks Gaming.Los Angeles.
Fast & the Furious.Basket Hounds.
Pacers Gaming.Lynx.
Shockers.Rising Suns.
Profs.Heat Check Gaming.
Out of the Ordinary.Bulldogz.
Grizz Gaming.Gladiators.
Planet Lovetron.Saxons.
Generals.Nanooks of the North.
Marlins.Red Storm.
Warriors Gaming Squad.Rainbow Warriors.
River Hawks.Mavs Gaming.
Aardvarks.The Wildcats.
Seminoles.Golden Eagles.
Cream.Maine Red Claws.
Celtics Crossover Gaming.Ball Stars.
Dip and Dazzle.Cavs Legion GC.
Pistons GT.Gothams.
The Crossovers.Brooklyn.
Traditional Favorites
The All-Americans.
Atlanta.Burlington Knights.
The Wingfoots.Long Island Nets.
Oklahoma City Blue.Flight Time.
Big Texas.Dooms Day Devils.
The BB’s (Basketballers)Charlotte Elite.
Blue Ridge Bison.Windy City Bulls.
Sioux Falls Skyforce.Northern Arizona Suns.
Palmetto Flight.South Bay Lakers.
Stockton Kings.Raptors 905.
Georgia Kings.Texas Legends.
Salt Lake City Stars.PrimeTime Players.
Wisconsin Herd.Memphis Hustle.
Rio Grande Valley Vipers.Hoopforlyfe.
Westchester Knicks.Santa Cruz Warriors.

baseketbal team names

Fantasy Names for Basketball Teams

Most of the names used for fantasy basketball teams are usually Puns. So, you can decide to give other teams and their leaders a few laughs by simply applying the use of Pun in your name creation. Below are some of the fantasy names for basketball teams.

Neck BreakerzD-Fence
Court RulerNumber 1 Fan
Spin City B-BallersBaller Shot Caller
Dribble My NizzleUpcourt Funk Me Up
Luv Me Some NuggetsSpare Balls on Hand
Utah Jazz MeDribbles and Drools
BasketBackboard Shattered Dreams
Balls To The WallsMiami Light My FIre
Orlando TragicNo Tie for This Guy
Ball BustersSlam Drunkers
NY Knicks N KicksO?Doyle Rules
Layup or DownBackdoor Ballers
Slam Dunk SalliesTip Offs With Tops Off
Detroit Piston My CheeriosSlammed Drunk
Baller Shot CallerWhoosh Scoooooore
Dribble Driving the GameBackboard Breakerz
Backyard BallersOn Da Rebound
Sixth Man StandingSmall Ball Stealer
Violate MeThree Point Shizzle Muh Dizzle
ImpossibleRebound Your Mouth Shut
Backboard Shattering DreamsDa Ball Hog
Third String StrangersIn the Zone
First String SuperstarsCrossover Pwners
No Small Balls AllowedShasty McNasty
4 Score and 7 Years AgoNo Time Out
Boston Cell TicksStreets to da Courts
Mikan Drill YouThe Benchwarmers
Mister SwisherSteal 4 Real
No StealingBalls Up
Booga Pick N RollThe Judge of the Courts
Netty ShotsChicago No Bull Shyt
One Shot WondersBuzzer Beaters
Nellie Ball NanciesCherry Picker Finger Licker
Zero ViolationsThe Ball Boy
The Ghetto Ghost BallerYer Face is McNasty
Point Guard Play HardPanties and Penalties
Wingin It ForwardHurricanes
Fatty McFatty CrackersPu$$ycat Passers
ZonersDribbling Soul
Blue TigersFade and Win
Dub ShotsDragonBlade
KnicksMr. Fancy
AresenalThe Lancers
ReddiesFighting Leathernecks

Creative Basketball Teams Names

Do you want a unique name that has a touch of creativity? Then you are expected to use any of the creative basketball names for your team below.

Fighting ScotsMules.
Wolverines.Three The Hard Way.
Sham-Yao.Clubber Cousins
Battlers.Savage Storm.
SoonersLala’s Honey Nut Cheerios.
Purple CobrasJump Shot Jack
Titans.Cowbell Fever
WTF Are You Ewing?Westerners
Golden FlashesPenguins.
Pride.Demon Deacons
401KGKittens With Claws.
Lala Slopers.Blazers
The Lysistratas.The Unicorns.
The Tallest Girls You Know.Ice Cold Girls.
Straight Up BallerzThe Leopard Skins.
Lady Divas.High Impulse.
Killer Barbies.The Minxs.
Synergy.Lady Balls.
The New York Chicks.The Amazonians.
Sugar Bees.Vixens.
We Love Magic Johnson.The Wonder Women.
The Gaels.Tangerines.
The Jane Does.
The Pony Tails.
Ambassador Rodman.Coyotes.
Blue Demons.Tits, Clits And Bricks.
When We Was Fab.Timberwolves.
Shockers.Volleyball My Ass.
Hokies.Rush Hour.
Purple Knights.Threshers.
Ibaka Flocka Flame.Fighting Bees.
Falcons.Green Wave.
Very Rich Paul.Great Lakers.
Valentines.Fightin’ Blue Hens.
Violet Offenders.Wild Kittens.
Nittany Lions.Bull Riders.
Rough Riders.Hairline Airlines.
Flash.Thundering Herd.
Wonder Girls.Ronery Island
Women With No Fear.BigHorns.

baseketbal team names

Girls Team Names for Basketball

Where are the Chicks in Points? Please come over here because we have some cool names for basketball teams that will suit your team. Below are some exciting basketball team names for girls.

Queen City Express.Lady Divas.
Dancing Divas.Goldstein Girls.
Stormy Petrels.Greivis Angel.
Sky Hookers.Sasha the Slasher
Slick Chicks.Slam Dunk Divas.
$exy Slam DunkersAmazeBalls
Slam Dunk Sallies.Shaqramento Queens.
$exy ShutoutGroovy Ladies.
Hot Shot HarryFemme Fatales.
Every Kiss Begins With KlayAir Walker Slam Dunker
Alley OopsiesFighting Hens.
Flying Ladies.Ankle Breakerz
Shattered ScoreboardJanes.
Five Finger Ball SlingersDeng Girls.
Goldstein Girls.Half Court Hotties
Giraffes.Girls On Fire.
Hook Shot SlimRunnin N Gunnin
Firebirds.Free Throw Fancies
And1More For MeDaring Divas.
Hang it UpAlley Oop Me
Dame You Fine.Frank N Balls
Hacky ShaqersBadass Butterflies.
Crimson Storm.Air Those Balls
SeawolvesDame Of Thrones.
Brow Chicka Brow Brow.Cougars.
Basket Bees.Big Girls Don’t Kawhi.
Brow Chicka Wow Wow.Bosom Buddies.
Berries And Kareem.Atomic Fireballs.
Court Queens.A Teague Of Their Own.
Bosh Ladies.All The Ingle Ladies.
Cherry Bombers.Bosh Spice.
Angels.All You Need Is Love.
Athenas.Baby Got Ibaka.
A Dame To Lill For.Afflalo You Anywhere.
Queen Gunners.Rockettes.
On The Rebound.Purple Cobras.
Poodle Dunkers.RIP Girls.
Sexy Slam Dunkers.Mud Hens.
Mean Pink Machine.Razzle Dazzle.
Pussycat Passers.Rose Before Hoes.
Mother of Dragics.Pink Ballers.
Murder She Wroten.Her-icanes.
Panties And Penalties.Mean Girl Ballers.
Lara Croft Batum Raider.Ravens.
Love Triangle Offense.Half Court Hotties.
Lilac Avengers.Lady Mustangs.
Lethal Ladies.Not For Netball.

Good Basketball Teams Names

For all those who want a witty team name, we think you might be able to find ample of them below. Just go through the list and select any of them that best suite or describes your team.

Big BallersNet Rippers
Wet Dream TeamLumberton Showstoppers.
HoopstersAll Men Can Jump
Neuse River Basketball Club.Rim Jobs
SWISHCookies And Kareem
ScoregasmsHigh Tops
Hoop There It IsNothing but Net
Hoops! We Did It Again!,Agua Caliente Clippers.
Delaware Blue Coats.Canton Charge
Capital City Go-Go.
True BallersSwish Kebabs
NBA BoundIowa Wolves.
Austin Spurs.Air Jordans
Greensboro Swarm.Back Court Violators
Pippen Ain't EasyFort Wayne Mad Ants.
Juan on JuanRim Shatterers
Erie Bayhawks.Lakeland Magic.
No Hairy Balls HereVictorious-secret
Alley-oopersGrand Rapids Drive.
Ball So HardWe Got Game
Chapel Hill Blue Force.Threes All Day
77200 Parking Lot PimpsNaveed Ballers
Auburn Pro Elite Flyers.LeBron Stars
The Chuck TaylorsCarolina Gladiators.
Boxed OutDunk After Dunk
Atlantic Dragons.Johnston County Nighthawks.
The Wicked Jump Shots0 and 76ers
Swing MenFayetteville Crossover.
AfrostarsWe want it, we got it.
Bring Your DefenseRed H
It's Like BOOMFull Court Pressure
The GerballsPut It in the Hoop Like SLAM
That's How I Beat ShaqJumpshot Hustlers,
Run, Shoot, StealHawkeyes.
Brewers.I Wish I Was a Baller
Two Hands One DunkMustangs.
Shatter Dreams Like JordanGeeks N Sneaks.
Houston Rockettes.Cobras.
Clutch KobesDouble Dribblers
I Can Be Your Rebound, BabyWildcats.
Braves Hearts.Flying V. Stiviano.
Black Bears.Fighting Koalas.
Wonder Boys.Cyclones.
Fighting Cardinals.Dragons.

Funny Basketball Team Names

It’s not good to joke with everything most times, but all works and no jokes make Jack a dull guy. So, below are some of the funny names that you and your team can use.

Crack Smoking Monkeys.Love Triangle Offense
Comic Sans Cavaliers.Shots
Blow Me In The Ear.Cookies And Kareem.
Spare Me NetHouston Rox My World
Church Of Kobestan.Blurred Lins.
Better Call Gasol.And One More For Us.
50 Shades Of Klay.Bricklayers.
Adopt A KAT.Slam Dunk Slammed Drunk
Bed, Bath and Biyombo.AmazeBalls.
99 Problems But LeBron Ain’t One.Bigly Ballers.
Bling Pings.Backbenchers.
Average Joes.Crying Jordans.
Alley-Oopsies.Balls To The Wall.
Double Dribblers.Durant Durant.
Flat Earth All-Stars.Curry in a Hurry.
Drilling Me Softly.Gang Green.
99 Problems But A Swish Ain’t One.Flat Earth Society.
Gasol Train.Getting Wiggy With It.
Fighting Koalas.Dribbling Souls.
Freak Squad.Ebola Ballers.
Dribblers And Droolers.Human Size Players.
Geeks In Sneaks.Your Zipser’s Undone.
Game of Throws.Gasolar Eclipse.
Goose Ballers.Yi of Little Faith.
Flat Earth Believers.Harlem Flat-Earth Trotters.
Yao What I Ming?Zero Violations, So Far.
The Philadelphia 69ers.Harden The Interruption.
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butler.Indiana Slow Pacers.
Yo Mamma.I Wish I Was A Baller.
Three The Hard Way.Shortlings.
Every Man Can Jump.What’s Dunn Is Dunn.
Rated PG-13.Shake And Blake.
Wet Dream Team.Russian Interference.
Pigs Can Fly.Whose Shot, JR?.
Watermalone.Rim Jobs.
Screw Balls.The Shortest NBA Players.
Parking Lot Pimps.Tickle Me And Rub My Belinelli.
Sham Yao.
Pau, Right in the Kisser.Shatter Dreams Like Jordan.
Pour Some Zingis On Me.Rebound Your Mouth Shut.
Rimming Me Softly.Power Grangers.
Little Giants.James Gives Me A Harden.
Kareem Cheese.Kawhi 5-0.
Kawhi Me A River.Kobe Wan Kenobi.
Kareem Of The Crop.Juan On Juan.
Kawhi So Serious?Lob City.
KAT In The HatPapa Thons.

Basketball team names

Cool Names for Basketball Teams

The simple truth is that having the best cool name is not a measurement for the performance of a team, but almost everybody in the court is affectionate about a team with a cool name. Below are some cool team names ideas that your team can use.

Boll Weevils.Blue Boys.
Golden Panthers.Highlanders.
Wild Kittens.Nanooks.
Catamounts.Toronto Drakes.
Not a Big Gay Guy.Lugnuts.
Senators.Purple Aces.
Lopers.Ragin’ Cajuns.
Kobe Wan Kenobi.Shawn Kemp’s Kids.
Polar Bears.Joakim Noah’s Arc.
Leopards.Hustlin’ Quakers.
Bald Eagles.Yellow Jackets.
Sea Dogs.Great Danes.
Underrated Superstar.
The flying drones.Tarzans.
Royals.Baseline Leaners.
Barnstormers.Gang Green.
Pippen Ain’t Easy.Gauchos.
Fast & the Furious.Bantams.
Fightin' Hens.Skyhawks.
Islanders.Grabbing Assets.
Zombies.Comic Sans Cavaliers.
Bosh Spice.Unibrow Uni-blocker.
Mountain Cats.Railsplitters.
Roaring Tigers.Scorpions.
D12.Jurassic Drizzy.
Malice at the Palace.Red Wings.
Zebras.Degrassi Raptors.
Temporary Linsanity.Huskies.
Magic.Shin Shi Shin Shi Stephenson.
Billy Goats.Dream Team.
Tigers.Belieb It or Not.
Knockin’ Knickerbockers.Ravens.
Prokhorov Playboys.Energy.
Space Jam 2.Bruins.
Banana Slugs.Orediggers.
Roadrunners.Queens of the Court.

Real Basketball Team Names

You may also want to look at some of the real team names that could possibly give you an idea of how to create your own unique team names. The names on this list comprise of NBA Team Names, WNBA Team Names, names of NBA G-league Teams, NBA 2K Leagues Teams, American Professional Basketball League Team Names, British Basketball (Men) Team Names, and Central Basketball Association Team Names.

In addition to the above mentioned, you will also find NBL Canada Team Names, Florida Basketball Association Team Names, Universal Basketball Association Team Names, East Coast Basketball League Team Names, and South Africa Basketball National League Team Names.

Houston Warriors.Limpopo Pride.
North West Eagles.GIE Maile Matrix.
Winston Savage.
Egoli Magic.
Carolina Cougars.Southern Generals.
Northern Cape Zebras.Sugar Land Vipers.
International Elite Academy.Western Cape Mountaineers.
Oklahoma City Hoops.Baytown Bandits.
North Texas Fresh.
Tshwane Suns.
East Cape Windbreakers.Texas Cyclones.
Fort Worth FIRM.Soweto Panthers.
UBA D-League.Georgia Spartans.
Jelson Homes DMU Leicester Riders.Cleveland Havok.
Georgia PRIME.London Lions.
Radisson Red Glasgow Rocks.Atlanta Legends.
Georgia RIZE.Plymouth University Raiders.
Manchester Giants.Worcester Wolves.
Cincinnati Redhawks.Kentucky Waves.
Windsor Exp.Bristol Academy Flyers.
Indiana Generals.Oklahoma Outlaws.
DBL Sharks Sheffield.Cin-City Titans.
Central Indiana Seminoles.John’s E.
Sudbury F.Oklahoma Attack.
Midwest Ballers.Surrey Scorchers.
Island S.Wilkes County Flames.
Queen City Bulls.Cheshire Phoenix.
KW Titans.Charlotte Fury.
London L.Newcastle Eagles Esh Group.
Moncton M.Mpumalanga Rhinos.
London City Royals.Halifax H.
Cape Breton H.John R.
Washington Stars.Kwazulu Natal Marlins.
Palm Beach Titans.Poinciana Pride.
Palm Beach Knights.Marion County Showtime Stallions.
Heartland Prowl.Space Coast Stars.
Bradenton GymRats.Tampa Bay Rebels.
Jacksonville Royals.Peoria Panthers.
Florida Flight.Pete Tide.
Memphis Soul Kings.Memphis Rail Runners.
Middle Tennessee Storm.Indianapolis Blaze.
Louis Hawks.Baltimore Shuckers.
Indianapolis Briks.Bowling Green Hornets.
Springfield Sentinels.Jackson Eagles.
Fort Wayne Flite.Columbus Condors.
East Carolina Cardinals.Hampton Roads Warriors.
Illinois Coal Miners.
Carolina Crusaders.
North Carolina Coyotes.Charlotte Tribe.
South Carolina Upstate Redhawks.Beltway Bombers.
Minnesota Timberwolves.Rowan County Bulls.
Hickory Hoyas.PrimeTime Players.
South Carolina All Stars.New York Crusaders.
Carolina Thunder.Winston-Salem Certified.
Petersburg Cavaliers.San Antonio Spurs.
New York City Black Eagles.C-Port Trojans.
Fort Gordon Eagles.Denver Nuggets.
New York Fearless.
Florence Wildcats.
Seattle Storm.Ocean 11 Brooklyn.
APBL United.Minnesota Lynx.
Manhattan Pride.Rockville Victors.
New York City 524.Oklahoma City Thunder.
Las Vegas Aces.Philadelphia 76ers.
New York Knicks.Portland Trail Blazers.
Phoenix Mercury.Los Angeles Sparks.
Utah Jazz.Brooklyn Nets.
Milwaukee Bucks.New Orleans Pelicans.
Cleveland Cavaliers.Toronto Raptors.
Houston Rockets.Washington Wizards.
Phoenix Suns.Detroit Pistons.
Miami Heat.Sacramento Kings.
LA Clippers.Indiana Pacers.
Boston Celtics.Memphis Grizzlies.
Orlando Magic.Dallas Mavericks.
Chicago Bulls.Charlotte Hornets.
Los Angeles Lakers.New York Liberty.
Washington Mystics.Golden State Warriors.
Atlanta Hawks.Dallas Wings.

baseketbal team names

Basketball Team Names Ideas

If you have finished going through the list above and don’t feel like you need any of the Basketball names we have listed, then we guess it’s time you come up with the kind of name that you want for your team.

All that you require is to follow the simple steps listed below if you want to come up with a good name that will be appreciated by both your team members and spectators.

Tips to Create names for basketball tTeams

We are going to be giving you the various steps you are going to take in the creation of a good basketball. The list below comprises of both the elements and other things you need to put into consideration while coming up with that perfect basketball name for your king.

i). The first thing you should put into consideration is having knowledge of where your team members are from. If the majority of your team members come from a particular region or state, then you can try incorporating their region into the name.

ii). You may also want to create a good basketball team name that reflects the character and personality of your team members. For instance, if your basketball team members are mostly hilarious in nature, then you can consider going with a funny team name such as “Held by the Balls”.

iii). You can try playing around with words until you are able to come up with a great name that will be appreciated. An example of a famous PUN (A play Upon words) is “Grab Her By The Posey” a wordplay conned from a quote by Donald Trump and player Buster.

iv). You can also produce a unique basketball name by combining two or more different names that are capable of coming together to form something reasonable and short.

v). You can also decide to display your creative abilities by trying something very different from the usual. All you have to do is try things differently.

vi). This is usually the final stage of coming up with a great basketball team name. You are required to send the name up have created back to your team members for deliberation and approval (That’s if the name was able to find favor in the hearts).

This is the much we can take for today and we hope that you love it. Should in case you have any questions concerning this topic, please don’t hold it from us. Also, if you have any other basketball name that you created and want us to add it to the list of names above, then send it to us via the comment section.