NBA 2K Clan Names and Ideas

2K clan names for NBA can easily be created from general basketball phrases as well as some terminologies used in basketball. You can even create yours based on professional NBA team and player’s names. Below you will find our collection of NBA 2K Clan names and a guide on how to create yours.

2k Clan Names

  1. Furious Balls.
  2. Gaming Mode.
  3. Gold Nation.
  4. NBA Nation.
  5. Court Prince.
  6. Kings Of The Court.
  7. Ding Dunk.
  8. Clans Of Beasts.
  9. Dunking Machines.
  10. Basket Hunters.
  11. Dunking Mastaroes.
  12. Fake Out Motions.
  13. Undisputed Champions.
  14. Hard Ballers.
  15. Winning Ways.
  16. Flying Bats.
  17. The Majestics.
  18. Presiding Judges.
  19. High Towers.
  20. Shots On Target.
  21. Baseline Lovers.
  22. Judgement Day.
  23. Budha’s Palms.
  24. Leaping Legends.
  25. Valuable Attempts.
  26. Machine Gun.
  27. Hooping For Victory.
  28. Victorious Hoopers.
  29. Fresh Dunk.
  30. Frenzy Shooters.
  31. Held By The Balls.
  32. Court Key.
  33. Ball Breakers.
  34. The Crusaders.
  35. Church Of Kobestan.
  36. Crying Jordans.
  37. Curry in a Hurry.
  38. Dribbling Lords.
  39. The Terminators.
  40. Game of Throws.
  41. Multiple Scorgasms.
  42. Soup-A-Stars.
  43. Perfectos.
  44. Twinkle Toes.
  45. High Towers.
  46. Yo Mamma.
  47. Air Jordans.
  48. Cereal Dunkers.
  49. High Tops.
  50. High Hills.

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50 NBA 2K Clan Names Ideas

If you are not a core NBA freak, then maybe most of the names above may seem strange to you. Majority of the names above were coined from basketball terminologies as well as names of famous NBA players. Click Here to see some Basketball terms and glossary.

  1. Impossible Angles – They bang goals from angles you can hardly imagine.
  2. Court Hoopers – They feel at home hoop-side.
  3. Too Good 2B True – They are really good at what they do.
  4. Multiple Air Strikes – They are good at taking shots from the air.
  5. Shooting Starz – Expect shots from all angles when playing with this team.
  6. Legends Of The Leapers – Coined from the popular seasonal TV show “Legend Of The Seeker”
  7. Net Rippers – Always ready to burst your net.
  8. Watering Your Basket – For that team that isn’t ready to let your basket rest.
  9. Fake Ballers – They are good at deceiving their opponents with fake passes.
  10. Dunking Lords – All they know how to do is score goals all day long.
  11. Hot Bank Shots – With this team, you have to always expect hotshots.
  12. Keep This In The Basket – All they want to do is bang goals all the time.
  13. Great Walls Of China – It will be hard to break through this team’s defence.
  14. Sure Bankers – For confident teams that are sure of winning the game.
  15. Block Bursters – This particular team will always make it into your basket no matter how strong their opponent’s defence is.
  16. Ball Hoarders – Getting the ball from these people will be almost impossible.
  17. Jumpshot Legends – They have lots of creative jump shots moves up their sleeves.
  18. Net Fall Apart – They are ready to serve so many shots until your basket falls apart.
  19. About To Embarrass You – Always winning at the detriment of your pride.
  20. Runnin N’ Gunnin – They are energetic and offer lots of shots.
  21. Court Rippers – They are filled with many wonders that can literally tear the court up.
  22. Airforce 1 – They cruise through the air like a jet fighter.
  23. Fast Breakers – For a team with swift players.
  24. Dunk On the Court Floor – Wordplay on ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ By Michael Jackson.
  25. The G.O.A.T – This team is made up of only the ‘greatest of all time’ (GOAT).
  26. No Mercy – This players are ruthless and will win the opponent without mercy.
  27. Sets On The Floor – This is a wordplay on 5ex on the floor.
  28. Jump Shot – Another great name for your NBA clan team.
  29. Fast & Dunky – For that fast team who never misses a shot.
  30. Gods of the Floor – They are so good; as if the floor was meant just for them.
  31. Basket Destroyers – Powerful team with powerful shots that can leave the opponent’s basket in ruin.
  32. Loose Foots – For a team that hoops too much.
  33. Super Eagles – Do you know what eagles do? They fly.
  34. Old Guards –These teams are specialist for monitoring their opponent’s every move.
  35. Half Court Press – For a team that is good at mounting pressure on their opponents.
  36. Ball Smashers – While playing basketball with this team, you should be careful with your other balls.
  37. Jump Bull – Wordplay on ‘Johnbull’.
  38. Robo Squad – These team play like machines.
  39. Monster Squad – They ain’t here for play, they mean business.
  40. Zero Sympathy – Never expect any free chances from this team, no matter how bad your loss is.
  41. Till We Get Enough – They don’t take breaks until they utterly defeat their opponent.
  42. Till The Basket Is Full – They are never satisfied with the goals they score.
  43. Olive Twist – These team is always wanting more goals.
  44. Stars from Scars – A team filled with lots of experienced players.
  45. Straight Up Dunkers – Prominent for their accurate dunks.
  46. Slam the Dunk – A wordplay on ‘Slam the door’.
  47. Wind & Fire – Both good at jumping and shooting balls on target.
  48. V-Cut specialists – Good at switching quickly from one direction to the other in order to get a shot.
  49. V-Cut specialists – Good at switching quickly from one direction to the other in order to get a shot.
  50. Balls 2D Wall – Where they belong.

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How to Create a Unique 2K Clan Name

For most people, coming up with a 2k clan name can be very difficult. But with a few suggestions and a pointer towards the right direction, you would have all your creative energies moving in the right direction. Below are the following tips that can help you create a very good NBA 2k clan names.

1. Name Your 2K Team After The Teams Persona: If there’s a particularly outstanding feature that your team has, it’s good you capitalize on it – Use it to create your clan name. If you also want to make your clan name a little bit hilarious, then maybe you can name it after its worst behaviour or feature.

2. Capitalize On the Names Of Your Top Players: What this means is that you can try to turn the names of your top players into your 2k clan names. It doesn’t mean you should use it outrightly for instance “LeBron”; it’s going to be boring if you use the name just like that. But, it seems to be more interesting if you twerk the name a little. Something like ‘LeBrontourage‘ is not really bad, it’s coined from ‘LeBron James’ and the TV show ‘Entourage’.

3. Try Out Puns, TV Shows, Movies Until you get a Great Clan Name: Try to be creative with your 2k clan name creation process. You can play upon words to see if you can come out with something unique for instance “Five Finger Ball Slingers“. You can try this out with the names of your favourite players, Tv shows and other things related to the NBA. Just be creative with the whole process and try to spice up things in any way that you can. Cheers to creating the best 2k clan names for your team.